Financial & Health Calculators Online

Taking calculative and practical steps when managing your finances will help you achieve your life goals with ease. To dodge monetary losses, it is imperative to keep a check on both your fitness and wellbeing as well as your financial health, time and again. Any small mistake can cost you your hard-earned money. So, when it comes to insurance, loans, investment instruments, and even your health, it is advised to put your best foot forward.


However, to get you a step closer to your goals, we believe our calculators can be helpful. Allow us at Bajaj Markets to help you quantify your financial and life/health goals that bring you and your family abundance and optimum security.


Here are some calculators available on our platform to help you set your goals right!


Insurance Calculators

There are so many insurance products available in India that getting the right one with sufficient coverage can become overwhelming. We at Bajaj Markets are here to make your life easy by helping you avoid that hassle. Our insurance calculators will allow you to understand and compare different insurance policy costs, based on which you can find the ones that best suit your needs.

Loan Calculators

With loan calculators, it becomes easier to determine the monthly payments on your desired loan amount. We, at Bajaj Markets, have the following financial calculators to help you in this process.

Investment Calculators

Do you have big dreams? Are you looking for ways to quantify your hard-earned money? With the right investment tool, be assured of gaining high returns. We at Bajaj Markets have various financial strategies at your disposal to help you save money and enhance your fortune. Moreover, our investment calculators allow you to understand your investments better, based on which you can make the right investment choice for a brighter and secure future.

Health Tools

You cannot build your kingdom of wealth if you are no longer around to enjoy its perks. Maintaining your health, thus, is a crucial aspect of life. Using our health tools, you can get a step closer to leading a healthy life.

Our calculators will certainly help you plan your finances and get your life in order. Depending on the results, you can then proceed to buy/invest in your desired financial tools available on Bajaj Markets.