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Headquartered in Mumbai, the IDFC FIRST Bank operates across various business verticals providing a wide array of services to its clients. Known for its exclusive credit cards with low charges, IDFC FIRST Bank is one of the country's most popular credit card issuers. Some key benefits of using IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards are interest-free cash withdrawals, accident cover, discounts on movie tickets, unlimited reward points with no expiry, fuel surcharge waivers, and much more.

Some of the Top IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards

There are primarily four types of IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards offered by the bank. Here are some  details on each of them:

  • IDFC FIRST Millennia Credit Card

The IDFC Millennia credit card was launched for customers who could continue enjoying more benefits in terms of higher rewards and cashback as the rewards do not have an expiry date. This IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card does not have a joining fee and has an interest ranging between 0.75% and 2.99% per month.

The IDFC FIRST Classic credit card is a lifetime free credit card which is a bonus for cardholders. Additionally, it also has a lucrative rewards and benefits program, especially catering to those who love to shop and travel extensively. The card does not have a joining fee or annual fee. The monthly interest rate is between 0.75% and 2.99%.

The IDFC FIRST Select credit card is one of the best in its categories as it comes with the best rewards and benefits program for its customers that will never expire. This IDFC credit card has been specially curated for customers who love to spend and enjoy a lavish lifestyle. The card does not have a joining fee or annual fee. The monthly interest rate is between 0.75% and 2.99%.

The IDFC FIRST Wealth credit card has partnered with some of the most prominent brands in the market to offer 10X reward points on each purchase, which makes it unique. Apart from that, you can enjoy complimentary access to airport lounges and spas along with travel insurance and other benefits. This IDFC credit card is completely free and has no annual or joining fee making it even more attractive.

Key Features of IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card

The IDFC FIRST Bank offers credit cards that provide benefits such as lounge access at railways, comprehensive rewards program, waiver on fuel surcharge, discounts on dining at network restaurants, movie ticket discounts, and more. 


Given below is a complete breakdown of the features offered by some of the IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards: 

1. IDFC FIRST Wealth Credit Card

  • 4 complimentary international and domestic lounge visits at airports 

  • Get one free movie ticket every month on purchasing a movie ticket 

  • Complimentary golf rounds

  • On birthday spends, get up to 10X reward points 

2. IDFC FIRST Classic Credit Card

  • Discount of up to 25% on movie tickets every month

  • 4 complimentary visits to railway lounges in a quarter

  • On offline spends, up to 3X reward points 

  • Waiver of up to 1% on fuel surcharge at petrol stations

  • On spends above ₹20,000, earn up to 10X reward points

3. IDFC FIRST WOW Credit Card

  • No foreign transaction markup fee

  • 15% discount at over 3000 Wellness and Health outlets

  • On every transaction, earn up to 4X reward points 

  • Personal accident cover

  • Up to 1% waived off on fuel surcharges

  • 4 complimentary roadside assistance of up to ₹1,399

  • Up to 20% discount at over 1,500 restaurants 

  • Unlimited reward points with a validity of a lifetime

  • Lifetime free credit card 

4. IDFC FIRST Select Credit Card

  • 4 complimentary domestic lounge visits at airports

  • Free personal accident cover worth ₹2 Lakh

  • On birthday spends, up to 10X reward points 

  • 25% discount on movie tickets every month

5. IDFC FIRST Millenia Credit Card

  • Personal accident cover of up to ₹2 Lakh

  • On online spends, earn up to 6X reward points 

  • Discount of up to 25% on movie tickets every month 

  • On spends that exceed ₹20,000, earn reward points of up to 10X

Key Benefits of IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card

The IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards have numerous benefits. Here’s a quick glance at them:

  • Welcome Benefits

In the span of the first 90 days of your IDFC Credit Card being issued, if you spend ₹15,000 you will receive a gift voucher as a welcome gift.

  • Insurance Benefit

With the IDFC Credit Card, you can get up to ₹50,000 as Lost Card Liability and ₹10,00,000 as Personal Accident Cover.

  • Interestless Cash Withdrawal

Any cash withdrawals made at ATMs using your IDFC Credit Card are interest-free for the first 48 days. This benefit is applicable on all the credit cards that are offered by IDFC FIRST Bank. 

  • Cashback

Your first EMI transaction made using the IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card in a span of the first 90 days of your card’s issuance, will entitle you to a cashback of 5%.

  • Vehicle Benefit

The IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card is equipped with a free roadside assistance cover of ₹1,399

  • Low rate of interest 

The IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card interest rates start as low as 0.75% p.m. or 9% per annum. These interest rates can hike up to 3.99% p.m. which is still comparatively lower than most other credit cards. 

Eligibility Criteria for IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card

All the above-mentioned IDFC credit cards are lifetime-free credit cards. However, to get these IDFC lifetime free credit cards, an applicant needs to fulfil certain eligibility criteria as mentioned below:

  • Age: The age of the applicant must essentially be 21 years and above to be able to apply for an IDFC credit card.

  • Location: As per the IDFC Credit Card application policy, the applicant must be an Indian citizen, and have his/her current and permanent residential address within the country.

  • Income: You should have a minimum monthly income of ₹25,000 to be eligible to apply for an IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card

  • Credit History: Having a good credit history is another important eligibility criterion for an IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card. The applicant must show proof of a good credit record without any defaults on loans or previous credit card payments at the time of application

  • Internal Policies: The applicant has to follow the rules and internal policies of the bank to be able to get a credit card. A final judgment will be made by IDFC FIRST bank regarding the grant of credit cards to the applicant based on its own internal assessment.

Documents Required to Apply for IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card

The bank requires an applicant to submit certain key documents at the time of applying for a credit card. They are as follows:

  • Proof of Address: Copy of telephone bill, Aadhaar card, electricity bill, rental agreement, passport, or the ration card

  • Proof of Identity: Voters Card, Passport, Aadhaar card, Driving Licence, Pan Card

  • Income Documents: For self-employed applicants, the bank requires the balance sheet or audit statement, financial statement of the business, and latest Income tax return copy. For salaried applicants, the bank needs to verify the latest salary slip, salary certificate, and letter of employment.

IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card Rewards Program

IDFC FIRST Bank offers one of the most competitive reward programs in the market, with low-interest rates and exclusive lifestyle and travel benefits. One of the major highlights is the fact that you can claim unlimited reward points that you can redeem later at your convenience. Other key highlights are as follows: 

  • Interest-free cash withdrawals from ATMs up to a period of 48 days

  • Up to 6x rewards on online purchases made using select IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards

  • Up to 4x rewards on rental payments and offline purchases made using select IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards

  • Evergreen reward points with unlimited validity 

  • Personal accident insurance with a cover up to ₹10 Lakhs

How to Apply for an IDFC Credit Card

To apply for an IDFC credit card, you can fill out the online application from the official website or visit the nearest bank branch and fill out the credit card application.

1. Online Method

  • Step 1: Visit the IDFC FIRST Bank website.

  • Step 2: Head to the ‘Credit Cards’ section and select ‘Apply now’

  • Step 3: Fill in the application form and enter your personal details like name, date of birth, and mobile number and submit it online

  • Step 4: Once you receive an OTP, you can go ahead and apply for the IDFC Credit Card of your choice

2. Offline Method

  • Step 1: Visit the closest IDFC FIRST Bank branch.

  • Step 2: Request a bank representative for a credit card application form.

  • Step 3: Fill in all the details required in the form carefully and accurately.

  • Step 4: Attach the required documents and submit your credit card application form at the bank branch.

  • Step 5: The bank will verify your application and contact you for further details if needed.

  • Step 6: Once your application is approved, you will receive your IDFC Credit Card.

IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card Customer Care

IDFC FIRST Bank offers reliable channels of customer care and support for credit card holders. If you own an IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card, you can contact the bank’s customer service helpline in many different ways. Here are some such solutions if you want to reach out to IDFC First Bank customer care online.

  • Call the bank at 1800 10 888

  • Email the bank at banker@idfcfirstbank.com

  • WhatsApp the bank at 9555 555 555


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards Free?

IDFC First Bank offers several credit cards, and all of them are lifetime-free, which means that cardholders are not required to pay any joining or annual fees. This is a great advantage for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a credit card without having to pay any fees.

However, it is important to note the interest rate charged by IDFC First Bank for its credit cards. Therefore, it is important to use the credit card responsibly and pay the outstanding balance on time to avoid any interest charges.

Is there a minimum salary required for the IDFC FIRST Credit Card?

The minimum salary requirement is ₹25,000, and you can easily get an IDFC credit card of your choice.

Can I use the IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card to make cash withdrawals?

Yes, you can definitely make cash withdrawals using your IDFC credit card, but you will have to bear a transaction fee along with added interest of up to 3.99%.

How many days does it take to get the IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card?

Once you follow the step-by-step process to apply for an IDFC credit card and it is verified and approved by the bank, it will be sent to your registered address within 14 working days.

Do IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards offer a fuel surcharge waiver?

Yes, all IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards offer a 1% fuel surcharge waiver. It is to be noted that the IDFC FIRST Millennia and Classic credit cards offer waivers of up to ₹200, the IDFC FIRST Select credit card offers waivers of up to ₹300, and the IDFC FIRST Wealth Credit Card offers a fuel surcharge waiver of up to ₹400 per statement cycle.

How can the reward points earned be redeemed for IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards?

You can instantly use your rewards points to pay for online purchases or in-store purchases by selecting the 'pay with points' option.

How can I get a credit card from IDFC FIRST Bank?

You can apply for an IDFC credit card online as well as offline. To apply online, you can visit the bank’s official website to apply for the credit card of your choice. For the offline mode, you can visit the nearest IDFC FIRST Bank branch to apply for a credit card.

Which is the best credit card offered by IDFC FIRST Bank?

IDFC FIRST Bank offers different types of credit cards that you can choose from as per your needs and preferences. The four best IDFC credit cards are IDFC FIRST Millennia Credit Card, IDFC FIRST Classic Credit Card, IDFC FIRST Select Credit Card, and IDFC FIRST Wealth Credit Card. All four of these IDFC credit cards are lifetime free and offer a number of features, benefits, deals, and rewards that you can use across top stores and brands online as well as offline.

How to download IDFC credit card statements?

You can download your credit card statement in two ways. Through internet banking, by visiting the bank’s website, logging into your account, selecting the ‘Cards’ option, and clicking on ‘Download statement’. The other way is via mobile app; get the verification code by entering your customer ID. Select the ‘Cards’ option and click on ‘Download statement’.

Is the IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card good?

The IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card offers a wide range of benefits like; no annual charges, interest-free cash withdrawals, and unlimited reward points with no expiry. You can also make good use of features like fuel surcharge waivers across all fuel stations in India, and exclusive travel and lifestyle privileges.

What are the fees and charges of IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards?

The common fees and charges on IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards include:

  • Joining Fee: Nil

  • Annual Fee: Nil

  • Foreign Currency Markup: Rs.99 per redemption transaction

  • Fuel Surcharge: 1% fuel surcharge waiver

  • Interest Rates: 0.75% to 3.5% per month

  • Spend-based Waiver: Nil

  • Add on Card Fee: Nil

For more information, visit the official website.

What is the expiry date of reward points accumulated using IDFC First credit cards?

IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards offer evergreen reward points that do not expire. So, the reward points you accumulate on your IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards have unlimited validity.

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