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What is a Tyre Protection Cover?

A tyre protection cover is a type of car tyre insurance policy that can be purchased as an add-on to the base policy. You need to pay an additional premium amount to buy this cover along with a standalone own-damage or a comprehensive car insurance plan. The car tyre cover in insurance

takes care of the costs of repairing or replacing the tyres of your vehicle without you having to spend out of pocket. Read about the benefits, inclusions and exclusions of this add-on feature in this article. 

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Benefits of Tyre Protection Add-on in Car Insurance 

There are various benefits that you can enjoy after buying a tyre protection cover for your vehicle. It is like an investment that eventually grows into a beneficial policy, especially in times of need.

Some of the major benefits of tyre protection insurance are -

  • Tyre Replacement Cost Benefits.

  • Labour Charge Reimbursement

  • Accidental Cover

  • Other expense covers

  • Manufacturing defect damage cover

  • Major maintenance cover

Inclusions and Exclusions of Tyre Protection Cover in Car Insurance 

Before purchasing any policy or scheme, the policyholder needs to know what is included in the policy and what is excluded. The same goes for tyre protection insurance as well, so here is a list of all the inclusions and exclusions of tyre protection cover.

Inclusions of Tyre Protection Cover 

  • Replacement of Damaged Tyre 

 The tyre protection cover includes the entire cost of the replacement of the damaged tyre. This is only applicable when the damage to the tyre is caused by any kind of accidental loss, natural mishaps, fire, robbery, etc. Many insurance companies provide tyre protection insurance compensating an equal or more than 50% of the tyre replacement or repairing cost.

  • Labour Charges

 In case of any damage or replacement, be it removing, refitting or rebalancing of tyres, there is an additional charge which has to be paid to the mechanics, known as the labour fees. When a vehicle owner does get normal car insurance, then these charges are borne by the vehicle owner itself but all the tyre protection insurance consumers enjoy the advantage of reimbursement of these labour charges.

  • Accidental Coverage

 When a vehicle goes through any accident or mishap, all the components of the vehicle suffer including the tyres. Tyres being in direct contact with the road usually face more serious damage as compared to other parts. There are times tyres swell, tear down or even blast due to the extreme heat. Therefore, insurance cover for tyres is extremely necessary so that you can look after your vehicle tyres without burning your pockets.

  • Other Expenses

 Other than repair due to accidental loss, tyres also require regular maintenance. This maintenance includes major punctures, balancing, alignment, etc. Apart from this, there are times when the tyres face damage not because of accidents but due to defects in manufacturing. All the expenses incurred due to these factors as well are included in the tyre protection cover.

Exclusions of Tyre Protection Cover 

  • Cost of Minor Damages

Every insurance company has different terms and conditions regarding the tyre protection cover it provides. Some insurance companies might compensate the policyholders for basic damage or loss without any hassle, while others have a set of eligibility parameters to fulfil. On a general basis, insurance companies do not include the coverage and compensation of costs of minor issues like punctures or air checks. It is also better to compare all the alternative tyre protection covers before choosing any one so that you can enjoy maximum benefits at the lowest rates.

  • Replacement of Damaged Tyre  

There can be many case scenarios where the reason for tyre damage can be cracks, cuts, bulging or maybe just improper and careless maintenance which might result in the tyre replacement. But the replacement charges that occurred due to these reasons are not covered under the tyre protector in car insurance

  • Damages due to Overloading

 Another possible reason for the damage to a vehicle tyre can be overloading. This might cause huge damage to the tyre and they may require a replacement. The core reason behind this is the carelessness of the vehicle owner and therefore,  these charges are also not included under the tyre protection cover.

  • Theft

Cases of theft are always confusing as it is neither a natural thing nor there is also no fault on the owner’s end. But even if the situation is not very clear, the tyre protection cover does not provide for any loss caused due to thefts.

Who Should Take a Tyre Protection Cover?

The following people must buy a tyre protection cover:

  • People who commute regularly by their car 

  • People residing in hilly regions

  • People travelling to the hilly regions by their car


To sum up, tyres are among the most crucial components of a vehicle which requires care and timely servicing for the smooth functioning of the vehicle. A basic car insurance plan offers coverage for the loss or damage of other components, however, purchasing a tyre protection add-on feature is a pocket-friendly policy measure. Just like any other policy, make sure you compare all the alternatives properly before choosing so that you can enjoy maximum benefits at the lowest cost.

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FAQs on Tyre Protection Cover in Car Insurance

Who should buy a tyre protection cover?

A tyre protection cover is a good investment for every vehicle owner however it is a necessity for the following types of people 

  1. Individuals who travel in their cars on a regular basis.

  2. Individuals who live or travel in the hilly areas with not so properly constructed roads.

  3. Individuals who contest in rallies or competitions often.

  4. Individuals who use their vehicle for professional purposes.

Can I change the type of tyre at the time of replacement?

No, you cannot change or upgrade the type of tyre at the time of replacement. The insurance company covers the cost according to the same tyre type. Only if the tyre with the same specification is not available then the company covers within a specified cost limit.

The tyres of my vehicle got robbed, can I get a refund through the tyre protection cover?

No, the tyre protection cover does not include the loss cover for thefts and robbery.

Can I get tyre protection cover 3 years after buying a car insurance policy?

Yes, you can get a tyre protection cover whenever you wish to. The age of the vehicle might or might not affect the premium amount of the tyre protection cover.

Can I buy a tyre protection cover online?

Yes, just like any other car insurance policy, you can easily purchase a tyre protection cover online as well as offline as per your comfort.

Is it possible to add a tyre protection cover when renewing my comprehensive car insurance plan?

Yes, it is possible to add a tyre protection cover when renewing your comprehensive car insurance plan.

If I decide to upgrade my tyre during a claim, will it be covered by the insurance?

The insurer generally allows the replacement of the tyre of the same make and specification. However, if you wish to upgrade it, you can do so up to the payable limit only.

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