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What is 24x7 Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance?

Getting a flat tyre or being stranded on the side of the road due to your car breaking down can be very troublesome. Whether your car breaks down due to a flat tyre, electrical fault or a mechanical defect, a roadside assistance add-on will ensure that help reaches you on time. In case you have not added car roadside assistance cover to your car insurance plan, you must do so as it is prudent to opt for roadside assistance in India.


Some insurers offer this benefit as an inherent part of the comprehensive car insurance plan. However, there are also a few insurers who offer it as an add-on cover to enhance the coverage of the existing car insurance plan. As an add-on cover, it gives you the liberty to choose whether or not to add it to the policy.

How Does Roadside Assistance Work?

Utilising the car roadside assistance facility in car insurance is quite simple. All you need to do is call your insurer for help, and they will send across a crew to your rescue in no time. Usually, all car insurance with roadside assistance services are free, but you may have to bear the expense from your pocket in some exceptional cases.


For instance, if you run out of fuel and need refuelling, you will have to pay for it. You can also get a taxi or accommodation services if required. This kind of facility comes in handy during monsoons since the chances of a breakdown are higher. However, you must check all the relevant details about the on-road car breakdown service cover with your insurance provider before signing the deal and make sure all the features you need are included in the plan.

What is Covered Under Car Roadside Assistance Cover?

Here are some of the key benefits provided under the vehicle breakdown service cover:

  • Towing

In case your car suffers a major breakdown, the insurance company will arrange for a towing service to deliver your vehicle to the nearest network garage or authorised service centre.

  • Accommodation Benefits

If your car breaks down or meets with an accident, the insurance company will cover the cost of accommodation for one day, provided the event has occurred beyond 100 kilometres from your place of residence.

  • Minor Repairs

The insurance company will also provide minor repairing services that can be carried out on the spot to get your car back in working condition.

  • Flat Tyre

If your car suffers a flat tyre while you are on the road, the roadside assistance add-on cover will help arrange for a tyre replacement.

  • Spare Keys Assistance

If you happen to lose your keys accidentally or they get stolen, the insurance company will arrange for the pickup and delivery of spare keys to the spot where your car has broken down.

  • Emergency Fuel

A roadside assistance cover will arrange for fuel delivery to your mentioned location if your car happens to run out of fuel.

  • Flat Battery

If your car suffers a breakdown due to a flat battery or drained battery, the insurer will make alternative arrangements to repair or replace the battery.

  • Taxi Benefits

A roadside assistance cover will help arrange free travel for all the occupants of your car to a single destination within a vicinity of 40 kilometres from the spot of breakdown/accident.

  • Legal Advice

In the event of an accident, you can get free legal advice from a legal advisor over the phone.

  • Breakdown Support Over the Phone

In the case of minor mechanical errors, you can request for free telephonic car breakdown assistance. You can, thereby, fix the minor problems on your own with help from a mechanic on call.

What’s Not Covered Under Roadside Assistance Cover?

There is also a list of car roadside assistance exclusions that you need to be aware of. If your car breaks down under any of these excluded conditions, the insurance company will not be liable to provide you with any car breakdown service or roadside assistance. You cannot get the benefits of vehicle breakdown service cover in case of the following exclusions:

  • If the car breakdown happened due to heavy luggage that was insufficiently packed, fragile luggage, perishable goods, or goods used for commercial purposes

  • It does not cover animals carried in the vehicle

  • Refusing to pay for the additional roadside assistance rider will disqualify your car, and you can no longer access the benefits of car roadside assistance in the future

  • Vehicles older than 10 years cannot get car breakdown service

  • Vehicles falling under the following category are excluded from the service:

  1. Cars used for hire and reward purposes

  2. Cars used for transportation of goods and other products

  3. Cars with more or less than four wheels

  4. Cars that are not powered by an internal combustion engine

  5. Cars that weigh more than 3500 kgs

  6. Cars with dimensions greater than 2.5m x 2.5m x 5.1m (height x width x length)

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Who Should Opt for Car Roadside Assistance?

  • People Who Travel Frequently

People who often travel long distances in their car are at an increased risk of their car breaking down in remote areas. Having on-road car roadside assistance can be extremely helpful if you are a frequent traveller who travels through remote regions.

  • Individuals With a New Car

If you have a car that is brand new or less than 5 years old, you should consider getting a roadside assistance cover. This will ensure that your car stays in pristine condition and gets the required help even in the most inaccessible areas.

  • People Who Require Repair Assistance

If you are not fully familiar with the mechanical workings of a car, you may end up with a problem if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. In such a situation, you might find an emergency car breakdown service near you to be beyond helpful.

Add-on Features of Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance?

The roadside assistance cover has certain features that can help you greatly in case of an emergency. Those features are as follows. 

  • Alternate Transportation :

If your car breaks down and you need to be transported to the closest garage or a place of accommodation, this add-on can help you get cab services for the same.

  • A Claimless Claim :

 Even though this add-on is part of your car insurance coverage, using it is not considered a claim. Hence, you NCB remains unscathed. 

  • Tele-guidance :

 A few minute repairs could be done by you with your own tool box or glove box apparatus. A call with a repairs expert can be arranged where you could get instructions on fixing your own broken down vehicle. 

  • Accommodation :

 Your vehicle could break down many miles away from home. Hence, you can request accommodation services while your car is being repaired.

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Private Car Package Policy Add-ons in Roadside Assistance

By adding a nominal amount to your premium, you can get this add-on for your private car. With the special terms and conditions given below, you can understand how this add-on works for private vehicles. 


  • As per the local rules and regulations, the insurer will provide you with roadside assistance

  • Your no-claim bonus calculations will not be affected by RSA claims

  • Your car insurance plan needs to be active and valid during RSA claims

  • If any service cannot be provided under this add-on, the insurer will propose a reimbursement alternative as per the coverage limit

Commercial Vehicle Car Package Policy Add-ons in Roadside Assistance

When it comes to commercial vehicles, the terms, conditions and pricing of this add-on may vary. Hence, here’s better clarity for you on this subject. 


  • Just like the case of private vehicles, the services offered will depend heavily on local regulations

  • This will not affect your NCB

  • Your four-wheeler insurance should be active for you to claim this benefit

  • Reimbursement alternatives will be set forth if services cannot be accessed or provided

  • Such coverage is accessible only in mainland India

A Final Thought

When your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, getting it back on the road by yourself can be quite an ordeal and at times, impossible. An option like a car roadside assistance can come in handy during unavoidable vehicle breakdown situations. You can apply for this cover along with a basic car insurance plan on Bajaj Markets and enjoy long drives with complete peace of mind!


Along with 24×7 assistance, you can also benefit from features like cashless claims, swift claim settlement process, and much more. Apart from roadside assistance, zero depreciation car insurance is another add-on cover you should consider getting if your car is brand new. Browse through car insurance plans on Bajaj Markets right away!

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FAQs on Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance

Can I buy a car roadside assistance service cover for my commercial vehicle/taxi?

No. Commercial vehicles/cabs/taxis are excluded from the car roadside assistance service.

What age should my vehicle be when seeking car roadside assistance?

 Your vehicle cannot be more than 10 years old when buying car roadside assistance.

Will my car be towed in all kinds of breakdowns?

 If the crew are unable to repair your car on the spot, it will be towed and taken to the nearest network garage for servicing. However, there may be some exceptions where the insurance company will not be liable to repair or tow your car.

What is covered under the car roadside assistance facility?

 Buying car roadside assistance allows you to access repair, transport and towing services in case your car breaks down in the middle of the road. You can access this facility in case of:

  • Accidents

  • Electrical/mechanical breakdown

  • Key related issues

  • Fuel related issues

  • Battery related issues

  • Tyre related issues

Can I buy a car roadside assistance policy online?

 Yes, you can buy a car roadside assistance policy online. You can either buy a comprehensive car insurance plan that has roadside assistance included or as a separate add-on cover.

Can I get roadside assistance cover for free?

Yes, some insurers offer this benefit as part of their comprehensive car insurance policy. 


Can I cancel my roadside assistance add-on cover?

You will have the option to cancel your roadside assistance add-on cover at the time of renewing your plan or switching insurers.

Is it worthwhile to pay for Roadside Assistance?

This cover comes at a very nominal cost. It provides you with crucial emergency services as soon as possible. Hence, with both sides weighing in your favour, this add-on is worth it.

I'd like to add Roadside Assistance to my third-party car insurance policy. I don't have a thorough plan. Is it conceivable?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. You can include this add-on to comprehensive and standalone own-damage car insurance only.

What happens if my car breaks down after midnight? Will the insurance company assist me because I have RSA coverage?

Most insurers offer 24/7 RSA coverage. However, it is always wise to clear this doubt with your insurer before you purchase this add-on.

Will using Roadside Assistance reduce my No-claim Bonus?

No, it will not. Claiming the services offered under this add-on will not impact your no-claim bonus.

Is Roadside Assistance useful for unlocking cars?

This cover can offer you assistance when it comes to spare keys as well. Hence, if you lose your keys and are locked out of your car, you can inform your insurer. Help will be on its way.

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