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Comprehensive car insurance does not generally cover consumables such as bolts, nuts, lubricants, bearings and more even though they are prone to wear and tear due to regular use. Some consumables require frequent replacement too.

While the cost for them may seem insignificant at first, it can add-up in the long run, straining your finances. A great way to avoid this is by choosing the consumables cover in car insurance. 

As the name suggests, this add-on covers the cost of repairing or replacing components that require regular maintenance. Consumables cover in car insurance is thus a cost-efficient solution that enhances your existing car insurance coverage.

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Disclaimer: The premium amount is indicative and may vary based on the cover you choose.

What is Covered under a Consumables Add-on Cover?

You can find what is included in your cover for consumables in car insurance by reading your policy terms or contacting the insurer. Here are the general inclusions of this add-on cover:

  • Engine oil

  • Oil filter

  • Gearbox lubricant

  • Screws

  • Distilled water

  • Lubricants

  • Grease

  • Power steering oil

  • Bearing

  • Washers

  • Radiator coolant

  • Nuts

  • Bolts

  • Gas for the air conditioner

What is Not Covered under a Consumables Add-on Cover?

Here are a few exclusions under a consumables add-on cover:

  • Delay in conveying the message to the insurer.

  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown.

  • Driving the car without a valid driver’s licence.

  • Driving the car under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and several other harmful substances.

  • Natural wear and tear of the components of the car.

Documents Required to Make a Claim

At the time of registering for a claim, you must submit every receipt or bill incurred for the repair of your car. Besides, other relevant documents as asked by the insurer must be submitted. The insurer will have the information related to your insurance plan which is active and several other details about your vehicle. You must get the repairs of your car done at the nearest network garage which is listed by your respective insurance provider. If you go to a local garage to get your car repaired without giving a notice to your respective insurance provider, your insurance claim will be considered as invalid.

Does a Consumables Cover Cost Extra?

You can get a cover for consumables as an add-on to your car insurance policy. While it increases your premium, it also saves you money during repair and servicing. The cost varies based on the cover and your insurer, so make sure you compare plans before going ahead.

How to Buy Cover for Consumables in Car Insurance

You can get the cover for consumables in car insurance online when you are buying or renewing your comprehensive car insurance. The steps to get this add-on cover on Bajaj Markets are:


  • Step 1: Click on ‘Check Plans’ on this page

  • Step 2: Enter your car number, mobile and PIN code and click ‘Get Quote’

  • Step 3: Enter other details about your vehicle such as the make, model, fuel type and proceed 

  • Step 4: Select the plan type as ‘comprehensive car insurance’ and choose the ‘consumables cover’ under the add-on cover options

  • Step 5: Fill in the other details such as the Insured Declared Value and NCB

  • Step 6: Select a suitable car insurance plan from the various policies available and review the coverage and terms 

  • Step 7: Pay the premium online and that’s it!

Benefits of Consumables Add-on Cover

Here’s a look at the advantages of opting for the cover for consumables in car insurance:


Enhanced Cover

With this add-on cover, you can boost your coverage as the cost of replacing consumables is not covered by a regular policy. 

Cost-Effective Premium

The cover for consumables in car insurance is pocket-friendly and doesn’t lead to a hefty increase in your premium.

Helps Save Money

In the long run all the repairs and replacements can add up, leading you to spend more than you may have planned. With this add-on cover, you can avoid that and save more.

How to File a Claim Under Consumables Add-on Cover

Car insurance providers have simplified the claim process for both cashless and reimbursement claims. While notifying your insurance provider is the first thing to do in both the cases, here what you can do after.


Cashless Claim

Take your four-wheeler to a network garage associated with your insurer. After inspecting the repair or service requirement and receiving approval from the insurer, the garage will begin working. Here, you will not have to pay for the repair costs unless it exceeds your sum insured amount. In that case, you will have to bear the costs that are not covered. 


Reimbursement Claim

You can get your vehicle serviced or repaired at a garage of your choice. Pay the expenses incurred and submit the original bills and receipts to the insurer. After verifying the claim details, the insurance provider will reimburse you. 

Who Should Opt for a Consumable Cover?

Add-on covers like the consumable in car insurance are ideal for you when you want to ensure your insurance cover is extensive and ensures you don’t have to pay out of pocket. Additionally, this cover is a good option when you want to save up on minor costs that often add up over time.


The add-on for consumables in car insurance helps you get the coverage that is not included in a general comprehensive insurance plan. This way, you ensure that you get holistic cover for your four-wheeler. Browse through the car insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets and enjoy an insurance cover that is budget-friendly!

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FAQs on Cover for Consumables in Car Insurance

What are consumables in car insurance?

A consumables add-on offers financial cover for car parts that are generally known as consumables. Common examples of consumables are power steering oil, grease, nuts, bolts and screws.

Are the gasoline expenses incurred during car repair included in the consumables covered in motor insurance?

No, fuel costs are not covered in consumables add-on cover.

Where can I obtain a list of the inclusions of the consumables cover?

You can check the list of inclusions and exclusions in the cover for consumables in car insurance by reading the policy document. If you have trouble finding it, contact your insurance provider.

Is it possible to purchase cover for consumables in a car insurance policy through online mode?

Yes, the add-on cover for consumables in car insurance can be purchased online. Keep in mind, you can get add-on covers only at the time of purchase or renewal. Insurance providers do not offer add-on covers in the middle of your policy tenor.

I have a one-year-old car. Can I get the add-on cover for consumables in car insurance?

Yes. Owner-drivers who have a car that is less than five years old can enjoy the perks of a consumables cover!

Does the cover for consumables in car insurance extend to the cost of replacing nuts and bolts?

Yes, this add-on covers the cost of replacing the nuts and bolts of your insured vehicle

How would the consumables add-on cover in motor insurance help me save money if I have to pay more for it?

When you purchase an add-on cover like for consumables in car insurance, you will pay a small fee to enjoy the benefits. While this does increase your premium, you will be saving money overall as small costs of consumables requiring frequent replacement add up over time.

Can I get consumable cover in car insurance with a third-party insurance plan?

No. Add-on covers are only available with comprehensive car insurance plans or own damage (OD) insurance plans.

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