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 A fixed deposit is one of the most used investment tools in India. If you want a risk free option with assured returns, a fixed deposit is the right investment option for you. As a fixed deposit offers higher interest rates than a normal savings account, it is a preferred way of investment among many investors. You can start a fixed deposit online and by visiting the branch as well.


Once you are done with the formalities and start a fixed deposit account with your bank, you receive a fixed deposit receipt as acknowledgement for your investment. In this article, we will talk about the fixed deposit receipt format and its importance. Before we delve into the components of a fixed deposit receipt, let’s first understand what is an FD receipt

What is Fixed Deposit Receipt?

A fixed deposit receipt is a document that acts as your proof of investment for a fixed deposit. The half-page document is given to you by the bank after you open a fixed deposit account. The FD receipt has important details like your name, address, age, details of the fixed deposit scheme opted for like the amount of deposit, tenor and rate of interest applicable on the deposit, etc. In other words, an FD receipt acts as an acknowledgement and proof of your ownership of the fixed deposit. Let’s have a look at the fixed deposit receipt format and its components.

What are the Components and Importance of a Fixed Deposit Receipt?

Mentioned below are the components of a fixed deposit receipt:


  • Name of applicant

  • Age of applicant

  • Account number of applicant

  • Amount of principal that has been invested

  • Rate of interest that is applicable

  • Tenor

  • Maturity date

  • Maturity amount

  • Amount of interest that the individual will receive on maturity

  • Type of fixed deposit

  • Nominee and nomination details

  • Instructions regarding maturity date such as account transfer or rollover amount

  • Auto closure and auto-renewal

  • Premature withdrawal penalty

As this fixed deposit receipt is an acknowledgement as well, it is an important document as it also shows your ownership of the fixed deposit scheme. Apart from this, the FD receipt has every single detail about your fixed deposit investment. Therefore, it is important that this document stays with you if you are the applicant for a fixed deposit.

Things to Check in a Fixed Deposit Receipt

Below mentioned points are important to check in your term deposit receipt.

Term of Deposit

It is important to check the tenor of your fixed deposit investment.

Rate of Interest

Checking the interest rate on an FD receipt is extremely important. Banks often discontinue the old FD schemes resulting in a change of interest rate while renewing the old deposit. Therefore, it is necessary to check this in the fixed deposit receipt.

Date of Maturity

As mentioned above, the maturity date is also mentioned in a fixed deposit receipt. It is essential to check the maturity date as it helps in planning future finances as well.


The FD receipt has details of the nominee. In case of your unfortunate death, the proceeds will be given to the nominee.


If you have opted for auto-renewal, you can check for the same on the fixed deposit receipt. In case of any discrepancies, you can contact the bank.

Penalties and Charges

Some banks have a certain amount as a penalty for premature withdrawal of FD. Such penalties are also mentioned on the FD receipt. You should also check the same on the fixed deposit receipt.


  • ✔️Is FD receipt necessary?

     Once all the formalities are completed for starting a fixed deposit, you will receive a fixed deposit receipt as acknowledgement and proof. It is a necessary document as it acts as proof of investment and also consists of all the details.

  • ✔️Is fixed deposit receipt transferable?

     No, a fixed deposit receipt is not transferable between people.

  • ✔️Is FD income taxable?

     Yes, interest income earned on fixed deposits is fully taxable under the applicable tax rates.

  • ✔️How can I get proof of fixed deposit?

     After completing the formalities and starting a fixed deposit scheme, you will be issued a fixed deposit receipt. This will be your proof of fixed deposit.

  • ✔️Is 5 year FD scheme tax-free?

     You can claim tax deductions available under Section 80C by investing in a 5 year FD scheme. However, premature withdrawal of such a fixed deposit is not possible.