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YES Credit Card Statement

A YES Bank credit card statement offers a complete summary of credit card utilisation in a particular billing period. It includes information like the total amount due, details of all transactions, total and minimum amount due in credit card, as well as the due date by which the payment must be made. You can choose to receive the credit card statement either via email or post. It is extremely crucial to understand all the fine print, numbers, and percentages on the statement to spot any errors or unofficial charges. This can also help you plan your future financial goals accordingly.

How to Check Your Credit Card Statement

There are various ways to check the credit card statement both online and offline:

Online Method

You can use the following steps as a guide to getting your credit card statement through YES Bank credit card net banking

  1. Log into your net banking account

  2. Click on ‘Login’

  3. Select ‘Credit Card’

  4. Choose the ‘Statements’ options

  5. Select your card number and the month for which you’d like to generate a statement

  6. Click on ‘Submit’


Now you will be able to view the summary of your credit card bill. You can also check your accumulated credit card reward points and cashback.

Offline Methods

If you’d like to get your credit card statement through offline means, you can opt for one of the following ways:

  • Visit a branch and submit a request for a printed copy of your statement

  • Call YES Bank credit card customer care and request them to send you a copy of the statement at your registered email address

How to Understand Your Credit Card Statement Better

Following this is a breakdown of the various aspects of your YES Bank credit card statement:

  • Charges and Fees: Understand any applicable fees like annual charges, late payment penalties, or foreign transaction fees

  • Pending Transactions: These haven't been finalised yet and may disappear or change in amount before your next statement

  • Transaction Date vs. Posting Date: The transaction date is when you made the purchase, while the posting date reflects when it appears on your statement

  • Important Dates: This section highlights your statement date, due date, and grace period to ensure timely payments

  • Rewards Summary: Track your accumulated reward points and explore redemption options for exciting perks like travel discounts, gadgets, and gift vouchers

  • Transaction History: This detailed list categorises all your purchases, displaying dates, merchants, amounts, and points earned

  • Summary: This snapshot provides a quick overview of your current balance, minimum due amount, credit limit, and statement period

How is the Minimum Amount Due Calculated

Here’s how this crucial figure is calculated:


The Building Blocks

  • Outstanding Balance: This is the total amount you owe on your credit card, reflecting all your purchases and charges since your last statement.

  • Interest Charges: If you didn't pay your full balance in the previous billing cycle, interest accrues on your outstanding balance at the applicable rate. This gets added to your current balance.

  • Late Payment Fees (Optional): If you missed a payment deadline, a late payment fee might be added, further increasing your due amount.


The Formula:

Annual Membership Fee + Any EMI amount + GST + Minimum 5% of total payment due as per the current statement or ₹200 (whichever is higher)


Key Takeaways:

  • Paying only the minimum keeps your account active but allows interest to accumulate, potentially leading to significant debt over time

  • Aiming to pay more than the minimum is crucial to manage your debt effectively and avoid high interest charges

  • Understanding how the Minimum Amount Due is calculated empowers you to make informed financial decisions and control your credit card spending

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my statement from the YES Bank app?

You can get your YES bank credit card statement from the mobile app by logging into your profile and selecting your credit card followed by the option to view your credit card statement. You would need to select a preferred time frame for which you want to access your statement.

How can I download my YES Bank credit card statement without net banking?

If you don’t have access to the net banking portal of YES Bank, you can use the YES Bank mobile app to log in and view your latest as well as previous credit card statements.

How to correct errors observed in a YES credit card statement?

In case of errors in your credit card statement, you would need to contact the YES Bank credit card customer care or visit your nearest bank branch and notify them of the issue. Make sure to have all relevant documents and processes accessible so that the issue can be resolved quickly. In case the issue is not resolved within 7 working days, you can take up the matter with the grievance redressal system.

How can I check my Yes Bank Credit Card statement?

It is possible to check the credit card statement in two ways – online and offline. You can either download the Yes Bank credit card statement via net banking or the mobile app and follow the instructions. Or, you can contact customer care or visit the branch to access your latest YES Bank credit card statement.

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