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Securing insurance is essential as accidents are unpredictable. If you own a Honda City, then you can opt for comprehensive coverage for your vehicle and give yourself peace of mind. Comprehensive insurance can cover damages to your car and third-party liabilities. Insurance add-ons like zero depreciation cover, personal accident cover, return to invoice cover, and consumables cover are also available for Honda City.

Check Insurance Premiums for Honda City Variants

Here’s a look at all the Honda City variants available and their respective insurance premium prices:

Honda City Variants

Ex. Showroom Price

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-party Premiums for FY2023-24

City V MT Diesel

₹11.23 Lakhs



City VX MT Diesel

₹12.69 Lakhs



City ZX MT Diesel

₹13.68 Lakhs



City V MT

₹11.23 Lakhs



City V CVT

₹12.63 Lakhs



City VX MT

₹12.69 Lakhs



City ZX MT

₹13.68 Lakhs




₹13.99 Lakhs




₹14.98 Lakhs



Disclaimer: The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change based on the city. Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

How to Buy Insurance for Honda City Online

If you're seeking a car insurance plan for your Honda City, follow these steps to purchase one on Bajaj Markets:

  • Visit the ‘Car Insurance Premium Calculator’ section

  • Enter all relevant information about your vehicle on the provided form

  • Select a plan from the options that best aligns with your insurance requirements

  • Make the payment for the insurance premium securely

Why Insure Your Honda City

Here’s why getting insurance for your Honda City can be beneficial for you:

  • Legal Obligation

Car insurance is compulsory, as per legal mandated and can help prevent penalties, while ensuring regulatory compliance

  • Financial Security

Car insurance offers indispensable financial protection, safeguarding against substantial costs stemming from accidents, theft, or damages

  • Extensive Protection

Comprehensive coverage shields your vehicle from diverse risks, such as natural disasters and vandalism, among others

  • Added Benefits

In addition to fundamental coverage, you can opt for extra perks such as roadside assistance and zero-depreciation cover, ensuring overall protection and convenience

Types of Insurance Available for Your Honda City

There are three types of insurance plans  for Honda City that you can choose from: 

  • Third-Party Car Insurance

This basic insurance plan covers damages and injuries sustained by third parties in an accident, excluding coverage for the policyholder. While it's generally more affordable due to its limited scope, it ensures compliance with legal requirements.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

Offering broader protection, this plan covers damages and injuries to your vehicle as well as third-party liabilities. Despite being costlier, it provides additional benefits such as theft coverage and roadside assistance, with the option to include add-on covers for enhanced protection.

  • Own Damage Car Insurance

Own damage car insurance for the Honda City provides comprehensive protection against accidents, theft, natural disasters, fire incidents, and vandalism. It covers repair costs for accidents, compensates for vehicle loss due to theft, and includes damages from natural calamities or fires.

What’s Included in Your Car Insurance Plan

  • Third-Party Coverage: Covers damages and injuries to the third party involved in an accident

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Includes repairs and injuries for your own vehicle

  • Add-Ons: Additional benefits such as zero depreciation cover are included based on your selection

What’s Not Included in Your Car Insurance Plan

  • Wear and Tear: Your policy won’t cover expenses related to normal wear and tear of parts, such as tyres or brakes

  • Accidents Due to Drunk Driving: If an accident occurs while you're under the influence, resulting damages won’t be covered

  • Consumables: Costs for items like engine oil or coolant, considered consumables, aren’t part of your coverage

Add-On Covers for Your Honda City

If you feel like you require added protection for your Honda City, you can choose from some of the following add-on covers: 

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

Claim the full amount for damages without depreciation deduction, ensuring optimal coverage for your Honda City

  • Personal Accident Cover

Provides coverage for accidental injuries, disability, or death for you and any authorized driver of your vehicle

  • Return to Invoice Cover

Receive the full retail value of your Honda City in case of irreparable damage or theft, ensuring financial security

  • Consumables Cover

Protects essential items like oil and coolant, typically not covered by insurance, offering comprehensive coverage for your vehicle

Documents Required for Raising an Insurance Claim

To make an insurance claim for your Honda City, you will need the following documents: 

  1. Honda City insurance policy papers

  2. FIR of the accident/incident

  3. Detailed information about the incident along with eyewitness accounts

  4. RC papers of the vehicle

  5. Full set of garage bills and receipts (in case of reimbursement)

Process for Filing Cashless Claims

  • Report the accident to your insurer promptly

  • Choose a Network Garage for repairs

  • Take your vehicle to the nearest network garage

  • Submit the necessary documents and bills to your insurer

  • Your insurer will then settle the claim directly with the garage after verifying the paperwork

Process for Filing Reimbursement Claims

  • Contact your insurer and report the damage

  • File a First Information Report (FIR) in case of theft

  • Submit the FIR copy and required paperwork to your insurer

  • Choose a garage for repairs and pay for them

  • Submit receipts and bills to your insurer

  • Your insurer will then reimburse your expenses after verifying the bills

How to Lower Your Insurance Premium

Here are some tips you can follow to reduce the insurance premiums on your Honda City: 

  • Avoid Small Claims

If your car sustains minor damages that can be repaired at a low cost, consider paying for them out of pocket instead of claiming insurance. Making multiple small claims within a single term can lead to increased premiums

  • Compare Plans Online

Take advantage of online comparison tools to evaluate multiple car insurance policies. This allows you to find a plan that aligns with your budget and provides the coverage you need

  • Be Selective with Add-Ons

Assess your requirements carefully and only opt for add-on covers that are necessary. Avoid unnecessary add-ons like daily travel allowance cover if you believe you won't need it in case of vehicle downtime

  • Maximize No Claim Bonus (NCB)

Enjoy lower premiums by maintaining a claim-free record throughout the policy term. You can avail the No Claim Bonus (NCB) during renewal, leading to reduced premium rates

  • Install Anti-Theft Devices

Consider installing ARAI-approved anti-theft devices in your Skoda Octavia to reduce the risk of theft and potentially lower your insurance premiums

Tips for Maintaining your Honda City

Maintaining your car will ensure that it runs smoothly for many years and you do not have to spend much on repairs or insurance. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Maintain Optimal Tyre Pressure

Regularly check and ensure that your Skoda Octavia's tyre pressure is at the recommended levels. Proper tyre pressure not only enhances fuel efficiency but also reduces strain on the engine

  • Scheduled Servicing

Schedule regular servicing for your car at least twice a year to keep it in optimal condition. Professional servicing helps identify and address any potential issues, ensuring your Octavia performs at its best for years to come

  • Engine Care

Take care of your Octavia's engine, as it is the heart of your vehicle. Avoid aggressive driving habits and maintain consistent speeds to reduce wear and tear on the engine, ultimately extending its lifespan

  • Avoid Overloading

Resist the temptation to overload your car with excess passengers or luggage. Overloading can strain the internal components of your Octavia, leading to accelerated wear and tear. Keep your vehicle within its specified weight limits for optimal performance and longevity

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FAQs on Insurance for Honda City

Is car insurance mandatory for my Honda City?

Yes, as per Indian law, it's mandatory to have at least third-party insurance to drive your Honda City on public roads.

What does third-party insurance cover for my Honda City?

Third-party insurance covers damages and injuries caused to third parties in an accident where you're at fault. It includes property damage and bodily injury liability coverage.

What benefits does comprehensive insurance offer for my vehicle?

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for damages to your Honda City as well as third-party liabilities. It includes protection against accidents, theft, fire, natural disasters, and more.

Are there any discounts available for Honda City insurance?

Yes, insurance companies may offer discounts such as No Claim Bonus (NCB) for claim-free years, discounts for installing anti-theft devices, and discounts for members of automobile associations.

Can I transfer my existing insurance policy to my new Honda City?

Yes, you can transfer the insurance policy from your old vehicle to your new Honda City. The process involves submitting the required documents to your insurance provider and paying any applicable transfer fees.

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