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BR V is the first compact SUV from the house of Honda, the Japanese public multinational conglomerate that manufactures best-in-class automobiles. The Honda BR V seating capacity is 7 passengers; it's the only car in its segment with three-row seating. This power-packed, easy-to-drive SUV has all the latest technological advancements and fuel-efficient performance. The Honda BR-V was initially launched in 2015 as an SUV crossover, discontinued in 2020 due to strict BS6 emission laws. The 2nd generation of Honda BR V is planned to debut in the market by the start of 2022.


Honda BR V variants come with two engine options of 1498 cc. The first is a 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol engine that generates a power of 119 PS at 6,600 rpm and a torque of 145 Nm at 4,600RPM. The second is the diesel engine with a 1.5-liter i-DTEC unit providing 100 PS power at 3,600 rpm and 200 Nm torque at 1,750RPM. The petrol engine is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) features, while the diesel option comes with a 6-speed manual transmission.


There are 18 Honda BR V variants; among them, 16 are manual, 1 is automatic, and 1 has an Automatic (CVT) transmission. Honda BR-V price ranges from Rs. 9.61 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 13.90 lakhs. Honda BR V variants feature five unique colors. A Honda BR V insurance is essential to provide additional coverage to you, your co-passengers, and any third party in case of accidents. The protection coverage offered by a car insurance policy has no parallel comparison. There are many top-rated insurance plans you can select and sign-up for within no time through the Bajaj Markets and enhance the protection coverage of your Honda BR V.

Check Insurance Premium for Honda BR V Variants

The best method to check Honda BR V insurance premiums is to use an online car insurance premium calculator, which you can easily find at Bajaj Markets. Honda BR V was discontinued from production in India, but Honda has planned to relaunch the vehicle in the market. The following table shows the last-known ex-showroom prices of different Honda BR V variants so you can make an informed decision.

Honda BR V Variants

Honda BR V Last Known Ex-Showroom Price

Fuel Type

Proposed Third-Party Premium Rates (Rs.) FY 2022-23



Rs. 9.52 lakhs


Rs. 3,416


Rs. 10.16 lakhs


Rs. 3,416

BR-V Style Edition S

Rs. 10.44 lakhs


Rs. 3,416

BR-V Style Edition V

Rs. 11.59 lakhs


Rs. 3,416


Rs. 11.67 lakhs


Rs. 3,416

BR-V Style Edition S

Rs. 11.79 lakhs


Rs. 3,416


Rs. 12.73 lakhs


Rs. 3,416


Rs. 13.82 lakhs


Rs. 3,416

How to Buy Honda BR V Insurance Online

You can follow the following simple steps when you use Bajaj Markets to buy Honda BR V insurance online in India.


  1. Visit the ‘Car Insurance Premium Calculator’ section in the website or app.

  2. Provide your vehicle registration number, phone number, and email id.

  3. You can choose from the wide range of insurance plans and add-ons offered on Bajaj Markets and select one which suits your requirements.

  4. Based on the chosen car insurance policy, pay the premium amount using the online payment methods.

  5. Once the payment is completed, the policy documents are sent to your email id.

How to Renew Honda BR V Insurance Online

Like the new insurance policy sign-up, you can easily renew your Honda BR V insurance plan online for your Honda BR V. You need to follow the given steps to renew your Honda BR V insurance online when your insurance coverage expires.


  1. Visit the ‘Car Insurance Renewal’ section of your insurer’s website.

  2. Next, fill in the expired/existing policy details.

  3. Input your personal and car details like phone number, registration number, etc.

  4. Check the premium amount for renewal of your Honda BR V insurance policy.

  5. Once the policy is finalized, you must pay the charges online.

  6. On successful completion of the policy sign-up, you can easily download a copy of your renewed policy.

Why Insure Honda BR V

You might be wondering why you need to have an active Honda BR V insurance. The following points highlight some of the most important factors why it is essential to buy car insurance:


1) As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act (1988) regulations, it's mandatory to have third-party insurance for all vehicle owners.


2) An active Honda BR V insurance coverage shields you from additional costs that you have to incur if your car gets involved in any accidents.


3) If an accident is caused by your car, you are protected against legal liabilities.


4) A Honda BR V insurance cover also provides financial protection in case of natural or man-made disasters.


5) You can also include add-on covers with your Honda BR V insurance policy to enhance your protection coverage.


You can apply for the best-rated Honda BR V insurance policy using the hassle-free application process at Bajaj Markets, which offers the best advantages like 24x7 roadside assistance, hassle-free claim settlement, and feature-loaded add-on covers.

Types of Honda BR V Car Insurance

There are mainly two types of Honda BR V insurance policy that you can purchase; know in detail about both the type of insurance policies:

1) Third Party Car Insurance Policy

third-party car insurance policy financially covers the injuries inflicted upon third parties and the damage caused to third-party property by your insured car. The Indian Motor Vehicles Act (1988) makes it mandatory to have active third-party insurance for all vehicle owners. This policy also covers the basic personal accident expenses, including permanent disability and the demise of the person driving the car.

2) Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

comprehensive car insurance plan offers a wide range of benefits additional to third-party coverage. It is basically a wholesome policy giving third-party protection and personal damage protection in the same policy. This policy includes all the legal liabilities and additional financial protection in case of any personal damage. Although the charges are high compared to the third-party insurance policies, assessing the benefits offered, these high charges are justified. The comprehensive insurance policy includes any damage triggered due to natural & man-made calamities, severe accidents, theft, and burglary.


These are the factors covered in your Honda BR V insurance policy. Some of the most basic inclusions for your Honda BR V car insurance are as follows:


1) Losses occurring due to explosions, fire, or any act of terror


2) Loss or damage caused due to natural and man-made calamities


3) Third-party liability coverage


4) Financial cover looking after all kinds of personal damage


5) Total loss of the car or its parts due to theft


6) Damage protection to the co-passengers, limited to the car's seating capacity.


The following points highlight some of the factors that are not included in your Honda BR V insurance policy:


1) All the consequential losses occurring due to the depreciation of the car and its parts.


2) Any electrical or mechanical breakdown.


3) Normal wear & tear due to prolonged usage of the vehicle.


4) Wear & tear of consumables in the car like tires and tubes.


5) If the person driving the car does not have a valid driving license or the driver is under the influence of intoxicants like drugs or alcohol.


6) If the terms and conditions mentioned in the insurance policy do not comply.


7) Personal vehicles used for any commercial activity.


8) Any accident caused outside the operable geographical area.

Add-On Covers for Your Honda BR V Car

The add-on covers in Honda BR V insurance enhance the benefits of the policy. These are generally clubbed with your comprehensive car insurance plan. Some of the best-rated add-on covers include-

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

The vehicle's depreciation rate is not considered while processing the insurance claim in this zero depreciation add-on cover.

  • 24x7 Roadside Assistance

This roadside assistance helps you whenever you face any emergency on the road or your car breakdowns on the route. This comprises emergency facilities like fuel assistance, towing service, breakdown assistance, and delivery of repaired parts.

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection Cover

This NCB cover helps to save money on your insurance premium in case you do not raise any claim for a particular period.

  • Engine Protection Cover

The engine protection cover protects you against engine damage due to gearbox damage, water ingression, and lubricant leakage.

  • Lock & Key Replacement Cover

This add-on pays back the amount spent for replacing your lost keys and the car lock.

  • Personal Baggage Cover

This cover comes to your rescue in case you misplace or lose your luggage as it compensates you for the total loss that occurred due to the loss of your baggage.

Honda BR V Insurance Claim Process

To raise a claim against your Honda BR V insurance, you need to submit the following documents:


  • Insurance policy documents

  • Vehicle registration proof

  • Your address and identity proof

  • Copy of the lodged FIR in case of accident/theft, etc.

  • Original receipts of your car repair

  • Details of the insurance provider


You can file for cashless claims and reimbursement claims for your Honda BR V insurance. Follow the steps mentioned below:

         1.Process To File Cashless Claims

Your insurance company directly settles bills with the network garage if you are going for a cashless claim. For cashless claim:


  • Register your claim through the website or the toll-free number.

  • Go to the nearest network garage and get your car repaired.

  • Provide the documents asked for.

  • Your insurer will verify the submitted documents.

  • Once it is verified, all your bills will be directly settled with the network garage.


    2.Process To File Reimbursement Claims

In a reimbursement claim, your insurer will reimburse the costs incurred while repairing your car. For claiming reimbursement:


  • Inform your insurer about the incident and the damages sustained immediately.

  • If it is a major accident where a third-party is involved, file an FIR.

  • Repair your vehicle at the garage of your choice and pay for it.

  • Submit the FIR, original receipts, bills and other documents to your insurance company.

  • Once verification is complete, your insurance company will settle your claim and reimburse the costs incurred.

How to Reduce Insurance Cost of Honda BR V

The following tips will surely help you in reducing your Honda BR V insurance costs:


  • Choose the best Honda BR V insurance plans with the most add-on benefits you require, and the insurance premium is also affordable.

  • You should increase your credit rating and try to avoid accidents on the road.

  • Install security devices in your car that alarm you in case of any theft and burglary

  • Try to increase your deductibles as it will reduce your insurance premium.

  • You should regularly take your car to the service center for check-ups and repairs.

  • Try to keep the NCB policy intact; this can be done by paying for the minor repairs from your pocket.

Top Tips to maintain your Honda BR V

To ensure that your Honda BR V always provides the best performance, you should follow these maintenance tips suggested by the manufacturer:


  • Maintain the correct air pressure in your tires. Wheel alignment should be checked at regular intervals.

  • As high temperature seriously affects car efficiency, you should refill the fuel in the coldest hour of the day to enhance the fuel efficiency.

  • You should always get your car serviced, and air filters changed regularly.

  • If your car has the ECON mode, always use it while driving as it utilizes optimum fuel and avoids fuel misuse

  • You should not accelerate much while driving as over-acceleration reduces the mileage.

  • Always turn off your car engine at stops exceeding 45 seconds to avoid fuel wastage.

  • Try to reduce the vehicle load by carrying only the required luggage and tools.

Honda BR V Maintenance Cost

The following table represents the Honda BR V maintenance schedule against the service requirement and kilometer running per month, whichever is applicable.

For diesel variants:


Service Serial No.

Kilometers or Months


Total Cost

1st Service

1500 or 1



2nd Service

10000 or 12


Rs. 2,211

3rd Service

20000 or 24


Rs. 2,507

4th Service

30000 or 36


Rs. 6,327

5th Service

40000 or 48


Rs. 5,007

6th Service

50000 or 60


Rs. 6,687

For petrol variants:


Service Serial No.

Kilometers or Months


Total Cost

1st Service

1500 or 1



2nd Service

10000 or 12


Rs. 1,806

3rd Service

20000 or 24


Rs. 2,076

4th Service

30000 or 36


Rs. 4,338

5th Service

40000 or 48


Rs. 5,076

6th Service

50000 or 60


Rs. 4,006

Disclaimer: The cost of maintenance presented in the table is indicative; the actual costs may differ based on the model and the location.

About Honda BR V

The following table highlights all the Honda BR V specifications:


Feature Types

Honda BR V features

Fuel Type

Diesel or Petrol


Total 18 Honda BR V variants including BRV i-VTEC E MT, BRV i-VTEC S MT, BRV i-DTEC E MT, BR-V Style Edition S/V, BRV i-VTEC V MT, BRV i-VTEC VX MT, BR-V Style Edition Diesel VX, BRV i-DTEC VX MT, BRV i-DTEC V MT, etc.


Six-speed Manual transmission

Last known ex-showroom Honda BR V price

Rs. 9.52 lakhs to 13.82 lakhs

Unique Features

  • Engine: 1498 cc

  • Honda BR V mileage up to 29.9 kmpl

  • Five color options

  • Honda BR V ground clearance is 210mm

  • Honda BR V fuel capacity is 42 liters

  • Anti Lock Braking System

  • Power steering

  • Dual Airbags


Honda BR V is one of the most popular 7-seater SUVs equipped with four cylinders that offer excellent performance on all kinds of Indian roads. Honda BR-V car provides the best experience of comfort and luxury for your long drives. You can evade unforeseen financial losses by enhancing your protection coverage on the road through a Honda BR V insurance policy. Don't miss to check out the best-rated car insurance policies at Bajaj Markets today

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FAQs on Honda BR-V

What do you mean by IDV of Honda BR V?

The IDV is the factor used in your Honda BR V insurance calculation. IDV stands for Insured Declared Value; it comprises the car's monetary value fixed during the start of the insurance policy period.

What are the chances of getting a discount while renewing the insurance policy for my Honda BR-V?

Yes, you get the benefits through the No Claim Bonus (NCB) while renewing your Honda BR V insurance policy, subject to the condition that you have not made any claims during the last policy period.

What is the mileage offered by Honda BR V?

The maximum Honda BR V mileage is 29.9 kmpl.

My Honda BR V insurance policy expired a few months back. Is an inspection necessary to apply for a new policy?

If your Honda BR V insurance expires beyond 10 days, your vehicle has to undergo an inspection before applying for a new insurance policy.

Where can I purchase car insurance online for my Honda BR V?

You can easily sign-up for a Honda BR V insurance policy and different add-on covers at Bajaj Markets and take advantage of the features like 24*7 customer care service, hassle-free claim settlement, and garage networks spread all over India.


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