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When something unexpected happens to your car, you can avoid paying for the losses incurred from your pocket. This is where cashless insurance for your car comes into play. 


With cashless car insurance, you can get your car repaired at any network garage partnered with your insurer. The insurance company settles the bills directly with the garage, making it easier for you. 


It is more beneficial in the event of an accident as it covers the expenses related to repair without you settling the bill first and then getting reimbursed. The latter is what happens in reimbursement insurance plans. 


In a reimbursement plan, you must pay for all such expenses on your own. However, once you submit the original bills to the insurer, you get the amount from them after verification.

Benefits of a Cashless Car Insurance Policy

Hassle-Free Process

During an unfortunate accident, a lengthy claim process only adds to your stress. With the help of this insurance claim, you can get your vehicle towed to the nearest garage and get it repaired seamlessly.

Speedy Settlement

Compared to reimbursement claims, cashless car insurance claims are processed and settled more quickly. As the insurer only refers to the surveyor’s report to verify the claim, the process is quick and stress-free.

Zero Requirement of Cash

With cashless vehicle insurance, there is no need for you to pay for the expenses upfront as long as the repairs fall under the policy inclusions and terms. This prevents you from feeling financial strain, no matter how expensive the repair bills are.

Availability of Numerous Garages

Most insurers have a wide network of garages across the country. Thus, there is no worry about locating a top-notch garage to file cashless car insurance claims.


Since the insurer’s surveyor personally inspects the car, the entire insurance claim settlement process is transparent and prevents the possibility of fraud. Compared to the reimbursement process, this facility gives you more clarity.

How Does a Cashless Car Insurance Policy Work?

With this plan, there is no need for you to pay upfront for your car repair costs. Most insurers have partner garages located throughout the country. These are known as network garages.


In case of any unforeseen mishap, you can get your car repaired from these network garages. After fixing your car, the garage will send the bill to the insurer. After thoroughly verifying the bill, the insurer will pay the amount directly to the garage based on the cover and policy terms.


This way, this cashless car insurance policy helps you get coverage without any hassle. However, be aware that the insurance does not cover certain car parts or types of damage. So, you may have to pay for such repairs on your own.


Remember, if your policy also has a deductible, you will need to pay this predetermined amount before the insurer covers the rest of the bill.

Exclusions of a Cashless Car Insurance Policy

Here are a few exclusions under a cashless car insurance policy:


  • Depreciation

The value of a vehicle and its parts gets decreased gradually with time. While filing a claim, the insurance provider reduces the cost of depreciation before making the payment. In a similar manner, your insurance company will make the payment for the repair related expenses of your damaged vehicle.

This cost excludes its depreciation expenses, unless you have bought a zero depreciation add-on cover.


  • Deductibles

The amount which needs to be paid by the policyholder at the time of settling the claim is known as a deductible. The compulsory deductibles must be paid by you depending on your car’s engine’s cubic capacity. In case of voluntary deductions, you agree upon paying the deductible in order to reduce the premium amount of your car insurance policy. Therefore, your insurer will not pay for the deductibles during your claim’s cashless settlement.


  • Consumables

It comprises materials such as the nuts, bolts, grease, oils, screws, and fuel-filter which are consumed for the car’s repairs. The9r costs are not covered unless you buy a consumables add-on cover.

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How to File Cashless Car Insurance Claims

To successfully raise a cashless car insurance claim, follow these simple steps.


  • Step 1: Inform the insurance provider about the incident at the earliest by either contacting them via email or the toll-free number

  • Step 2: If the vehicle cannot be driven to the nearest network garage, the insurer will help arrange towing services

  • Step 3: Fill in the claim settlement form and submit it with other essential documents to the insurer

  • Step 4: The insurer will appoint a surveyor, who will inspect the damage incurred and send a report to the insurer

  • Step 5: After verifying the claim details, the insurance provider will inform the garage to begin the repairs

  • Step 6: The cost of the repair work shall be directly settled by the insurer, and you will be required to pay the deductible, if any

How to Find Network Garages to Avail Cashless Car Repair Services?

Your policy document and your insurer’s website will contain the list of the network garages wherein you can avail of cashless car repair services. In order to avail of this feature, you can visit the nearest branch of the network garage.


In case you do not find the network garage near your location, you can get your car repaired at a non-network garage. All you have to do is pay the bill and get it reimbursed by your insurer by providing them with the payment receipts for verification.

Documents Required for Filing Cashless Car Insurance Claim

Keep the following documents ready while submitting your cashless car insurance claim:


  • Copy of Driving Licence

  • Copy of Registration Certificate

  • Copy of FIR in case of a major accident

  • Identity proof of the insured

  • Copy of car insurance policy

  • Claim settlement form

Check Out Car Insurance Partners Available at Bajaj Markets

Name of the partner


Cost of the plan


  • High claim ratio settlement of 95.50%
  • Paperless documentation process
  • Nominal premium amounts
  • Personal accident coverage up to ₹15 Lakhs
  • Digital renewal process

Premium starting at ₹2094/-


  • Personal accident coverage up to ₹15 Lakhs
  • Claim ratio settlement of 99.00%
  • Overnight repair facility
  • Emergency assistance
  • Speedy process
  • Up to 7,700+ cashless network garages across the country

Premium starting at ₹2094/-

BAJAJ Allianz

  • Claim ratio settlement of 98.54%
  • 24X7 roadside assistance
  • Cashless claim option
  • Quick online renewal options
  • Speedy claim settlement process
  • Up to 4,500+ cashless network garages

Premium starting at ₹2094/-

SBI General


  • Competitive premiums
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) of up to 50% based on eligibility
  • Personal Accident Cover of up to ₹15 Lakhs
  • 5900+ cashless garage network
  • 15 add-on covers
  • Technical team of 300+ SBIG members
  • 800+ empaneled surveyors
  • Claim team spread across 100+ locations across India
  • Claim settlement ratio of 98%


Starts at ₹2,094

Disclaimer: The prices are subject to change based on the discretion of the insurance provider.

Why Choose Cashless Car Insurance Plans on Bajaj Markets?

Here are some beneficial features you get with cashless car insurance plans:


  • Simplified claim settlement process

  • 24X7 roadside assistance

  • Availability of a vast network of cashless garages across the country

  • Transparent process

  • Nominal premiums

  • Fast and efficient services

  • Digitised automatic renewal options

To Conclude

Now that you are familiar with cashless car insurance policy claims, opt for them to save your energy and time. By choosing a trusted network garage, you can enjoy the benefits of satisfactory repair too.


Get an affordable car insurance policy by browsing the various options available on Bajaj Markets. You can even assess your premium and compare different policies using a car insurance calculator.

Check Out Car Insurance Partners Available at Bajaj Markets

FAQs on Cashless Car Insurance

Can my insurance claim get rejected? What are some common reasons for car insurance claim rejection?

  • Yes, your car insurance claim is only accepted by the insurer if it meets the terms and conditions of your plan. Following are some common reasons for claim rejection:

    • Delay in reporting an insurance claim

    • Damage caused due to unlawful act

    • The claim falls under the exclusions of the policy

    • Car insurance has expired

Do I need to pay an additional premium to avail cashless vehicle insurance facility?

No. The cashless facility is included in your comprehensive insurance plan, so there is no need to pay extra.

What should I do if I cannot find a cashless garage near my location?

If you cannot find a cashless garage near your location, you can opt for a reimbursement claim. This means taking your vehicle to a preferred garage and later filing for compensation. Make sure to retain all the bills as you need to submit them for reimbursement.

Do I need to pay for any loss incurred by the car?

The insurer will pay for the damage that is covered by your insurance policy. You may have to bear certain expenses such as the depreciation of car parts or other elements outside the scope of your coverage.

What additional charges do you need to bear as a part of the claim?

  • Repair costs of any car parts beyond the scope of your policy have to be borne by you.

Do I need to bear any cost for damage or will the company pay the full claim directly?

After you pay the deductible, if any, the insurer will settle your cashless claim as per the terms and conditions of the policy. You may also have to bear costs related to depreciation or consumables as per the terms of your policy.

How to find cashless garages in my city?

The insurance provider would offer you a list of every cashless network garage. You can also call the toll free number provider by your insurance provider in order to find out about the cashless network garage nearest to you.

When does the Insurance Company make payment to the network garage?

After you submit the payment receipts and other necessary documents to your respective insurance provider, they will make the payment to the network garage.

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