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What is a Car Insurance Policy Number?

When you buy a new car insurance plan, you will be assigned a ‘policy number’ that serves as a unique identifier and links you to your insurance policy. Insurance companies use this unique car insurance policy number to track and keep a record of all transactions related to the plan. As a policyholder, you will also need to remember your unique car insurance number carefully as you may need to submit it for insurance verification at various points. Your unique car insurance policy number will be provided on your insurance documents when you initially buy the policy.  However, in case you lose or misplace your insurance papers, there are a few different ways in which you can find your car insurance policy number. 

Need for Car Insurance Policy Number

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which a car insurance policy information is used for various purposes: 


  • Making an Insurance Claim

When you are claiming your car insurance with your provider, the insurer will ask for your car insurance policy number and other documents to verify the authenticity of your policy. 


  • For Police Verification 

Once in a while, traffic police may stop you on their patrols and ask to see your insurance details and other paperwork. Moreover, when you are filing an FIR with the police regarding an accident, the first thing they will ask for is your insurance policy number to check if you have active insurance in place. 


  • Renewing Your Insurance Policy 

When you start the process of renewing your car insurance policy, your insurance provider will ask you to provide your car policy number along with other insurance details. 


  • Transferring Your Insurance Plan 

In case you wish to transfer your car insurance plan from one provider to another, you will need to submit your car insurance policy number with the new insurance company. 


  • Duplicate Car Insurance Policy 

If you have lost your original car insurance policy papers and wish to get a duplicate copy, the insurer will ask you to provide the car insurance policy number. 

How to Check Your Car Insurance Policy Number

Fortunately, your car insurance policy number is linked to your car registration number and you can recover your policy number with the help of your car registration number. Here are the different methods you can use to identify your car insurance policy number when you have lost or misplaced your insurance papers: 


  • Check Car Insurance Details on IBB 

Insurance Information Bureau (IBB) is an agency created by the IRDAI that stores all insurance-related information of policyholders. Know how to find insurance policy number by vehicle number with the given steps: 


Step 1: On the IBB website, navigate to the ‘Accident Vehicle Information Retrieval System’ page. 


Step 2: On this page, fill in your car registration and other required details. 


Step 3: Enter your contact information such as your registered phone number and email address. 


Step 4: Click ‘Submit’ to enter all the information. 

Your insurance policy details including your car insurance policy number will appear on the screen. 

  • Check Policy Number on VAHAN 

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways also keeps a record of all insurance policy details on their website. You can check your car insurance policy number on VAHAN by following these steps: 


Step 1: Visit the official ‘VAHAN’ website and go to the ‘Know Your Vehicle’ page.  


Step 2: Log in to the website using your credentials and registered phone number. If you are not registered on the site, you will need to create a new account. 


Step 3: Submit your car registration details on the website. 


Your car insurance information along with the insurance policy number will appear on the screen. 


  • Insurance Provider’s Website 

You can visit the official website of your insurance provider and log in with your given credentials. There will most likely be an option to download a PDF copy of your insurance policy papers that contain your policy number. 


  • Visiting the Insurance Provider’s Office 

You can also visit your insurance company’s office and seek the help of customer representatives to get your car insurance policy number and details. 


Car insurance is mandatory for all car owners, as per the New Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. However, in order to truly utilise and benefit from your policy, you will need to keep the insurance papers and the policy number ready. Even if you lose your car insurance papers, you can use any of the above-mentioned methods to recover your car insurance policy number. In case you are looking to buy a car policy to protect your vehicle, you can check out the car insurance plans available at Bajaj MARKETS and choose one that suits your needs.

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FAQs on Car Insurance Policy Number

Is the car insurance policy number provided on the insurance papers?

Yes, your car insurance policy number will be provided to you on your official insurance policy documents when you purchase a plan.

Can I make an insurance claim without my car insurance policy number?

If you lose your official car insurance policy number and documents and cannot provide those details to the insurer, your claim will most likely be rejected.

How can I find the car insurance policy number if I lose the insurance plan documents?

You can find the insurance policy number by vehicle number through: 

  • VAHAN website 

  • IBB website

How can I download a copy of my car insurance policy document?

Your insurance provider’s website can give you the PDF of your insurance papers when you log in to your account.

Can I buy car insurance online?

Yes, you can buy car insurance online at Bajaj MARKETS. Your car insurance policy number along with the policy details will be sent to your registered email.

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