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InCred offers several loans to their customers, including Personal Loans, Education Loans, Business Loans, etc. Among all other provided services, its Personal Loan has gained popularity in the market because of its attractive interest rate, flexible repayment tenure and option to pay the loan in easy EMIs. Moreover, there is an InCred Personal Loan EMI calculator available on its official website which allows people to calculate the value of EMIs they will be required to pay monthly. By using an InCred Personal Loan EMI calculator on Bajaj Markets, you will be able to determine the amount of money needed, which will permit you to efficiently manage your monthly expenses.

InCred Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Loan Amount
  • Months
  • Years
Rate of Interest

Monthly EMI

at % interest rate for months

Total Amount Payable
Principal Amount
Total Interest Amount
Year Principal Interest Balance

InCred Personal Loan EMI Calculation


Opening principal outstanding

Interest paid

Principal repaid

Resulting principal outstanding


Rs. 2,00,000

Rs. 4,667

Rs. 31,441

Rs. 1,68,559


Rs. 1,68,559

Rs. 3,933

Rs. 32,175

Rs. 1,36,384


Rs. 1,36,384

Rs. 3,182

Rs. 32,926

Rs. 1,03,458


Rs. 1,03,458

Rs. 2,414

Rs. 33,694

Rs. 69,764


Rs. 69,764

Rs. 1,628

Rs. 34,480

Rs. 35,284


Rs. 35,284

Rs. 823

Rs. 35,285


How to Pay InCred Personal Loan EMI

1. Online Mode

  • Net Banking: You may use NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS methods to pay your EMI easily, as these are one of the more convenient and secure ways to do any kind of transaction.

  • Credit/Debit Card: You also have an option to use your debit or credit card to pay the instalment.

2. Offline Mode

  • Cash: Cash is one of the most used offline methods for EMIs. Paying InCred Personal Loan EMIs in cash is a time-honoured process that gives you a feeling of security since you are engaging in a physical transaction.

  • Cheque: Another alternative is to use a cheque. Moreover, all cheque transactions are automatically generated in your passbook, making it easy to refer to in the future.

InCred Personal Loan EMI Charges in Case of Prepayment

You may choose to prepay your loan amount to lower your overall EMI burden. This is because, when you opt for this facility, your principal sum reduces. However, note that you may have to pay a certain fee when choosing this option, which comes at the discretion of the financial institution. Thus, consider having a thorough talk with the lender before proceeding.

FAQs on InCred Personal Loan EMI Calculator

How do you repay an InCred Loan?

You can choose to repay your InCred personal loan either online, through net banking or mobile wallets, or other UPI apps.

How is InCred personal loan EMI calculated?

Your InCred personal loan EMI is calculated by using the loan amount you wish to borrow, loan tenure and rate of interest.

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