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Car airbags are a supplementary restraint and safety feature. They are also referred to as an air cushion restraint system and serve as an addition to protection offered by seat belts. Cars did not always have air bags but modern cars are fitted with airbags and they are an essential safety feature now. Airbags in cars are located in the steering and the dashboard for driver and front seated passenger. Additional airbags are also fitted for rear passengers.


An airbag is designed to sense the crash movement of the car. They inflate instantly if a collision takes place and serves as a cushion between driver or passengers and the car’s interior. In case of an abrupt slowdown or when the impact force is high, airbags in a car deploy automatically and instantly. Airbags in a car shield the car's occupants from hitting the car interior or external objects, preventing injuries and even death.

Importance of Airbags in Cars

Airbags in cars are an important safety innovation and are instrumental in saving lives and decreasing the risk of injuries. There are many benefits to having airbags in a car especially with the increasing rate of car accidents that happen every year. Firstly, car airbags reduce the amount of force that strikes an the occupant’s head by restricting how far it may travel forward. They also lower the possibility that a victim will fly out of the car or through the car window. Similarly, victims of an accident could die from devastating injuries such as broken necks, severed spinal cords, traumatic brain injuries or deadly lacerations without an airbag in a car to cushion the force of impact.

Does your Car Insurance Policy Cover Airbags

There are two types of insurance policies available for your car: third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. The third party car insurance offers limited financial protections and protects you only from damages and injuries caused to another person. The comprehensive car insurance offers a wide range of financial security and its coverage includes car airbags. The comprehensive car insurance coverage offers financial safeguard for damages caused by theft, fire, accidents or natural calamities. It is important to note here that when the insurer settles your claim, the current market value of your car is taken into account. Comprehensive insurance does not cover the damage caused by ageing and the general wear and tear. This reduction in value caused due to wear and tear is known as depreciation. There are different rates of depreciation applicable to different car parts. While there is zero depreciation on parts that are made out of glass, parts that are made of fibreglass have a 30% depreciation. The parts made of nylon, rubber and plastic like tubes, tyres and airbags in a car have a 50% depreciation.


Comprehensive insurance cover doesn’t take into account the actual price you paid for your car but only the current market value. Due to car depreciation, the coverage is limited and you miss out on complete and full coverage. But you can opt for zero-depreciation insurance as an add-on to your comprehensive car insurance. By doing so, you get compensated completely for the total damage and loss without deduction of depreciation charges for a period of five years. What this means is that in the event of an accident, you are able to recover the full cost of replacing a car's parts if you have zero-depreciation coverage. If you own a new and expensive car, it is more advantageous for you to go for zero-depreciation insurance that will also cover the car airbags even if it means paying a little more than usual for normal car insurance.


If you own a car, airbags are very important for your own safety and the safety of other occupants of the car. Airbags in a car can serve as lifesavers in case of an accident. Your car insurance coverage does include airbags if you have opted for a comprehensive insurance plan. However, the coverage is limited due to depreciation. The zero-depreciation car insurance add-on on your insurance policy will provide you with a full and complete coverage for your car. You may end up paying only a little more with this add-on than you would pay for usual car insurance, but it will give you a stronger financial safeguard.

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FAQs on Airbags Coverage in Car Insurance Policy

How useful are airbags in a car?

Airbags protect the occupants of a car from getting injured in the event of a car accident. Airbags deploy automatically and instantly and prevent you from hitting the car’s interior or flying out of your car or through the window.

Does my car insurance cover airbags?

Yes, your comprehensive car insurance cover includes airbags. However, depreciation charges apply. For car parts made out of plastic, rubber and nylon, this reduction in value is 50

Where are car airbags located?

Airbags remain concealed and hidden in the steering, dashboard and back of the seat. They inflate instantly and automatically in case of a car crash.

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