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The Unique Identification Authority of India provides the facility of authenticating your data and examining your Aadhaar card usage history at its official website, removing the possibility of your Aadhaar card being misused.

You may examine all the facts about your Aadhaar card using the 'Aadhaar Authentication History' function at the UIDAI's official website. In this procedure, a citizen needs to provide their Aadhaar card number and biometrics for verification.

Steps to Check Aadhaar Authentication History Online

The Aadhaar Authentication History service provides data from previous logins performed by a specific citizen. Here are the steps to check your Aadhaar card usage history.

Step 1: To begin, go to the UIDAI’s official website

  • Step 2: Next, you need to click on the left tab.

  • Step 3: After that, you will see the option of ‘My Aadhaar.’ Click on that.

  • Step 4: Following that, go to ‘Aadhaar Services.’

  • Step 5: After clicking on that, you will see various options; you need to pick ‘Aadhaar Authentication History’.

  • Step 6: Thereafter, you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to fill in your Aadhaar number or virtual ID and security code.

  • Step 7: You will receive an OTP after filling in the details. The OTP will be valid only for 10 minutes.

  • Step 8: Next, you will be sent to a page where you will be asked to enter the authentication type, start date, end date, number of records, and the OTP you received.

  • Step 9: You can choose the authentication type of your choice.

  • Step 10: After providing all the necessary details, you will view a page that will contain the UIDAI response code, Transaction Id, etc. At the bottom of that page, you may see the ‘Download’ option.

  • Step 11: Click on that so that you can download your Aadhaar usage history.

Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Card Biometrics

UIDAI provides the online 'Lock Aadhaar Card' service to protect your Aadhaar card. You could use this service to lock your Aadhaar card if you discover it’s been mishandled. After ensuring the safety of your card, you can unlock it at any time.

Here are the steps to lock/unlock Aadhaar card biometrics.

  • Step 1: Go to the UIDAI’s official website

  • Step 2: Next, click on 'My Aadhaar,' then 'Aadhaar Services,' and finally 'Lock/Unlock Biometrics.'

  • After that, agree on the declaration.

  • Step 3: Following that, you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to enter your Aadhaar number and the security code.

  • Step 4: Next, select 'Get OTP.’ The OTP will be sent to the registered number, valid for just 10 minutes.

  • Step 5: After entering the OTP, select the ‘Biometric Lock’ function.

  • Step 6: Thereafter, the biometrics associated with Aadhaar will be encrypted. To unlock the Aadhaar card, follow the same steps.

Things to Keep in Mind to Prevent Your Aadhaar from Getting Misused

  • Use the UIDAI’s lock/unlock feature carefully.

  • Do not give out your OTP to anyone.

  • Aadhaar numbers cannot be tracked using a virtual ID.

  • You can check your Aadhaar usage history anytime with the help of UIDAI’s ‘Aadhaar Authentication History’ service.

  • If you have any doubt about your Aadhaar card, you can lock it immediately by accessing UIDAI’s website.

  • You can also contact UIDAI by email at or by phone at 1947.


✔️How can I check my Aadhaar card history?

You can check your Aadhaar usage history online through UIDAI’s ‘Aadhaar Authentication History’ service.

✔️Can the Aadhaar Card be tracked?

You can only track the status of your Aadhaar card application online by visiting the UIDAI official website.

✔️Is it safe to share Aadhaar card details?

You should never share your Aadhaar card details with anyone as there are higher chances that your details will be misused. You should only share your Aadhaar details while buying a sim card, opening a bank account, using it as identity proof, and so on.

✔️What is the password for Aadhaar Authentication History?

There is no password for the Aadhaar Authentication History service. You can use this option by providing your Aadhaar card number/virtual Id and OTP.