No matter what kind of investor you are — whether an aggressive risk-taker or a conservative low-risk investor — you can always benefit from investing in a fixed deposit. In case you are a conservative investor, you may want to keep the overall risk in your portfolio as low as possible. Fixed deposits (FD) can be extremely useful here, since they offer guaranteed returns on the amount deposited and carry no market-linked risks. On the other hand, if you are a risk-taker, you may want to bring down the overall risk in your investment portfolio for some stability. Fixed deposits can help you here. 


All in all, fixed deposits are one of the best investment options for you. To optimise your benefits, you may want to consider investing in a plan that offers comprehensive benefits, like the Bajaj Finance FD. With the Bajaj Finance FD, you can earn attractive interests going up to 8.60%. Furthermore, you also get the added benefit of a stable investment environment. 

If you want to get the best returns on a hassle-free investment made from the comfort of your home, Bajaj Finance FD may be the most suitable option for you. However, you may have a question or two about this investment option, such as:

  • Is Bajaj Finance FD safe? 

  • And what makes it a safe investment avenue? 


If this is what you are wondering, here is why Bajaj Finance FD is safe and suitable for investors from all walks of life.


Why the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is One of the Safest Investment Options in India

  • Highest Credibility Ratings

The best way to know if the company is reliable for investment is to check its credit rating from reputed rating agencies. So, to answer the question of how safe Bajaj Finance FD is, you need to know the credit ratings of this investment option. The good news is that it is one of the most highly rated investments, with an AAA/stable rating from CRISIL and an AAA/stable rating from ICRA. These ratings indicate that Bajaj Finance fixed deposit is one of the most trusted options available today. So, you can rest assured that it is safe to invest in Bajaj Finance FDs. 

Having one of the highest credit ratings, Bajaj Finance FDs give you the assurance that your money is parked in a safe investment. It also ensures that you will get your returns regularly and without any hassle or difficulties on the part of the issuer.

  • Benefits for Senior Citizens

Retired investors typically look for safest investment options that also assure attractive returns on their capital. The Bajaj Finance FD is ideal for retirees or senior citizens as it offers guaranteed and risk-free returns. Moreover, senior citizens receive an additional rate of up to 0.25% compared to others, and the same can go up to 8.60% for a fixed deposit with payout at maturity. 

Another great aspect of the Bajaj Finance FD is that it also offers flexible payout options. You can opt for a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual payout depending on your needs. With such attractive returns and safety, the Bajaj Finance FD is trusted by a vast majority of senior citizens.

  • Quick, Hassle-Free Investment Process

You can easily invest in Bajaj Finance FD online. It is an end-to-end online process to make sure that you enjoy the best of returns without any worries. You do not have to pay multiple visits to any branch or undergo a lengthy documentation process to book a Bajaj Finance FD. 

Through Bajaj Markets, you can easily book your Bajaj Finance FD. All you need to do is submit the documents online and keep track of your online fixed deposit account. You can also plan your investment by using the online FD interest calculator. Moreover, the Bajaj Finance FD’s minimum investment amount is just ₹15,000. 

  • Trustworthy 

With more than 2,35,000 happy customers, Bajaj Finance FD is known for its ‘zero’ unclaimed deposits. This ensures that you have only the highest standards of safety for your FD. The trust of close to 2.5 Lakh customers who have invested in Bajaj Finance FD proves that you will be getting the best interest rates and service. So, you need not worry about whether or not an FD in Bajaj Finance is safe, because it certainly is.  

Should you Invest in a Bajaj Finance FD?

With the best FD interest rates that can go up to 8.60% and a flexible investment period ranging from 12 months to 5 years, the Bajaj Finance FD will make sure that you get assured returns on your investment, irrespective of market fluctuations. You also get various other benefits like a loan against FD, a dedicated customer portal and flexible interest payouts. You can book a Bajaj Finance FD online on Bajaj Markets to earn attractive returns on your invested capital.


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