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Aditya Birla Health Insurance has a wide network of over 10,500+ partner hospitals across more than 2,300 cities in India. In these network hospitals, you can avail of cashless treatment in case you have purchased an insurance policy from Aditya Birla Health Insurance. The process of raising a claim with your insurance provider is extremely easy if you opt for treatment at these network hospitals. Your insurer will directly settle the bill with the hospital, and you need not pay the costs out of pocket. Read this article to find out more about the number of Aditya Birla network hospitals in the top cities in the country. 

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Hospital List

To ensure that you do not have to travel too far to get cashless treatments at an Aditya Birla cashless hospital, they have partnered with more than 10,500+ hospitals across the nation. You can check the Aditya Birla network hospital list for your city by visiting on their official website.

List of Aditya Birla Health Insurance Plans

Here are the top Health Insurance plans you can purchase on Bajaj Markets. Check out these plans now!

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Activ Health Platinum Enhanced Insurance Plan

  • Get up to 100% of health returns

  • Coverage for chronic management programmes and modern treatment techniques 

  • Also covers hospitalisation charges related to COVID-19.

  • Provides coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation charges for mental illness

  • Personal accident coverage is offered under this plan.


Activ Assure Classic Health Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens

  • It provides coverage for expenses incurred under AYUSH treatment.

  • Coverage for daycare treatment is also offered in this plan.

  • Provides coverage for ICU expenses.


Activ Health Platinum Essential Health Insurance Plan

  • You can get single-day coverage for chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, etc.

  • The plan offers a one-time free health checkup depending upon the sum insured.

  • Expenses incurred due to obesity treatment are covered.

  • For each year without a claim, it offers 10% of the total sum insured as a cumulative bonus. It may range up to INR 50 Lakhs or to the maximum of 100% of the sum insured.


Activ Assure Diamond Health Insurance Plan

  • The policy offers free annual health check-ups at network hospitals

  • Enjoy health returns for a maximum of up to 30%.

  • Get a bonus of 10% of the total amount insured for each claim-free year, for a maximum of up to 50% of the total amount insured.

  • Even if your total insured amount becomes insufficient, the company will reload it with an additional 150% to cover subsequent and unrelated illnesses.


Activ Fit

  • Individuals below the age of 35 can get an additional waiver on their first policy purchase

  • Maternity expenses incurred are covered in this plan.

  • You can receive a bonus of 10% of the total amount insured for each policy year without a claim for a maximum of up to 100% of the total amount insured.


Activ Care - Standard(for senior citizens)

  • Get health returns for up to 21%.

  • For every year you go without filing a claim, you'll receive a bonus of 10% more in covered amounts. You can get a maximum bonus of up to 50% after five years of no claims.

  • Daycare treatment expenses are covered in this plan.


Activ Assure Diamond + Super Health Topup Combi Health Insurance Plan

  • The policy provides domestic and international emergency services that include air ambulance

  • Provides coverage for the expenses incurred under the AYUSH treatment

  • In-patient hospitalisation charges are covered under this plan.


Activ Health Platinum - Premiere

  • Coverage for post-hospitalisation physiotherapy is included in this policy.

  • Offers coverage for expenses incurred during mental illness

  • You can get coverage for the expenses incurred as per the mentioned dental services on a cashless basis.


Corona Kavach Policy 

  • Provides coverage for expenses incurred for masks, gloves, PPE kits, etc.

  • It covers expenses incurred in-home care treatment.

  • You can choose the total insured amount as per your choice between INR 50,000 to INR 5 Lakhs.


Disclaimer: **The premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your Health policy.

The Claims Process at Aditya Birla Health Insurance Network Hospitals

One of the biggest advantages of opting for a health insurance plan by Aditya Birla is the huge number of Aditya Birla network hospitals, where you can seek cashless treatment. With a long Aditya Birla network hospital list, you can ensure that the claim process is easy. You can get the best treatment that too in a hospital of your choice.


 Aditya Birla Health Insurance claims process is designed to be as smooth and convenient as possible for you. The process of availing of cashless insurance is extremely simple and systematic. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Find a cashless hospital near you

The first step of filing a cashless claim with your Aditya Birla Health Insurance Plan is to locate the nearest network hospital from the Aditya Birla health insurance hospital list. You can use the hospital locator to make this process easier and quicker. Cashless treatments at our network hospitals are permissible for emergencies and planned medical treatments alike.

  • Verify your identity at the hospital

Once you have reached an Aditya Birla network hospital, you must produce your Aditya Birla Health Insurance Policy Cashless Card to the relevant authorities. Alternatively, you can also submit your health insurance policy number. In addition to the aforementioned documents, you must also carry a valid photo identity proof, for instance, your PAN card, Passport, etc.

  • Submit a Pre-authorisation request form at the hospital

The third step in the cashless claims process is to visit the insurance desk at the selected network hospital and request a Pre-authorisation Request Form. After duly filling out the aforementioned form, you must submit it to the hospital authorities. They will transfer the form to us for further processing.

  • Await your health insurance claim settlement

Having submitted the Pre-authorisation Request Form at the Aditya Birla health insurance network hospital, your part in the claims process is complete. You do not need to make any payment to the hospital as long as it is covered under your Aditya Birla Health Insurance Policy.


Aditya Birla Health Insurance Customer Care

Health Insurance Plans Available at Bajaj Markets


What is Aditya Birla Network Hospitals?

A network of over 10,500+ hospitals across India partnered with Aditya Birla Health Insurance to provide cashless treatment to policyholders.

What are the benefits of using Aditya Birla Network Hospitals?

Cashless treatment for covered procedures, wider network options, potentially faster claim settlement, and streamlined processes.

Do I need to choose a specific hospital within the network?

No, you can choose any hospital within the network based on your location, preference, or specialist availability.

How can I find a list of Aditya Birla Network Hospitals near me?

You can use the search function on the Aditya Birla Health Insurance website or app, or contact their customer care for assistance.

What procedures are covered for cashless treatment?

Coverage depends on your specific health insurance plan. Check your policy documents or contact Aditya Birla Health Insurance for details.

What documents do I need to bring for cashless treatment?

Your Aditya Birla Health Insurance card, policy documents, and valid ID proof.

What happens if I need additional treatment not covered by my plan?

You will be responsible for the additional cost. Inform the hospital and your insurance company immediately to discuss options.

How long does it take for my claim to be settled?

Claim settlement timelines vary depending on the complexity of the claim and the specific hospital. Typically, it takes 15-30 days.

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