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Poultry farming is a fast-growing division of the agricultural sector. As such, generous investments are directed towards poultry farms' rearing, breeding, and hatching processes. These developments aren't a surprise as the poultry farm business has effectively contributed towards an astonishing ₹26,000 Crores to the national income. Given this amazing growth opportunity, the government is making several provisions to enhance further development in the industry. However, it is imperative to chart out a sturdy business plan when starting a poultry farm business.

Benefits of Poultry Farming Business

The poultry farm business is abundant in terms of the benefits it offers, which makes it a popular choice of investment among farmers:


  • Doesn’t require a very big space

  • Capital investment required is less as compared to other types of farming

  • High/constant market demand for poultry

  • A continuous source of income

  • Increases employment opportunity

  • No need for a license

Steps to Start Poultry Farm Business in India

Here are the important steps that you must follow to ensure the successful start of your poultry business:

  • Figure out the Produce: Your poultry business can cater to many different requirements, i.e., meat processing, chicken breeding, broiler chicken, or egg processing. Pick one or more, depending on how it suits your business plans best.

You must choose the birds to breed based on the sector you want to serve. ‘Broilers’ are bred for meat processing, whereas ‘layers’ are bred for the production of eggs.


  • Finalise the Location: The location is an important aspect to consider when starting a poultry farm. Pick an appropriate place for your farmland as this is where you will be operating and managing your business. You’ll also have to consider logistics when finalising the location.
  • Title the Business: Name the business and register the same as per the regulated laws laid down in your state.
  • Generate Funds for Capital: As with every business, starting a poultry farm also requires funds to meet the working capital requirements. This includes purchasing equipment, raw material, managing salaries, and more. You can turn to the affordable business loans available at Bajaj Markets for this.
  • Marketing & Advertising the Business: Marketing and advertising play a key role in making your business known. Include in-depth details of all your marketing and advertising strategies in your business plan.
  • Find the Target Audience: The target audience is the ultimate consumer of your product. Your target audience will include shop vendors, restaurants, wholesale markets, retailers, etc.
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Equipment Used for Poultry Farming

Here is a list of equipment required for a poultry farm business:


  • Automated feeders

  • Vaccinator

  • Electrical heaters

  • Back-up power sources

  • Infrared bulbs

  • Hatching egg trays

  • Nestboxes

  • Water heaters

  • Water filters

  • Reflectors

  • Nipple and manual drinker

  • Basic water and sanitation infrastructure

FAQs on Poultry Farming Business

What is poultry farming?

Poultry farming is an activity that involves rearing birds for their meat and eggs and is a widely famous business venture.

How much funds do I require to start my poultry farm business?

You would need between ₹25,000 to ₹7 lakh. The cost may differ depending on the scale of your business.

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