Minimum Salary for Credit Card

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Minimum Salary to Apply for a Credit Card

A credit card is the gateway to easy payment and cashless shopping. This payment tool lets you manage your buys without having to check your existing account balance. A credit card lets you make purchases now and pay later to the credit card company even in instalments. In order to get a credit card, you need to fulfil some minimum criteria, including a minimum salary. The good news is, no matter what your pay scale is, you can definitely have a lot of options in your bucket. So, let's find out the basic criteria of the minimum salary for a credit card.

What Is the Minimum Salary Required To Get A Credit Card

The eligibility criteria are simple to fulfil. Check out the eligibility criteria and the minimum income to get a credit card. 

Minimum Salary Required

₹ 10,000 per month

With as humble as ₹ 10,000 per month, an individual can get a credit card that offers exciting rewards and offers. Apart from the minimum annual income to get a credit card criterion, there are several other eligibility criteria as well, such as 

Eligibility Criteria



18 years and above


Salaried or self-employed 

Minimum Salary Requirement for Top Credit Cards

Even with the minimum annual income for a credit card, you can opt for the following Low-Income Credit Cards:

Name of Card

Income Eligibility

Canara Bank Global Card

Average quarterly balance of ₹ 1 lakh

Axis Bank Insta Easy Card

Minimum Fixed Deposit of ₹ 20,000



SBI SimplySAVE Credit Card

Up to ₹ 25,000 a month

YES Bank Prosperity Rewards Plus Credit Card

Up to ₹ 25,000 a month

ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card

₹ 2.5 lakhs or more a year

Citibank Credit Card

Up to ₹ 20,000 a month

HSBC Smart Value Credit Card

Up to ₹ 25,000 a month

Low-Income Credit Cards

As the name suggest, low income credit cards are for low-income earners, or for those people who earn between less than ₹ 25,000 a month. These credit cards come with a modest credit card limit. Designed especially for individuals who have a credit card income eligibility of ₹10,000 to  ₹25,000 a month, these credit cards come with several attractive benefits. Most banks also allow an increase in the spending limit depending on your repayment etiquette. 

Deciding Factors for Credit Card Salary Eligibility 

You now know the basic eligibility criteria that an individual needs to qualify in order to get a credit card. However, there are certain factors that may affect your eligibility for your preferred card, like:

  • Your Credit Score

A good credit score can be somewhere between 700-900. Having a good credit score makes you more reliable in front of the credit card company. Hence, you may get your desired credit card without any hassle. On the other hand, a poor credit card may badly affect your eligibility. 

  • Your Location

Geographical location is also a deciding factor when it comes to getting a credit card. People residing in certain cities may not become credit card holders for some specific providers. So, before you apply for a credit card, you must check the eligibility of your city. 

  • Debt 

The existing debts of a customer are a matter of concern for the credit card providers. Having a debt with a positive repayment attitude does not affect your eligibility. So, make sure your debts are within the limit so you face no problem in getting your preferred credit card. 

  • Income

Your monthly income is a major game-changer for any credit card company. Higher income means you can get credit cards with better features and vice-versa. If you get a raise/ promotion or another source of income, you can get in touch with the bank and ask them to upgrade your card or increase the existing credit limit. 


Shortlist the credit card with low-income requirements and check out your eligibility criteria. Make sure you pick the one that provides maximum useful features at the minimum rate. Enjoy your shopping all the more and get  exciting rewards with each purchase.