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What is MSME Databank

The MSME Databank is an exhaustive database of all MSMEs that have operations set up in India. You can become a part of the MSME Databank by filling up the Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM). The UAM is a page-long form through which you will have to self-certify the existence of your enterprise.

While filling up the UAM, you will be required to furnish details such as the basic details of your venture, your banking information, the Aadhaar-related details of the owner/promoter, and a handful of other information. You can fill up the UAM for free.


Once you have successfully registered yourself, you will receive a confirmation mail containing your Udyog Aadhaar Number (UAN), which is a 12-digit number that you will need at the time of registering as an MSME. The UAN is basically an Aadhaar number for your business which can help you save a lot of time and energy while registering as an MSME and registering for the MSME Databank.

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Features of MSME Databank

The features of the MSME Databank are as follows:

  • It is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  • The MSME databank helps the government purchase their procurements from MSMEs such as yours.

  • If you are a part of the MSME bank, you will be eligible for becoming a supplier to the government.

  • The MSME databank enrolment process is Aadhaar and Udyog Aadhaar enabled.

  • If your name is a part of the MSME databank, you will have exclusive access to government departments as well as Public Sector Units (PSUs) who frequently look in the direction of MSME units for their procurement needs.

  • It includes a real-time MIS dashboard for monitoring and updating.

  • It also allows for mapping of products with HS/NPC codes for easy classification.

Who can Apply for MSME Databank

If you are an MSME proprietor who has a PAN card in the name of your venture and have the UAN of your business entity handy, you can easily become a part of the MSME Databank. Alternatively, if you are the proprietor of the venture sans the UAN number, all you will need to do is share your PAN Number to successfully complete your registration process. However, you can only go to option 2 if you are the owner of a non-corporate entity. We will now take a look at the eligibility criteria you must follow in order to successfully get into the MSME Databank.

MSME Databank Eligibility Criteria

The two prerequisites that an MSME must comply with to be eligible for the registration are:


Your Udyog Aadhar Number (if you reside in the North East region, you will also need to share your registered mobile number (RMN) along with your Udyog Aadhaar Number)


Your PAN Number: If you are the owner of corporate entities like companies and Limited Liability Partnerships, you will mandatorily need to mention your PAN number in the form. However, if you are front-lining a non-corporate entity such as a sole or a joint proprietorship, all you will need is your PAN card number to successfully register.

MSME Databank Registration Procedure

If you want to get yourself registered in the MSME Databank, all you will need to do is follow the below-mentioned procedure.

  • Step 1: Firstly, help yourself to the MSME Databank registration page and then fill in the key pieces of details, namely your mobile number, UAN, as well as the PAN number on the following page. You will need to validate your identity by clicking on the ‘Validate’ button.

  • Step 2: Once you validate your identity, the system will fetch some of the information from your Udyog Aadhaar data and fill in the following fields automatically:
  1. Your enterprise name

  2. Your category unit size

  3. Your organisation type

  4. The sector you operate in(Service, Manufacturing or Trading)

  5. The name of the state that your business resides in

  6. District name

  7. Pincode

  8. Commencement date

  9. Communication address

  10. The social category your enterprise belongs to

  11. Your email ID

  12. The mobile number linked to your UAN


The second half of table A will require you to fill in some of the information manually. Those pieces of information are as follows:


  1. Authorised person name: You will need to select an authorised person representing your organisation and insert their name in this section.

  2. Nature of operation: You will need to select the nature of your operation on the basis of the number of months you actively do business in a year, namely perennial, seasonal or casual.

  3. Official website: If you have made a website for your business, you will need to provide the URL too.

  4. Name of your cluster: A cluster is defined by a group of business entities that make similar products or offer similar services to customers out of a particular area. If you are a part of such a cluster, you can mention their name too if you want.

  5. Special entrepreneur category: If you are an ex-serviceman of any of the military forces, a special needs person, a female entrepreneur or a minor, you should select the appropriate option for this field.

  6. The next two sections will require you to fill details regarding any registrations made under The Factory Act or the Shop and Establishment Act of 1948, if applicable.

  7. Ancillary unit: If you have an ancillary unit, you must tick the correct box for this section and provide details concerning the same.


  • Step 3: In this step, you will be required to fill table B. Some of the fields will be auto-populated by the system itself after it fetches information from your Udyog Aadhaar data. The other pieces of information you will need to fill up manually are as follows:
  1. Your enterprise address

  2. Number of people employed

  3. Annual production capacity

  4. Monetary resources invested in plant and machinery

  5. Power load (To be expressed in KW/h)

  6. Description of the product your enterprise makes

  7. Major raw material used by your business

  8. Details regarding your major clients

  9. The turnover generated by you in the last year

  10. Specifications of your product(s)

  11. The name of your product(s)

  12. The HSN code of your product(s)

  13. The production measurement unit


But, if you are providing a service through your venture, you will need to fill up Section C. Much like in the case of section B, you will need to provide basic details regarding the location of your head office, your turnover and the number of people you employ, but in section C, instead of providing product-specific details, you will be asked to share the information related to the service you offer.Section C. Where the entity is a service enterprise – Enterprise and Service Details


  • Step 5: Now, in the section following the above one, you will need to share your banking details, such as the name of your banker, your checking account number and the IFSC code of your bank.

  • Step 6: Next, in the following section, you will be needed to share information specific to any assistance from the government you might have taken. Here, you will need to share bits of information such as the name of the organisation you took assistance from, the scheme name, the amount availed as assistance (if any) and the date on which you took it.

  • Step 7: The next section will ask you to share information regarding any kind of associations you have and if yes, you will need to disclose your enrollment date.


In the final two sections, you will have to share details regarding any handholding or accolades your enterprise must have received.


After you submit the details mentioned above, you will receive an email containing your user ID or password. You can use these credentials to log into www.msmedatabank.in to change the details related to your organisation anytime.


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Where to register on MSME DataBank?

Three types of organizations where you can register for MSME DataBank. They are as follows:

  • MSME – this registration is for individuals that have MSME Units.

  • Association – this link is for registration by Industry Associations.

  • MSME Development Organizations – this link is for registration by various organizations under the Ministry of MSME, like DC-MSME, NSIC, KVIC, Coir Board, MGIRI, NIMSME, etc.

To register, one needs to make sure the MSME business applies under the appropriate category applicable to you, else your registration will be treated as invalid.

What are the documentations required to register on MSME DataBank?

Important documents such as Aadhaar Number, Udyog Aadhaar Number & PAN are mandatorily required for registration on MSME DataBank. An individual cannot register on MSME DataBank without the mentioned documents.

What to do if your PAN Number is already present in the Database while registering as an MSME?

While registering on MSME DataBank duplicate registration with PAN is not allowed. In case you have more than one unit, you can add your details from your dashboard. The login credentials will be sent directly on your registered e-mail ID.

Is it possible to edit the information regarding the unit once filled in the respective boxes?

The fields being fetched from Udyog Aadhaar Data cannot be changed since it will lead to mismatch between data of Udyog Aadhaar & MSME DataBank. However, you can proceed by entering the other information about your enterprise in the respective fields.

I am a manufacturing unit but while registering on MSME DataBank my category is displayed as Services.

If you have specified yourself as a Service organization while registering on Udyog Aadhaar the same will reflect here.

I am a service unit but while registering on MSME DataBank my category is displayed as Manufacturing.

In case you have specified yourself as a Manufacturing organization while registering on Udyog Aadhaar the same will reflect here.

My unit is Proprietorship unit but while registering on MSME DataBank my category is displayed as Partnership.

If you have specified yourself as a Partnership organization while registering on Udyog Aadhaar the same will reflect here.

How to update your information in MSME DataBank?

If you have already registered under the MSME Databank you will soon receive an email with your login credentials using which you can view & update your information.

Where to contact in case of any technical issues related to MSME DataBank?

In case of any issues regarding the data bank you can contact the MSME DataBank Helpline on +91-9599230207 or you can also email your queries to support@msmedatabank.in and the representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can you get a certificate for registration on MSME Databank?

No, the DataBank is built to create a comprehensive database of MSMEs across the country. There are no certifications for registration under the MSME DataBank.

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