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How to Check the Application Status of a PNB Credit Card

Punjab National Bank (PNB) offers a wide range of credit cards to ease customers’ transactional needs. However, to avail of these credit card benefits, you will need to apply for one.


After you complete the application process, the bank will take some time to verify your details and eligibility before approving and dispatching the credit card


The Punjab National Bank allows applicants to track their PNB credit card application status online as well as offline. If you are experiencing any delay with your PNB credit card application, tracking status will help you know what the delay is about.

PNB Credit Card Application Status Online

The applicant can check the PNB credit card application status online by these methods:

1. Check PNB Credit Card Status Via Official Website

Customers can visit the official portal of PNB and check their PNB credit card status under the ‘credit card’ section. Enter the application number or registered mobile number along with other primary details to know your PNB credit card application status online.

2. Check PNB Credit Card Status through Mobile App

The PNB mobile app allows customers to check the PNB credit card application status online. Just login into the app with your registered mobile number, and under the credit card section, you can see the PNB credit card status.

3. Check PNB Credit Card Status Through Email

PNB credit card applicants can also check their application status via email. For that, you will have to email your query to the PNB customer support team at 


Do not forget to mention your primary details like name, application number, etc. It takes about a day or two to receive a reply from the bank.

4. Check Status Via External Platforms

If you have applied for a PNB credit card from any external platform (other than PNB), you can visit their mobile app or official website to check the PNB credit card application status. In case you have any queries, you can contact their customer service team.

PNB Credit Card Application Status Offline Methods

To get your PNB credit card application status instantly, you can use this offline mode.

1. Track PNB Credit Card Application Status via Customer Care

You can contact the PNB Credit card customer care at 1800 180 2345. You can also contact PNB on 0120-4616200, a 24*7 PNB help service for resolving customer issues.

Types of PNB Credit Card Application Status

When you make a request from any of the above methods, the bank reverts to your queries regarding your PNB credit card application status after some time. There are various stages of the PNB credit card application process. Read the list below. 

  • In Process

This stage means that your application is still in the reviewing process. The bank has not decided to accept or reject your PNB credit card application.

  • Dispatched

Dispatched means the bank has accepted your application, and your PNB credit card has been issued. You will be receiving your PNB credit card in 3-4 business days.

  • On Hold

This stage refers to the credit card application that has been on hold due to some error in the documentation of the application. The second possibility of this stage is that the bank has not reviewed your application yet.


You can contact PNB Customer Service Centre at 1800 180 2345 to get details about why your application has been placed on hold. International applicants can call +91 120 2303090 to raise their issue with the customer service team.


Moreover, you can also ask for further details on your application status by emailing them at

  • Disapproved

The disapproved stage refers to the stage in which your PNB credit card application review has been completed. However, you did not qualify as per the eligibility parameters of the bank policies, and hence your application has been rejected by the bank. The bank will contact you via call or mail and inform you in detail regarding the issue.

  • No Records

After entering your application details, the bank may also revert with a message of ‘no records found’. This could mean that the details you entered were incorrect. 


Or else you may not have filled out your application form properly. You can contact the bank regarding this via email or call.

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FAQs on PNB Credit Card Status

How to check PNB credit card application status?

To check the PNB credit card application status, you can opt for online modes like PNB official portal, PNB mobile app, and email. In case you have applied for a PNB credit card via an external platform, you can check its status online on those platforms as well. 

Apart from online mediums, you can check your PNB credit card application status offline through the bank’s customer support team.

What is the PNB Credit Card Processing time?

The PNB authorities take an approximate time of three weeks to process the credit card application. The PNB credit card application can be processed earlier than the mentioned period as well.

How to check the PNB credit card status online on the PNB portal?

You can check the PNB credit card application status by visiting the official PNB website. Navigate to the ‘credit card’ section and enter your application number along your registered mobile number to get PNB credit card status.

What could be the reasons behind the disapproval of a PNB credit card application?

One of the main reasons why PNB can reject your application is when you do not meet the eligibility requirements. Your application can also be disapproved if you fail to submit all the required documents.

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