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Car Insurance After Selling Car

If you are planning to purchase a new car and sell your old one, you need to keep a number of things in mind. You will need to carry out market research to estimate the market value of the car and then pick the place where you want to sell it. You would also need to figure whether you want to advertise it or sell it to a dealer? If you want to sell it to a local mechanic or to a pre-owned car market? One of the crucial factors to consider at the time of sale is the car insurance plan.


Car insurance is very much mandatory when you buy a car. Both the parties need to be aware of the existing car insurance policy before they make a deal. An insurance plan can make or break your deal.

Car Sale For Seller:

For a seller, the policy should be transferred in the name of the buyer at the time of sale of the car. The seller should make it a point to claim the certificate of no claim bonus at the time of transfer. The NCB certificate is non-transferable from the seller to the buyer. It is valid for a period of three years and will be applicable to the new policy bought for a different car during this period. It remains applicable even when you switch to a new insurance company. You can buy car insurance online by simply comparing the quotes offered by different insurance companies.

Car Sale For Buyer:

For a buyer, it is important to apply for the transfer of ownership of the car insurance plan within 14 days of the purchase of the car. If delayed, there is a possibility that the buyer’s claim may be rejected.

How To Transfer Car Insurance?

In order to transfer the policy, the seller is required to inform the insurance company in writing that he is willing to make a transfer. There will be a nominal fee applicable for the transfer, along with the recovery of the no claim bonus form from the date of transfer to the expiry of the policy.


If the buyer is keen on buying a fresh insurance policy instead of continuing with the one that was transferred, it is advisable to compare insurance quotes and choose the one that offers the most competent coverage.


We, at Bajaj Markets, offer comprehensive auto insurance policies at affordable premiums. To check the car insurance premiums for policies available on Bajaj Markets, use the car insurance calculator. We also provide an easy no claim bonus transfer and a cashless claim settlement to ensure that you have a rewarding customer experience.

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