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Force Gurkha, manufactured by a Pune based Indian multinational automotive manufacturer Force Motors Ltd., is one of the best off-roader vehicles in the Indian market.


Before you venture to buy one, you may want to know that the Force Gurkha price range begins at Rs. 14.10 lakh. You must be aware that buying a car also includes buying car insurance along with it. You cannot drive a car on Indian roads without insurance. The rough estimate for the Force Gurkha insurance starts from Rs. 82,500 and this changes depending on the model, the insurance plan and the city from where you buy.


Note that the prices mentioned in this article are applicable only for New Delhi. The Force Gurkha on-road price varies from city to city depending on RTO charges and insurance cost changes.

Check Insurance Premium For Force Gurkha

Force Gurkha comes in 1 variant and the on-road price starts at Rs. 16.89 lakh after adding RTO charges and insurance costs. You can use a car insurance calculator to calculate these complicated prices. The online car insurance calculator offered by Bajaj Markets is easy to use and error-free.


Before choosing a car, you should be aware of the insurance cost of it. Check out the insurance premium for different variants here.

Variant Name

Fuel Type

Ex-Showroom Price

Car Insurance Price

Gurkha 2.6 Diesel


Rs. 14.10 Lakh

Check Premium

 *The information in the table above is for brand new Force Gurkha vehicles. Premium costs depend on the model, fuel type, variants, year and place of registration, add-ons, IDV, and other relevant factors.

How to Buy Force Gurkha Insurance Online?

Now, you must be aware of the insurance prices and on-road prices of the Force Gurkha. The next step will be buying an insurance cover for your vehicle.


Bajaj Markets is your one-stop destination for all types of insurance needs. You can buy car insurance online using this platform. It provides a quick and hassle-free insurance purchase.


Follow the below-mentioned steps to buy Force Gurkha insurance online:


  1. Visit the Bajaj Markets website.

  2. Use the car insurance calculator and calculate the insurance amount you have to pay.

  3. Click on ‘Buy Now’.

  4. Now, fill in details of your car such as the vehicle registration number and your phone number.

  5. Enter other required details and fill the application provided.

  6. You can check the insurance plans available online and choose one that fulfils your needs.

  7. Check what premium is due and pay this online immediately.

  8. Once the payment is confirmed, your insurance policy will be sent to your email ID.

How to Renew Force Gurkha Insurance Online?

Always remember to renew your car insurance on time to avoid penalties and ensure financial protection. Renewing your Force Gurkha car insurance is a simple process. Given below are the steps for it:


  • Visit your insurer’s website.

  • Enter the details of your vehicle like the registration number as well as your phone number.

  • Fill in the details of your existing policy or policy which has expired.

  • You can check your insurance renewal amount online.

  • Make your premium payment online.

  • Download your renewed insurance policy, once the payment is confirmed.

Why Should You Insure Your Force Gurkha?

Though these processes are easy and quick, you may be wondering why you should buy car insurance. Here is why you should insure your Force Gurkha while purchasing it.


  • A third-party vehicle insurance is mandatory to drive on Indian roads

  • Insurance covers for third-party liabilities in the event of an accident

  • Through network garages, you can enjoy the benefits of cashless transactions

  • Insurance provides protection for your car against natural calamities, theft, fire, etc.

  • Comprehensive policies provide personal accident cover

Types of Force Gurkha Car Insurance

There are two types of car insurance policies; Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third-Party Car Insurance. You can choose any one of them based on your requirements.


1. Third-Party Car Insurance


A third-party car insurance is the basic form of insurance cover. It covers bodily injury and /or death of a third-party and protects you from financial liabilities. The insurer will pay for the property damage to a third-party in the event of an accident involving the insured car.


2. Comprehensive Car Insurance


A comprehensive car insurance plan is an enhanced version of the third party one. While providing third-party coverage, it also provides personal accident cover for the damages caused to the insured car. Other than that, loss and damage to the vehicle due to theft, natural calamities, etc. are also covered under this plan.


Whether you choose a third-party plan or a comprehensive one, there are always inclusions in any plan, and these are conditions that your Gurkha insurance price will cover. Here are some common inclusions you can find in third-party and comprehensive plans:


  • Third-party liability coverage

  • Personal accident coverage

  • Accident coverage for other riders

  • Expense cover for repairs and replacements

  • Damage or destruction caused as a result of natural or man-made calamities


Every vehicle insurance plan contains particular exclusions as well. Exclusions can be deciding factors to select a given plan.


These are the common exclusions you will come across:


  • Car’s regular wear and tear

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown

  • Any damage caused if you are driving under the influence of any intoxicants

  • Loss or damage arising out of a war-like circumstance

  • Damage or loss while you are driving without a valid licence

  • Damages which are sustained while your policy is inactive/invalid

Add-On Covers for Your Force Gurkha

While comprehensive car insurance helps you deal with the financial liability of an accident, it may not be completely enough. Here are some add-on covers that offer additional protection to your insured car.


  • Zero Depreciation: It is commonly known as nil depreciation and also, bumper-to-bumper insurance cover. This cover helps you manage external care costs. Zero-depreciation cover in car insurance takes care of all body repairs with no depreciation in the value of the car’s external parts.

  • Passenger Cover: It financially protects the passengers travelling in the insured car against death or disability due to an accident.

  • Engine Protection: The replacement and repair of your car’s engine parts are covered under the engine protection add-on. This includes pistons, rods and others.

  • No Claim Bonus Protection: For a successful claim-free year, you will receive 20-50% of the premium paid No Claim Bonus (NCB) every year. Even if you make some smaller claims as per the policy terms, the NCB Protection add-on helps you to retain your discount.

Force Gurkha Claim Process

You can file for cashless claims and reimbursement claims for your car insurance through Bajaj Markets. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Process to File Cashless Claims

Your insurance company directly settles bills with the network garage if you are going for a cashless claim. For cashless claim:


  • Register your claim through your insurer’s website or the toll-free number. Else, you can use the Bajaj Markets website to do the same.

  • Then, go to the nearest network garage and get your car repaired.

  • Provide the required documents to your insurer.

  • Your insurer will verify the submitted documents.

  • Once it is verified, all your bills will be directly settled with the network garage.

Process To File Reimbursement Claims

In a reimbursement claim, your insurer will reimburse the costs incurred while repairing your car. For claiming reimbursement:


  • Inform your insurer about the incident and the damages sustained immediately.

  • If it is a major accident where a third-party is involved, file an FIR.

  • Repair your vehicle at the garage of your choice and pay for it.

  • Submit the FIR, original receipts, bills and other documents to your insurance company.

  • Once verification is complete, your insurance company will settle your claim and reimburse the costs incurred.

Documents Required For Your Force Gurkha Insurance Claim

Here is a list of documents you should submit to your insurer if you want to claim insurance for your car.


  • Car insurance policy document

  • Vehicle details and information

  • Details of the incident

  • In case of theft or damage by a third party, a copy of the FIR filed

  • All original receipts/bills of replacement or repair

How to Reduce Insurance Cost for Your Force Gurkha

You can considerably decrease your Force Gurkha car insurance cost if you follow the below-mentioned strategies.


  • Don’t buy all add-on covers, as this increases the premium of the insurance plans

  • Install an anti-theft system in your vehicle to prevent theft

  • Avoid modifications that increase the chance of theft

  • Pay for small repairs and replacements from your own pocket

  • The higher the deductible (the amount that you pay from your pocket before the claim is covered), the lower the premium that you pay on your insurance

  • Browse through different insurance plans and opt for one that suits your budget

Top Tips to Maintain Your Force Gurkha

Your off-roader king, Force Gurkha will be the apple of your eye. If you take good care of this vehicle, it will provide convenience and comfort for several years. Here are some top tips to maintain your Force Gurkha well:


  1. Service your vehicle on regular intervals.

  2. Check tyres for wear and tear and replace them, if required.

  3. Regular exterior cleaning and waxing of your car can prevent rust.

  4. Oil changes at recommended intervals will keep the car running for years without any trouble.

  5. Filters, belts and spark plugs needed to be replaced on time if found to be worn or damaged.

  6. Make use of wheel cleaners to clean rims on a regular basis.

Force Gurkha Maintenance Cost

You should take your Force Gurkha only to authorised centres for regular vehicle services. To know the approximate amount of Force Gurkha service cost, check out the table given below:




Total Cost

1st Service



Rs. 2992

2nd Service



Rs. 2992

3rd Service



Rs. 2992

4th Service



Rs. 2992

Next Service

At every 10,000 km or 120 days


Rs. 5152

* These service charges may differ according to the vehicle model, variant, the city and several other factors.

Replacement Costs of Parts Changed During Services

As part of regular services, certain parts of your vehicle may need to be changed. This will increase the performance. The table given below will give you an idea of Force Gurkha maintenance costs.

Vehicle Part


Engine Oil

Rs. 590

Oil Filter

Rs. 210

Brake fluid

Rs. 526

Air conditioning conversion kit

Rs. 370


Rs. 379

Note that these rates change depending on the city, dealer and service centre.

Components to Be Replaced/Serviced at Different Intervals

To increase the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, certain parts or components should be replaced or serviced at intervals. This will be informed in the service manual you receive when you purchase your vehicle. A list of various main parts that may have to be changed at intervals are given below.


Replacement Interval

Engine Oil

First at 10,000 km or 150 days and then at every 20,000 km run or 240 days.

Gearbox Oil

First at 10,000 km and then at every 40,000 km run or after 540 days.

Axle Oil

First at 10,000 km and then at every 40,000 km run or after 540 days.

Transfer Case Oil

First at 10,000 km and then at every 40,000 km run or after 540 days.

About Force Gurkha

Force Gurkha is the cheapest alternative of Land Rover Defender or Jeep Wrangler, for the people looking for vehicles with intense off-road credibility, and a 4x4 with all the essential hardware.


Gurkha is a 4-seater SUV car available in only one variant and 5 colours. With updated on-road dynamics, Force Gurkha comes in BS6 compliant diesel engine only. Powered by Mercedes-sourced 2.6 L turbo-diesel engine, Gurkha has a water wading capacity of up to 700mm due to the air intake snorkel. Be it slush and rock crawling or splashing through deep waters and mud plunging, Force Gurkha does it effortlessly.


With a long list of features like a grille with the Gurkha lettering, circular LED headlamps with integrated LED DRLs, an air snorkel, rear door-mounted spare wheel, front fender-mounted turn indicators, vertically-positioned tail lights and cornering fog lights, Force Gurkha has a stylish and practical design.


Gurkha has immense customisation and personalisation potential compared to its competitors like Mahindra Thar. The cabin space is unmatched and all four captain seats have ample head room, leg room and shoulder room. Gurkha has an unrivalled gradeability of 35° to take on extreme gradients. The Force Gurkha has a mileage of 17 kmpl, which is better than its competitors. customisation and personalisation potential

Force Gurkha Variants

Force Gurkha has only one variant available. The details are given below:


Fuel Type


Gurkha 2.6 Diesel



On-Road Price in Top Cities

When you buy a Force Gurkha, the final price will be decided according to the model and the location from where you buy your vehicle. Check out the Force Gurkha on-road prices in the top cities of the country.


Force Gurkha On-Road Price


Rs. 16.89 lakh


Rs. 17.04 lakh


Rs. 17.04 lakh


Rs. 17.72 lakh


Rs. 17.19 lakh

*Prices mentioned may vary depending on the dealers

Features Of The Force Gurkha

Here are some key features of the Force Gurkha:



Power Steering

Anti-lock Braking

Touch Screen

Steering Type

Gurkha 2.6 Diesel





Hydraulically assisted Power Steering



Adventurous life with off-road trips are a passion for many. Demand for vehicles with off-road credibility are on the rise and companies are working hard to meet the expectations. Force Gurkha is one of the affordable off-roaders with decent on-road ability. Undoubtedly, Gurkha is here to rule the market.


Like any car, Force Gurkha too needs maintenance to perform well and long. Force provides better offers concerning services at regular intervals which makes it a favourite.


Since it is mandatory to have vehicle insurance in India to drive around, buying insurance is the wisest decision you can make while purchasing your Force Gurkha. If anything unforeseen happens to your car, vehicle insurance will give you not only financial but also legal protection.


Choosing to purchase a car insurance from Bajaj Markets will help you tide over costs that your car may have to incur. It assures a safe and secure platform to buy car insurance that suits your needs.  

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Is Force Gurkha a 4x4?

 Yes, Force Gurkha offers 4x4 transmission.

What is the exact on-road price of Force Gurkha?

 The on-road price of Force Gurkha in New Delhi starts at Rs. 16,90,652. The on-road price is inclusive of RTO charges and insurance.

What documents do I need to get my Force Gurkha car insurance renewed?

 You don’t need any documents to renew a car insurance. All you have to know is the previous year policy number, previous year policy expiry date and vehicle registration number. You can easily renew your car insurance policy at Bajaj Markets.  

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