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The performance class of vehicles from BMW, known as the M-series, comes with a modified engine, chassis and suspension to support the additional performance. They are also known for their driving superiority.


The BMW M2 is an entry-level model from the M series and a sub-compact executive car.. It comes with an engine displacement of 2979 cc and is equipped with safety features like an anti-lock braking system, child safety locks, anti-theft alarm etc. The price of a BMW M2 starts at around Rs. 85 lakhs (ex-showroom price in New Delhi). The 2-series of cars from this brand has consistently received a high safety rating from various agencies across the world.


Safeguarding your financial investment in a car is essential. Therefore, opt for a BMW M2 insurance policy to avail of financial assistance to compensate for the monetary loss caused due to damages to your vehicle or other third party property, person or car.

Check Premium of BMW M2 Insurance Policy

Refer to the BMW M2 insurance cost mentioned below in a tabular format:



Fuel Type

Proposed Third-Party Premium Rates FY 2022-23 (effective 1st June, 2022)

BMW M2, Competition (2979 CC), Petrol, DL-2

Rs. 66 Lakhs


Around Rs. 7,897

Note: The BMW M2 insurance price mentioned above is for both existing and discontinued (if any) variants. Besides, you can also compare different car insurance plans on leading online platforms like Bajaj Markets to select a suitable one.

How to Buy BMW M2 Insurance Online

Once you compare and select a car insurance plan for BMW M2, purchase it from the comfort of your home by following a few simple steps:


Step 1: Visit Bajaj Markets and go to the ‘car insurance premium calculator’ section.


Step 2: Enter the registration number of your BMW M2, its fuel type, along with additional details.


Step 3: Choose a car insurance policy that fits your requirement and go through its details carefully. Next, submit your name, email ID, date of birth etc.


Step 4: Choose your preferred payment mode and make the payment online. Your insurer, then, will issue documents of your car insurance plan after successfully receiving the premium amount.

How to Renew BMW M2 Insurance Online

If you have already purchased a BMW M2 car insurance policy and it is about to expire within a few days, make sure to renew it before the expiry date to retain its validity.

Follow the steps mentioned below to renew your BMW M2 car insurance policy:


Step 1: Go to the official website of your insurance provider and navigate to the car insurance renewal option to proceed.


Step 2: Submit the necessary information and select ‘Get Quote’. Then, provide vehicle-related details, and select the type of car insurance plan you want to purchase, add-on covers, NCB etc.


Step 3: Read the terms and conditions of the car insurance policy carefully. Next, submit personal information and details about your vehicle and previous car insurance plan.


Step 4: Finally, complete the online payment and wait to receive renewed car insurance policy documents from your insurance provider after successful online payment.

Reasons to Invest in BMW M2 Insurance Plan

Consider the following reasons to buy or renew the BMW M2 insurance policy:

  • Mandatory by Law

As per Motor Vehicles 1988, every car owner must purchase a third-party car insurance policy. A third-party car insurance plan financially protects you from bearing expenses to be incurred for damages caused to third-party property, person, or vehicle.

  • Financial Coverage Against Damages to Insured Car

If you hold a comprehensive car insurance policy, your insurance provider will reimburse the repairing expenses for accidental damages caused to your vehicle. It also takes care of third-party liabilities. Further, if your car is stolen or has sustained damages due to man-made or natural calamities, you can file a claim against such damages in your comprehensive car insurance plan.

  • Personal Accident Cover

This is a compulsory insurance cover that compensates for the medical treatment of bodily injuries, death or disability of the policyholder due to an accident.

Types of BMW M2 Insurance Policies in India

You can find two types of BMW M2 insurance policies on platforms like Bajaj Markets. They are explained below to help you choose the correct insurance type according to your requirement:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

comprehensive car insurance policy extends financial coverage to both damages caused to third-party property, car and person and your vehicle. Besides, it also covers financial losses caused due to theft and damages incurred on your vehicle for natural and man-made calamities.

  • Third-party Car Insurance Policy

third-party car insurance policy only covers liabilities arising from damages caused by your vehicle to third-party property, car or bodily injuries done to a third-party individual. It also comes with a personal accident cover, that covers your treatment cost in case of any mishap.

Inclusions and Exclusions of BMW M2 Insurance Policy

The insurance company financially covers and excludes specific situations in a car insurance policy. Take a look at the inclusion and exclusion of the BMW M2 insurance policy to avoid any confusion later:


  • Damages caused due to accidents

  • Financial loss or damages caused due to theft, man-made and natural calamities

  • Third-party liabilities

  • Personal accident cover


  • Normal wear and tear

  • Financial losses or damages caused due to driving a car under the influence of intoxicants

  • Damage caused on a vehicle when driving a car without a driving licence

  • Damages caused due to electrical or mechanical faults

  • Intentional damage

  • Consequential loss

  • Damages caused when the policy became invalid

Add-on Covers for Your BMW M2 Car Insurance Policy

Comprehensive policyholders can purchase add-on covers and extend the financial protection to compensate for losses arising from specific situations which are not available in a standard comprehensive insurance plan.

Here are some of the add-on covers which you can purchase to enjoy additional financial coverage:


  • Roadside assistance cover

It helps you with a sizeable monetary assistance to get alternative transport facility or accommodation in case you stuck in a place due to car breakdown. You also get on-call guidance from the experts deployed by the insurer to help you fix minor defects.


  • Engine protection cover

This add-on gives you a sizeable finance so that you can keep your engines in a healthy condition in case it get damaged. It helps you cover the expense of repairing engines malfunctioned due to leakage of lubricating oil, water ingerssion, hydrostatic lock, etc.


  • NCB protection cover

No claim bonus enables you get a discount on your next car insurance premium if you do not claim for policy benefits in that year. However, with NCB protection cover, you can retain this discount and reduce premium cost even after obtaining coverage.


  • Zero depreciation cover

With the help of this zero depreciation cover, you can get the 100% expenses of replacement of car’s parts. The insurer does not deduct the depreciation value from coverage. So, you do not have to dip into your savings to repair your insured car.


  • Lock and key replacement cover

You can get this lock and key replacement cover by paying an extra amount with your comp[rehensive car insurance policy. You get reimbursed for your financial loss if you misplace your car's original key and opt for having a replaced one.


  • Return to invoice

Buying this add-on with your comprehensive car insurance plan, you can secure your mental peace and finance against theft of your car, or when the accidental damage is beyond repair. The insurer gives you coverage equal to the original purchased price of your vehicle.


  • Consumables cover

While servicing your car after it gets damaged, you need to bear the expenses of changing engine/gearbox/break oil, lubricant, grease, oil filter, etc. from your pocket. By including this add-on, you can get coverage against these items and reduce your financial stress.

Adding add-on covers requires an extra premium payment. This increases the BMW M2 car insurance rate. So, invest in an add-on cover that you actually need to avoid bearing unnecessarily a higher insurance cost.

File a Claim Against BMW M2 Insurance Policy

You can file an insurance claim in two ways –

Cashless Insurance Claim

Follow the steps to file a cashless claim:


Step 1: File an insurance claim by contacting your insurance provider at a toll-free number. Alternatively, visit its website to raise an insurance claim.


Step 2: Take your vehicle to the nearest network garage for availing cashless repairing services.


Step 3: Provide the relevant documents. Once your insurance provider verifies the documents, it will settle the claim with that authorised garage.

Reimbursement Claim

Listed below are a few simple steps to file an insurance claim for reimbursement:


Step 1: Notify the insurance provider about the mishap. You need to file an FIR in case of third-party liabilities and theft.


Step 2: Take your car to a garage to repair the damages on it and make the payment.


Step 3: Submit the necessary document, and once your insurer verifies them, it will reimburse the claim amount.

Documents Required for Filing a Claim for BMW M2 Car Insurance Policy

You need to submit the following documents while filing a claim against your insurance policy:


  • Car insurance scheme documents

  • Documents specifying the vehicle details

  • Insurer’s information

  • Details of accidents

  • A copy of the FIR, which is applicable for car theft

  • Bills and payment receipts for car repair

Simple Tips to Reduce BMW M2 Insurance Price in India

Avoid paying a higher BMW M2 insurance amount and follow the simple tips mentioned below to lower its cost:

  • Install Anti-Theft Devices in Your Vehicle

Equipping your vehicle with anti-theft devices lowers the risk of your vehicle getting stolen. This further decreases the insurance provider’s liability. As a result, it provides you with a car insurance policy at a reduced premium rate.

  • Compare Premiums of Car Insurance Plan

Compare the car insurance premiums on platforms like Bajaj Markets. This will assist you in selecting a cost-effective insurance plan.

  • Increase the Voluntary Deductibles

If you wish to lower the premium of your car insurance premium, make sure to increase the voluntary deductibles to a reasonable limit. This will lower the insurers’ liability. As a result, it will offer you a lower insurance premium.

  • Avoid Filing Claims for Minor Repair

Avoid filing a claim for minor repairs as they are not very expensive. However, doing so lets you lose the earned NCB, which helps lower the insurance premium upon policy renewal.

  • Renew Insurance Policy Before It Lapses

Renew your car insurance plan before its expiry date to avoid lapse of the policy. This indicates your irresponsibility as a car owner, and the insurer charges a higher premium rate on the lapsed policy.

Effective Tips to Maintain BMW M2 Car

Follow the tips to maintain your BMW M2 effectively:


  • Check the tyre pressure regularly

  • Do not ignore the warning lights illuminating on your car’s dashboard

  • Check the brake fluid, oil filter and lubricants periodically

  • Keep your car’s engine and battery clean

  • Replace cabin air filter

  • Keep an eye on the spark plug

Service Cost of BMW M2 in India

The average service cost of the BMW M2 is represented in a tabular format below:

Year of Ownership

Fuel Type

Approximate Service Cost

1st year


Rs. 42,240

2nd year


Rs. 73,191

3rd year


Rs. 89,169

4th year


Rs. 147,143

5th year


Rs. 164,785

Note: The service cost mentioned above may differ with each garage. So, check the same before you proceed.

Things to Get Serviced for BMW M2

Here are some components of the BMW M2 that require servicing at regular intervals for its proper maintenance:


  • Tyres

  • Coolant and oil levels

  • Air filter

  • Struts and shocks

BMW M2 Variant and Ex-showroom Prices

The details of the variant of the BMW M2 are illustrated in the table below:


Fuel Type


Approximate Ex-showroom price in Delhi (may vary in other cities)

M2 Competition



Rs. 97 lakhs

BMW M2 On-road Prices in Major Cities of India

Know the on-road price of BMW M2 across major cities in India:


Approximate On-road Prices


Rs. 95.06 lakh onwards


Rs. 97.47 lakh onwards


Rs. 1.01 crore onwards


Rs. 1.02 crore onwards


Rs. 1.05 crore onwards


Rs. 1.08 crore onwards

Key Specifications of BMW M2

Following are the features of the BMW M2 that capture the gaze of several Indian buyers:


Technical Specifications

  • Mileage: 10.63 kmpl

  • Boot Space: 390 litres

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 52 litres

  • Transmission type: Automatic

Key Features

  • Power steering

  • Automatic climate control

  • Passenger and driver airbag

  • Adjustable seats

  • M sport seats


It is also equipped with other features like BMW Condition Based Service Cornering Brake Control (CBC), Launch Control etc.


You certainly compare the price of a BMW M2 before investing in it. So, similarly, do the same while purchasing a car insurance policy for it. Go through the pointers mentioned above to clearly understand car insurance plans and other essential aspects.

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FAQs on BMW M2 Insurance

Which vehicles are the competitors to BMW M2?

The top variant of the BMW M2 Competition competes against the Porsche 718 Cayman, Mercedes-AMG CLA45, Jaguar F-Type V6 Coupe, and Audi TT.

What is the on-road price of the BMW M2 in Ahmedabad?

The on-road price of a BMW M2 in Ahmedabad starts from around Rs. 1.03 crores.

What is Insured Declared Value in your BMW M2 car insurance plan?

The Insured Declared Value in your BMW M2 car insurance plan denotes the present market value of your car after deducting the depreciating value of its components. This is the maximum monetary compensation that your car insurance provider will reimburse you when you file an insurance claim in times of financial loss. 

What is the seating capacity of the BMW M2?

The BMW M2 has a seating capacity of 4 passengers. 

What are the colour options available for BMW M2?

The BMW M2 is available in five colours - Sunset Orange, Alpine White, Long Beach Blue, Black Sapphire and Hockenheim Silver.

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