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Figo is a subcompact SUV designed and manufactured by the American Multinational Automobile Company–Ford. It is packed with unmatched features like a rear-view camera, touchscreen with embedded navigation, 6-speed automatic transmission, etc. It is powered by an 1194 cc engine displacement. Though it is an expired model, you can still purchase a second-hand Figo. However, as a Figo owner, you must be responsible and buy car insurance. It will secure your car against unanticipated threats like natural calamities, theft, accidents, etc. Hence, you should know about all aspects of Ford Figo insurance too. Read on to understand the specifications of the Ford Figo and know about the finer details of Figo car insurance.

Ford Figo Variants and Ex-Showroom Price

Variant Name

Ex-Showroom Price

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-party Premium*
FY 2022-23

(effective 1* April, 2022)

Figo Diesel

₹5 Lakhs




₹5.82 Lakhs




₹6.82 Lakhs



Titanium Blu

₹7.27 Lakhs



Titanium BSIV

₹5.99 Lakhs




₹6.09 Lakhs



Titanium Blu BSIV

₹6.64 Lakhs



Ambiente BSIV

₹5.23 Lakhs



Titanium AT

₹7.75 Lakhs



Titanium Plus AT

₹8.20 Lakhs



*The above-mentioned ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change on the basis of the city.


**Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual insurance premium that you might have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

How to Apply for Ford Figo Car Insurance Online

The online application for your Ford Figo insurance is simple. Follow these steps:


Step 1: Visit the car insurance premium calculator on Bajaj Markets.


Step 2: You will be prompted to enter your mobile number, vehicle registration number, and other details in a form.


.Step 3: It will then generate a few options for your Ford Figo car insurance. Choose the car insurance coverage that satisfies your needs.


Step 4: Go ahead and pay the insurance premium online.

How to Renew Ford Figo Insurance

Is it time to get your Ford Figo car insurance policy renewed? It can be done quickly with a few clicks.


Step 1: Visit the renewal section on your insurance provider’s website. Specify your Ford Figo’s registration number and your mobile number.


Step 2: Furnish the details of your previous insurance policy.


Step 3: In the next step, look at the amount of premium that you would have to pay for renewal and the options for renewal.


Step 4: Payment can then be made online.


Step 5: A copy of the renewed insurance policy will be sent via email.

Why Insure Your Ford Figo

As a newbie car owner, you might not be aware of the costs associated with having a private vehicle. Accidents are not the only event where comprehensive car insurance comes in handy. Your Figo is prone to multiple other threats like natural calamities, man-made disasters, and theft. Now, being a pro driver, you can avoid accidents, but can you steer clear of other perils? No! Hence, buying a comprehensive Figo insurance policy is essential. In fact, it is a smart way to stay financially secure at all times.

Types of Ford Figo Car Insurance Plans

There are two types of Figo insurance plans–third-party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance policies. Let’s explore the two in brief:


  • Third-Party Liability

In order to take your Ford Figo on the roads in India, you are required to insure your vehicle by law. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the basic layer of protection against third-party liabilities is a must. Suppose your car is involved in an accident. In that case, third-party car insurance provides you coverage against any legal liability for injury or death or property damage caused to a third party.


  • Comprehensive Cover

In addition to protection against third-party liabilities, you also need protection against personal accidental injuries, damages to your own car, or compensation in case of theft, natural calamities, etc., right? After all, it is impossible to bear the expenses incurred on personal injuries and repairing your vehicle! Thanks to a comprehensive cover, you can manage such expenses without any worries. Personal accident cover offers coverage for injuries to the registered owner or driver while travelling in the car or getting in or off the car.


It also covers damages to the car in case of accidents or natural/man-made calamity damage. Also, it offers compensation if your car is stolen and cannot be traced back or recovered.

When you think of Ford Figo car features like Automatic Climate Control, Power Steering, Power Windows, etc., you should opt for insurance that covers the car and its spare parts under its purview.

What’s Covered Under Car Insurance?

Third-party Ford Figo insurance includes damage caused to the third party, death of the victim, bodily injuries, etc. Moreover, comprehensive car insurance covers accidental damage or loss, third-party liabilities, theft, man-made disasters, natural calamities, etc.

What’s Not Covered Under Car Insurance?

The exclusions of comprehensive Figo insurance are normal wear and tear of your car, damage as a result of malicious activities, mechanical or electrical car failure, driving without a valid licence, etc.

Add-On Covers for Your Ford Figo Car

Add-ons make your car insurance policy more extensive and useful for you. If you choose wisely from an assorted range of add-ons, the additional premium you pay for these add-ons can prove worth its price. Some add-ons are as follows:


  • Roadside Assistance Cover

One of the most helpful add-ons is the 24x7 roadside assistance cover. Imagine if your car breaks down in the middle of the road? Insurance providers can arrange a towing facility to a network garage, offer battery jumpstart, on-call support, and tyre change assistance, among other services.


  • Engine Protect Cover

We all know that the engines in motor vehicles require extra care. If you live in an area where flooding is common during rains, consider this engine protection cover to help pay for your engine repair or replacement.


  • Consumables Protect Cover

There are many elements of a car that can slip your mind when buying an insurance cover. Parts like screw, washer, grease, air conditioner gas, etc., collectively termed as consumables, are generally not covered under comprehensive insurance. This add-on provides coverage for these consumables, so you do not have to pay for replacing these consumables.

Ford Figo Insurance Claim Process

Keeping the relevant documents readily available can make the process faster and smoother. Keep the following handy while filing a claim:


  • Car insurance policy document

  • Details of your vehicle & registration certificate

  • Details of the incident & the claim intimation number

  • In the event of theft or accident involving a third party, keep the FIR copy

  • Bills, invoices, and payment receipts connected with your car’s repairs.


To make an insurance claim, you can choose either of the two routes: a cashless claim or the reimbursement mode.


  • Cashless Claim Under Car Insurance

Inform your insurance provider about the incident and register your claim. Get your vehicle repaired at the nearest network garage. Present your insurer with all the necessary documents, including the Ford Figo insurance policy. After verification, your insurer will settle the claim with the garage directly.


  • Reimbursement Claim Under Car Insurance

In this process, you will have to get your car fixed at your own expense and reimburse it by raising a claim later. It is recommended to intimate your insurer about the damage immediately. Get the repairs of your car done at a preferred garage and submit the required documents to the insurer for reimbursement of the expenses.

How to Save up on Ford Figo Insurance Premium

With these steps, you can easily make significant savings on your Figo insurance premium price:


  • Claim No Claim Bonus

You can enjoy a reduced renewal insurance premium with the No Claim Bonus reward! You can earn the NCB reward by not raising any claims during the Ford Figo insurance tenor.


  • Install Anti-Theft Devices

Installing anti-theft devices approved by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) can offer additional premium perks!


  • Compare Plans Online

The best way to ensure you buy a feasible Ford Figo insurance policy is by exploring various car insurance plans online and comparing them on various factors, including the premium.


  • Abide by Traffic Laws

Follow the traffic rules and regulations and drive your car cautiously to avoid making any claims. People who drive efficiently and raise claims less frequently enjoy lower premiums.

How to Maintain Your Ford Figo

  • Maintain Your Car

Following the maintenance schedule of your Ford Figo and getting it serviced regularly can help you keep a check on any vehicle-related problems!

  • Check the Battery

Cleaning your car’s engine and maintaining it in top-notch condition could ascertain its prolonged life span.

  • Maintain the Tyre Pressure

Inspect the tyre pressure of your Figo at regular intervals and dodge any tyre-related issues.

  • Read the User Manual

Since the user manual covers the minutest of details regarding your car, read it thoroughly to manage your car like a pro.

Ford Figo Maintenance Cost

The approximate Ford Figo service cost stands at ₹20,279 for 5 years. Check out the below table to understand the Ford Figo service schedule:

Service No.

Kilometres / Months

Free / Paid

Total Cost

First Service




Second Service




Third Service




Fourth Service




Fifth Service




About Ford Figo

Ford has come a long way since its founder Henry Ford first set up the company. Over time, this consumer vehicle brand has expanded into a multitude of international markets. While the company has struggled to get its premium offerings off the ground in India, it has succeeded in the budget and mid-price segments. The Ford Figo is arguably the most successful of the lot. Let's take a look at some Ford Figo car features and specs, such as its mileage, to help you assess whether this is the right car for you. We will also provide an in-depth look into the Ford Figo on-road price for various cities.

Ford Figo Specifications

To decide whether you should buy the Ford Figo, you must first consider the Ford Figo ground clearance, seating capacity, and other features. Let’s take a look.


Ford Figo




3 Cylinders

Fuel Type


Max HorsePower

95 BHP @ 6500 RPM

Max torque

120 Nm @ 4250 RPM




5 gears




BS 6

Ground Clearance

174 mm

Number of Passengers


Key Features of Ford Figo

  • Safety Features

The Ford Figo comes with multiple features that ensure your safety while driving, such as an Anti Lock Braking System, Driver and Passenger Airbags and Fog Lights.

  • Comfort Features

The car also comes with capabilities that help enhance the driving experience and ensure you have a comfortable drive. These include Automatic Climate Control, Adjustable Steering, Power Steering, Power Windows and others.


Though Ford has stopped manufacturing Figo in India, you can still buy a second-hand car. A compact build and affordable price tag make it the perfect package for someone looking to squeeze every inch of functionality out of their car through the Ford Figo car features. However, do not forget to protect your Figo with a car insurance policy. You can visit Bajaj Markets to pick the best-suited car insurance policy compatible with your needs.

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FAQs on Ford Figo Insurance

What is the difference between the topmost and bottom-most variants of Figo?

In simplest terms, the top model comes complete with all the bells and whistles you might require, while the barebones model is, well, just that. 

Should I buy the Ford Figo?

Before buying a Ford Figo, you should consider multiple factors such as your budget, how big your family is, how long you plan on keeping the car, etc.

What type of car is Figo?

Figo is an affordable hatchback from the company. 

What is the ground clearance of the Ford Figo?

Figo has a ground clearance of 174 mm. 

What is the max fuel tank capacity of the Ford Figo?

Figo comes with a fuel tank ranging from 40 to 42 litres.

Is higher IDV better for my Figo Insurance?

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your Ford Figo will determine the insurance premium price. Thus, ensure you go for an appropriate IDV for your Figo insurance.

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