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e-Challans or electronic challans, introduced by the government, are basically fines that are sent to traffic offenders digitally through SMS. e-challans have many benefits over normal challans due to their transparency. People issued with an e-challan can instantly go to the E Challan Parivahan website and pay off their fines through online challan payment.

How Does Traffic E Challan Work?

In case of a traffic violation in India, the offenders are penalised with a traffic police fine through an e-challan. This document outlines the violation and the applicable fine. Since the traffic police cannot catch every traffic offender to issue a challan, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways launched an online traffic challan or e-challan. This electronic system generates challans automatically and maintains a database of past violators.

The e-challans are generated in two ways:


  • In case a vehicle is pulled over for violating traffic rules and regulations.

  • When surveillance cameras or speed sensors catch traffic violations on the road.


Only a few cities have an automated system for issuing e-challans. In cities where this has not been implemented yet, the traffic police issue e-challans via online applications connected to an RTO database. 

How to Check E Challan Status Online

Follow these steps to check the status of your online traffic e-challan:


  • Step 1: Visit the official government website (www.e-Challan.parivahan.gov.in).

  • Step 2: Select the ‘Check Online Services’ option and select ‘Check Challan Status’ from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page where you must enter the challan number, vehicle number (with chassis/engine number) or your driving licence number.

  • Step 4: Once you have entered the required information, click on the ‘Get Details’ option and enter the correct captcha.

  • Step 5: Your pending traffic challan status will be displayed on the page. If there are no pending challans against you, a ‘Challan Not Found’ dialogue box will pop up.


You can refer to the below images to understand how to check the vehicle e-challan status online:

E Challan Status Enquiry and Online Payment Details

E Challan Status Enquiry and Online Payment Details

E Challan Status Enquiry and Online Payment Details


 If no challans are issued against your name, this pop-up will be displayed:  


E Challan Status Enquiry and Online Payment Details

How to Make Online E Challan Payment

Follow the given steps to make your online traffic e-challan payment:


  • Step 1: Once you have followed the above steps to check your online traffic challan status, your pending e-challans shall be displayed on the screen.

  • Step 2: The option to pay your challan online shall be displayed on the same screen.

  • Step 3: Click on the ‘Payment’ option and enter the correct captcha code.

  • Step 4: You will be redirected to a secure payment portal to complete the e-challan online payment against your pending traffic fines.

  • Step 5: After payment completion, you will receive an email or SMS stating that your pending traffic challan has been paid.


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How to Make Offline E Challan Payment

It is always recommended to clear pending challans on time as delaying it could result in a legal action. Here are the steps to complete the traffic challan payment offline:


  • Step 1: If you have received an e-challan fine, you can visit your nearest traffic police station. You may also carry any letter that you have received for traffic violations.

  • Step 2: At the police station, you can ask if there are any pending challans against your vehicle number.

  • Step 3: The traffic police shall check your records and you can pay off any pending traffic police challan.

  • Step 4: Remember to always get a receipt after making payment for any challans.

To Conclude

Being aware of the traffic laws and regulations will help you avoid any traffic fines or e-challans. Even if you do get an e-challan for traffic violations, you can use the directions given above to find and pay off your traffic e-challans online. 


Most importantly, remember that you can still get into accidents even after following all traffic rules through no fault of your own. So, it’s best to protect yourself against such untoward incidents by getting car insurance or bike insurance for you and your vehicle.


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FAQs on Traffic E Challan

When will I receive an e-challan?

E-challan, or electronic traffic challan, is issued when you violate traffic rules and regulations through offences such as over-speeding, rash driving, unauthorised parking, drunk driving etc..

How is an e-challan issued?

While traffic authorities in most cities issue online challans on the spot, e-challans are sent through SMS for offences caught on a speed gun or traffic surveillance cameras. Traffic e-challans are also sent to the physical address of the vehicle owner.


What happens if you fail to make your challan payment?

You have to make the online traffic challan payment within 60 days. Failing this, you will receive a notice to go to court to make the payment. If you fail to make the payment in court, your driving licence could be cancelled.


Can I make the e-challan payment offline?

Yes, you can also make the payment at the nearest RTO office in your city or at any traffic police station.

What are the different modes of paying challan online?

You can pay your challan online through debit card, credit card, internet banking, Paytm, and UPI.

Will I receive a challan for not wearing a helmet?

Yes, you will receive a traffic challan for not wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler.

What are the benefits of a traffic e-challan?

Traffic e-challans offer several benefits, such as:

  • Faster and easier for vehicle owners to make e challan payments

  • Saves time as you don’t have to visit the RTO to pay fines

  • Ensures transparency as you can check why you have been issued a challan and the exact penalty

  • You don’t have to worry about fake and duplicate traffic police challans 

  • Ensures that the fine you pay goes directly to the government to eliminate corruption

  • Easily track and monitor serial traffic offenders

How to check challan status online?

You can check your traffic e-challan status online by going to www.echallan.parivahan.gov.in and submitting your e-challan number, vehicle number, or driving licence (DL) number.

What are the violations for which online payment is allowed?

Online Payment facility is available only for certain traffic violations. They are,


  • Jumping red light

  • driving without a seat belt

  • driving two-wheeler without helmet

  • using a mobile phone while driving

  • disobeying traffic signals

  • smoking while driving

  • triple riding on two-wheelers

  • use of sun film more than the specified limit

  • driving on high beam in city limits

  • overloading in school vans

  • unauthorised use of red/blue beacon

  • overloading auto-rickshaws and maxi cabs

Is it possible to check e-challan online?

Yes, it is possible to view e-challan online by heading straight to the official website, feeding in the requisite credentials, and eventually getting a view of all your pending challans.

How can I check pending transaction details in e-challan?

You can check your e-challan transaction details in the following way:


  • Go to the official Parivahan website (https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in/)

  • Click on ‘Check Online Services’ present in the top menu bar and select ‘Check Pending Transaction’ from the drop-down menu.

  • You can input either the challan number or the vehicle number to proceed.

  • Enter the correct captcha code and you shall be able to check the pending transaction details.

What’s the best way to avoid e-Challan?

To avoid an e-challan, you must follow all traffic rules and regulations and carry the necessary documents with you while driving.

What’s the duration for responding to an e-Challan?

You can normally pay an e-Challan up to 15 days from the date of issuance.

Can I reduce my fine amount?

You can plead for reduction of fine in Lok Adalat. 

What is a Challan Number?

A challan number is a unique number given to each traffic challan, which helps the traffic police keep track of all pending violations. You can use your challan number to pay off your e challan on the Parivahan website.

What happens if you get the wrong challan?

In case you have received a challan for a traffic violation you did not commit, you can contact your state’s traffic policy by sending them a detailed email regarding the wrongful challan.

Are e-challans always accurate?

While the setup is mostly accurate, you can always challenge the same by asking authorities to play the camera feed, if needed. However, the issues need to be taken up with the authorities if you want to cross-reference records.

What are the most common violations that attract e-challans?

Some of the more common violations include overtaking from the wrong direction, keeping to the wrong side while travelling, and violating traffic signals.

What happens when you end up defaulting on e-challan payments?

If you end up defaulting repeatedly on e-challan payments, the traffic department sends a constable offer and eventually summons you to the court for an impending clarification.

Does the penalty points system also apply for a learner’s licence?

Yes, the penalty points also apply for a learner’s licence, so make sure you follow all traffic rules.

How to pay e-challan using third-party apps?

If you have a compatible third-party app on you, you can simply feed in the vehicle number, verify your identity by authenticating access via the OTP, and make the payment using any online method.

Where will I get the receipt upon paying?

Once you pay for the e-challan, either via online or offline avenues, you immediately get a message on your registered mobile number.


Can I be fined for the same offence twice?

No, you cannot be fined for the same offence more than once. However, you can be charged twice if you are found overspeeding in another state. 

What offences attract a traffic challan?

Here are a few significant traffic violations that can earn you a challan

  • Not carrying the necessary licence or permit documents while driving a vehicle

  • Improper or dangerous driving

  • Not following road markings

  • Incorrect number plate display

  • Not using vehicle lights properly

  • Overtaking incorrectly

  • Overspeeding

  • Not obeying traffic signals

Can I pay e-challan on the parivahan website?

Yes, you can pay for it via the Parivahan website.

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