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IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card

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Headquartered in Mumbai, the IDFC First Bank operates across various business verticals providing a wide array of services to its clients. Known for its exclusive credit cards with low charges, IDFC First Bank is one of the country's most popular credit card issuers. Some key benefits of using IDFC First Bank credit cards are interest-free cash withdrawals, accident cover, discounts on movie tickets, unlimited reward points with no expiry, fuel surcharge waivers, and much more.

Key Highlights of IDFC First Bank Credit Card


  • Accident Coverage – IDFC bank cards offer Accident cover ranging between Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000 and lost card liability cover from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000.

  • No Annual Fees - The IDFC Fist Bank Credit Card is a lifetime free credit card and does not involve any annual maintenance charges.

  • Fuel Surcharge: You can claim a 1% surcharge waiver across all fuel stations in India ranging from Rs. 200 per month to Rs 400 per month depending on the card of your choice

  • Welcome Gift: The IDFC Card offers various welcome benefits like gift vouchers and movie tickets every month

  • Cash Withdrawals: You can enjoy free cash withdrawals from all domestic and international ATMs for up to 48 days of receiving the card

How to Apply for an IDFC Credit Card

To apply for an IDFC bank credit card, you can fill out the online application from the official website or visit the nearest bank branch and fill out the credit card application.


To apply online:


  • Step 1: Visit the IDFC Bank website.

  • Step 2: Head to the ‘Credit Cards’ section and select ‘Apply now’

  • Step 3: Fill in the application form and enter your personal details like name, date of birth, and mobile number and submit it online

  • Step 4: Once you receive an OTP, you can go ahead and apply for the IDFC First Bank Credit Card of your choice


To apply offline:


  • Step 1: Visit the closest IDFC branch.

  • Step 2: Request a bank representative for a credit card application form.

  • Step 3: Fill in all the details required in the form carefully and accurately.

  • Step 4: Attach the required documents and submit your credit card application form at the bank branch.

  • Step 5: The bank will verify your application and contact you for further details if needed.

  • Step 6: Once your application is approved, you will receive your IDFC First bank credit card.

Top IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards

There are primarily four types of IDFC Bank credit cards offered by the  bank. Here are some  details on each of them:

  • IDFC FIRST Millennia Credit Card

The IDFC Millennia credit card was launched for customers who could continue enjoying more benefits in terms of higher rewards and cashbacks as the rewards do not have an expiry date. This IDFC Bank credit card does not have a joining fee and has an interest ranging between 0.75% and 2.99% per month.

The IDFC First Classic credit card is a lifetime free credit card which is a bonus for cardholders. Additionally, it also has a lucrative rewards and benefits program, especially catering to those who love to shop and travel extensively. The card does not have a joining fee or annual fee and comes at an interest ranging between 0.75% and 2.99% per month.

The IDFC First Select credit card is one of the best in its categories as it comes with the best rewards and benefits program for its customers that will never expire. This IDFC Bank credit card has been specially curated for customers who love to spend and enjoy a lavish lifestyle. The card does not have a joining fee or annual fee and comes at an interest ranging between 0.75% and 2.99% per month.

The IDFC First Wealth credit card has partnered with some of the most prominent brands in the market to offer 10X reward points on each purchase, which makes it unique. Apart from that, you can enjoy complimentary access to airport lounges and spas along with travel insurance and other benefits. This IDFC Bank credit card is completely free and has no annual or joining fee making it even more attractive.

Eligibility Criteria for IDFC Bank Credit Card

All the above-mentioned IDFC credit cards are lifetime free credit cards. However, to get these IDFC lifetime free credit cards, an applicant needs to fulfil certain eligibility criteria as mentioned below:


  • Age: The age of the applicant must essentially be 21 years and above to be able to apply for an IDFC card.

  • Location: As per the IDFC Credit Card application policy, the applicant must be an Indian citizen, and have his/her current and permanent residential address within the country.

  • Income: You should have a minimum monthly income of Rs. 25,000 to be eligible to apply for an IDFC Bank credit card

  • Credit History: Having a good credit history is another important eligibility criterion for an IDFC Bank credit card. The applicant must show proof of a good credit record without any defaults on loans or previous credit card payments at the time of application

  • Internal Policies: The applicant has to finally follow the rules and internal policies of the bank to be able to get a credit card. A final judgement will be made by IDFC First bank regarding the grant of credit cards to the applicant based on its own internal assessment.

Documents Required to Apply for IDFC Bank Credit Card

The bank requires an applicant to submit certain key documents at the time of applying for a credit card. They are as follows:


  • Proof of Address: Copy of telephone bill, Aadhaar card, electricity bill, rental agreement, passport, or the ration card

  • Proof of Identity: Voters Card, Passport, Aadhaar card, Driving Licence, Pan Card

  • Income Documents: For self-employed applicants, the bank requires the balance sheet or audit statement, financial statement of the business, and latest Income tax return copy. For salaried applicants, the bank needs to verify the latest salary slip, salary certificate, and letter of employment.

IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card Rewards Program

IDFC FIRST Bank offers one of the most competitive reward programs in the market, like low-interest rates and exclusive lifestyle and travel benefits. One of the major highlights is the fact that you can claim unlimited reward points that you can redeem later at your convenience. Other key highlights are as follows:


  • Earn 10x reward points on incremental spends above Rs. 20,000 per month and transactions done on your birthday

  • For online and in-store spends, get 3x and 6x reward points on transactions up to Rs. 20,000 per month

  • With a no expiry date on reward points, they can be redeemed as per your time and convenience with no fees charged on redeeming reward points

  • To redeem the points on the card, you can make instant online and in-store purchases

Features and Benefits of IDFC Credit Card

  • Withdrawals

With the IDFC First Bank credit card, you can easily withdraw cash from any domestic or international ATM and not attract any interest for up to 48 days. This will be applicable to all the credit cards offered by IDFC First Bank.

  • Interest rates

IDFC First Bank boasts of having among the lowest interest rates on their credit cards. Starting from 0.75% per month or 9% annually, the rate of interest can go up to 3.99% per month, which is lower than many other credit cards by other banks.

  • Welcome Gift

When a new card is issued, you will receive a welcome bonus of Rs.15,000 within the first 90 days of card issuance

  • Cashbacks

With the IDFC bank card, you can enjoy a 5% cashback on the first EMI transaction done within the first 90 days of card issuance.

  • Insurance

At pocket-friendly premiums, you can enjoy a personal accident cover of up to Rs.10 Lakhs and a complimentary lost card liability cover of up to Rs. 50,000.

  • Vehicle

IDFC FIRST credit cards come with complimentary roadside assistance worth Rs. 1,399 that can come in handy when you are stranded and need help

Fees and Charges of IDFC Bank Credit Card

Here are the details about the IDFC Bank card fees & charges.

Joining Fee


Annual Fee


Rate of Interest

0.75% - 3.5% monthly

Rewards redemption


Foreign Markup Charges


Domestic or International Cash Advance

Rs 250

Late Payment

15% of the total amount

Card Replacement

Rs 100

IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card Customer Care

In addition to credit cards and loans, IDFC FIRST bank's customer care service assists you with NRI banking and rural banking questions 24 hours a day. The official website of the bank has all the details and toll-free numbers to reach the customer care executive for all your doubts and questions. In case you have any credit card-related queries, you can reach their customer care executive by calling on the credit card toll-free number 1860 500 1111.

FAQs About IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards

  • ✔️Are all IDFC First Bank Credit Cards Free?

    Yes, currently, all the IDFC First Bank Credit Cards are free of any annual or joining charges

  • ✔️Is there a minimum salary required for the IDFC FIRST Credit Card?

    The minimum salary requirement is Rs 25,000, and you can easily get a credit card of your choice.

  • ✔️Can I use the IDFC First Bank Credit Card to make cash withdrawals?

    Yes, you can definitely make cash withdrawals using your credit card, but you will have to bear a transaction fee along with added interest of up to 3.99%.

  • ✔️How many days does it take to get the IDFC First Bank Credit Card?

    Once you follow the step-by-step process to apply for a credit card and it is verified and approved by the bank, it will be sent to your registered address within 14 working days.

  • ✔️Do IDFC First Bank Credit Cards offer a fuel surcharge waiver?

    Yes, all IDFC First Bank Credit cards offer a 1% fuel surcharge waiver. It is to be noted that the IDFC FIRST Millennia and Classic credit cards offer waivers up to Rs. 200, IDFC FIRST Select credit card offers waivers up to Rs. 300, and IDFC FIRST Wealth Credit Card offers a fuel surcharge waiver of up to Rs. 400 per statement cycle.

  • ✔️How can the reward points earned be redeemed for IDFC First Bank credit cards?

    You can instantly use your rewards points to pay for online purchases or in-store purchases by selecting the 'pay with points' option.

  • ✔️How can I get a credit card from IDFCBank?

    You can apply for an IDFC Bank credit card online as well as offline. To apply online, you can visit the bank’s official website to apply for the credit card of your choice. For the offline mode, you can visit the nearest IDFC First Bank branch to apply for a credit card.

  • ✔️Which is the best credit card offered by IDFC Bank?

    IDFC FIRST Bank offers different types of credit cards that you can choose from as per your needs and preferences. The four best IDFC credit cards are IDFC First Millennia Credit Card, IDFC First Classic Credit Card, IDFC First Select Credit Card, and IDFC First Wealth Credit Card. All four of these IDFC credit cards are Lifetime Free and offer a number of features, benefits, deals, and rewards that you can use across top stores and brands online as well as offline.

  • ✔️How to download IDFC credit card statements?

    You can download your credit card statement in two ways. Through internet banking, by visiting the bank’s website, and logging into your account, select the ‘Cards’ option and click on ‘Download statement. The other way is via mobile app; get the verification code by entering your customer ID. Select the ‘Cards’ option and click on ‘download statement’.

  • ✔️Is IDFC First Bank credit card good?

    The IDFC First bank credit card offers a wide range of benefits like; no annual charges, interest-free cash withdrawals, and unlimited reward points with no expiry. You can also make good use of features like fuel surcharge waivers across all fuel stations in India, and exclusive travel and lifestyle privileges.