Student Credit Cards in India

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Credit Card for Students

Irrespective of whether you are studying in India or abroad, student credit cards are specially designed to suit the needs of college students. You can apply for a student credit card online to manage your daily expenditures, such as buying study materials, transportation, leisure activities, etc. Continue reading to know the key highlights of credit cards for students.

Key Highlights of Student Credit Cards

  • Student credit cards can be applied for against fixed deposits, savings account, education loan, or through government schemes

  • These students’ credit cards usually have a validity of 5+ years

  • Student credit cards come with low-interest rates as compared to regular credit cards

  • Students’ credit cards offer low credit limits to ensure that students do not fall into a debt trap

Features and Benefits of Credit Cards for Students

The exact features and benefits of student credit cards vary from one card issuer to another. However, the general features and benefits are outlined below. 

Feature or Benefit


Lower Credit Limit

Student credit cards generally come with lower credit limits, so students do not fall into a debt trap by overspending.

Low Cash Withdrawal Limit

These credit cards also have low cash withdrawal limits, so students can use them only for emergencies.

Nominal Interest Rates 

The interest rate on credit cards for students is also low to ensure easy and convenient repayment.

Conversion to Standard Credit Cards

Some banks offer the facility to convert the student credit card to a standard credit card once the cardholder completes their college education.

Credit Score Improvement

If you, as a student, promptly repay the dues on your student credit card, you can easily build a good credit score.

Rewards and Discounts 

You can earn and redeem reward points against various eligible purchases, and get discounts against student credit card transactions.

No Exhaustive Documentation

The process of applying for student credit cards is fairly easy, and there is generally no extensive documentation involved. 

How to Apply for a Student Credit Card Online

Much like any other card application, you can initiate the application process for student credit cards online as well as offline. However, do note that some banks may allow only online applications. It is, therefore, wise to discuss this with a bank representative before initiating the application process. The basic steps that you must follow for the online student credit card application process include:


  • Step 1: Visit the bank’s official website.

  • Step 2: Fulfil the eligibility criteria and click on ‘Apply Now’.

  • Step 3: You might be asked to submit a few documents to initiate the process.

  • Step 4: Once you have uploaded all the necessary documents successfully, click on ‘Submit’.

Since the user base for these credit cards are students, banks usually do not consider the typical credit card eligibility criteria. Such as credit score and stable income, when reviewing the student credit card application. Thus, instead of conventional methods, credit cards for students can be applied for by any of the below-mentioned means:

  • Apply Against a Fixed Deposit

If you have a fixed deposit (FD) in your name, you can use it to apply for student credit cards online or offline. However, the minimum amount eligible for a credit card against a fixed deposit may vary from bank to bank.

  • Apply as an Add-on Card

If you have a family member who owns a credit card, you can get a credit card for students as an add-on card. However, to get the add-on card approved, the primary cardholder must have a good credit history.

  • Apply Against a Savings Account or Loan

If you have a savings bank account with a steady monthly average balance, you can use it to apply for a student credit card online. Some banks, such as SBI, also grant these cards (e.g. SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card) to people who have got an education loan with them.

  • Take Advantage of Government Schemes

A lot of state governments in India have launched programs that offer credit cards for students. Some of the common government programs offering such cards are West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme, Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme, Jharkhand Student Credit Card Scheme, etc.

Banks Offering Student Credit Cards in India

Although the concept of a credit card for students is quite new in India, many banking institutions have begun to offer them of late. Listed below are a few of the banks that offer student credit cards in India.


  • State Bank of India

  • HDFC Bank

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank 

  • ICICI Bank

  • Axis Bank

Student Credit Card Rewards Points

Student credit cards are designed in such a way that college students can manage their finances in an easy and hassle-free manner. With a student credit card, you can enjoy some of the best credit card offers, cashback, and discounts. You can get special discounts and cashback on movie tickets and events along with a fuel surcharge waiver, free airport lounge access, interest-free ATM withdrawal. 


What’s more! Transactions made using these cards are also eligible for rewards. The accumulated credit card reward points can then be redeemed against coupons and merchandise available in the bank’s reward catalogue.

Some of the Top Student Credit Cards 

If you want to apply for a student credit card online, then you need to know about the different options that are available. Here’s a quick overview of some of the student credit cards that you can apply for right now.

1. HDFC Bank ISIC Student ForexPlus Card

This credit card is ideal for students who have enrolled in foreign universities. Since the HDFC Bank ISIC Student ForexPlus Card is a prepaid card, you need to recharge the account before you use the card to make purchases. Some of the key features of this card are listed below. 


  • Discounted access to more than 150,000 products, services and experiences in 130+ countries 

  • Available in USD, GBP and EUR currencies

  • Comprehensive insurance benefits 

2. ICICI Bank Student Forex Prepaid Card

The ICICI Bank Student Forex Prepaid Card is also a forex prepaid card from another leading private sector bank in India, as indicated by its name. Eligible students can apply for the card without the hassle of extensive documentation. The key features of this card include:


  • Joining benefits worth ₹5,000

  • Coverage for lost card and counterfeit card liability up to ₹5 Lakhs

  • Discount of 40% on excess baggage and a discount of 20% on courier services via DHL

3. Kotak 811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card

This is a lifetime free credit card that offers a wide range of benefits. You can apply for this student credit card online without any income documents. It is backed by a term deposit made by the cardholder. Check out the key features of this credit card below. 


  • No joining fee or annual fees

  • 2 reward points against every ₹100 spent online and 1 reward point for every ₹100 spent elsewhere 

  • Add-on card issued if required 

4. West Bengal Student Credit Card (WBSCC)

Launched by the government of West Bengal, the West Bengal Student Credit Card (WBSCC) offers eligible students various benefits that make it easier to pay for their purchases and meet the costs of education. The key benefits offered by this credit card include the following:


  • Collateral-free loans up to ₹10 Lakhs for students

  • Low interest rates on the loans availed 

  • Easy online application process 

5. Bihar Student Credit Card 

The Bihar Student Credit Card offered under the Mukhyamantri Nischay Swayam Sahayata Bhatta Yojna (MNSSBY) also helps students meet the costs of their educational supplies and other related expenses. Its key benefits include:


  • Loan offered via the credit card to eligible students

  • Nominal interest rates 

Add-on Credit Cards for Students 

An add-on credit card is a supplementary card that is issued against a primary credit card. Typically, add-on credit cards make it easier for the primary user as well as their immediate family members to use the credit card and avail its benefits. Students can benefit from add-on credit cards issued with their parents as the primary holder.


Some of the top advantages of add-on student credit cards include the following:

  • Higher Credit Limit:

Since your parents’ credit limit will generally be higher than what’s offered to you as a student, you get the benefit of a higher credit limit. 

  • Extensive Rewards and Benefits:

The rewards program on regular credit cards may also be more extensive. By taking on an add-on credit card as a student, you can also enjoy the exclusive rewards and benefits on the primary card. 

  • Secure Transactions:

Any transaction made using an add-on credit card is just as secure as a transaction made using a primary card. 


FAQs on Credit Card for Students

  • ✔️What are the fees and charges of Student Credit Cards?

    Student credit cards usually do not have any joining and annual fees or other associated charges. However, you must contact the issuing institution beforehand to get a clear idea regarding the student credit card fees and charges.


  • ✔️What is the limit of credit cards for students?

    The credit card limit for student credit cards is usually low and may vary from bank to bank.


  • ✔️How can I pay bills using a student credit card?

    Ideally, you can pay your bills using the student card only if the biller is available in the list provided by the issuer. Major utility billers include gas, telephone, electricity, insurance, etc. When making the payment for such purposes, select the biller, provide the necessary details, and review the amount to be paid. After this, in the payment option, choose a credit card and pay the bill.


  • ✔️How can I check my student credit card status?

    To check your credit card status, visit the bank’s official website, go to the ‘Credit Card’ section, enter the application reference ID and click on ‘Track Credit Card Status’.


  • ✔️Can a student hold multiple student credit cards?

    No, a student cannot hold multiple student credit cards.


  • ✔️Is there any specific income you need for a student credit card?

    No. Since students generally don’t have any income, banks that offer student credit cards usually don’t have that as a requirement. Instead, banks may issue credit cards to students against a fixed deposit of a certain sum held with them.


  • ✔️How can minors get student credit cards?

    While minor students may not be able to avail a student credit card on their own, they can opt to get add-on credit cards. Many banks offer add-on cards to students aged 15 years or more.


  • ✔️Is it possible to get a student credit card without a job?

    Yes. Students without a job can still apply for a student credit card. There are quite a few banks that offer secured credit cards. These cards are issued against a fixed deposit of a certain sum held with a bank and don’t require an income source.


  • ✔️Are there any documents needed to apply for a student credit card in India?

    To apply for a student credit card, you may have to submit a few documents. The list of documents includes your PAN, address proof, and a copy of the identity card issued by the university or college where you’ve enrolled.


  • ✔️Which are some of the best credit cards for students?

    There are many beneficial student credit cards offered by banks in India today. The answer to which among them is the best is subjective. Ideally, some of the best credit cards for students are easy to apply for, offer low credit limits and come with favourable terms and conditions for student cardholders.