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An important aspect of owning a vehicle is ensuring that the appropriate paperwork is kept in your vehicle at all times. Paperwork pertaining to vehicular insurance is amongst the documents that need to be present in your vehicle.


In fact, the New Motor Vehicles Act of 2019 stipulates that drivers caught driving without valid insurance papers can incur hefty penalties and run the risk of being imprisoned. This law stems from the original Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 which mandates valid insurance for all vehicles. Vehicular insurance is important as it helps cover third-party liabilities that may arise in the case of an accident.


In the event that you lose your car insurance policy, you should know how to get a duplicate car insurance policy online quickly. Learn how to get duplicate vehicle insurance copy online as well as offline in the sections mentioned below.

Importance of Car Insurance Duplicate Copy

Why is it important to have a duplicate copy of your car insurance in case the original is lost? Let us check them out here. As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory to have vehicle insurance to drive on Indian roads. Losing car insurance could lead to penalties and punishments in India. Vehicle insurance will provide financial protection against the expenses arising due to the damages in the event of an accident or theft. So, it is important to keep at least the duplicate car insurance copy with you. Hence, you should be aware of how to get a duplicate car insurance copy.

How to Download a Car Insurance Copy Online

If you have access to a reliable internet connection, it may make sense to get a duplicate vehicle insurance policy online. Since several insurance providers offer online insurance services, you can download your vehicle insurance duplicate copy in a matter of minutes. Follow the steps mentioned below to avail of the same.


Step 1. Visit The Official Website - Begin by visiting your insurance provider’s official website.


Step 2. Select your Policy - Next, click on the car insurance policy that you own.


Step 3. Log In - While different insurers have different protocols, most may require you to log in to your account by keying in pertinent details such as your policy number.


Step 4. View Policy - Once you have verified your account you will be able to see your policy document on your screen.


Step 5. Download Policy PDF - Press the ‘Download’ button to save a PDF version of your car insurance policy.


Now, you should know how to get a duplicate copy of car insurance online. It is recommended that you print your policy papers and store them safely.

How to Apply for a Duplicate Car Insurance Offline

If you would much rather apply for your duplicate copy of vehicle insurance offline, follow the steps mentioned below.


Step 1. Alert your Insurance Provider

In the event that you lose your original car insurance papers, you should intimate your insurer of the same as early as you possibly can. You can reach out via a call or email such that you can begin the process of applying for a duplicate car insurance copy.


Step 2. File an FIR

Next, you must file an FIR regarding your lost car insurance plan at a police station closest to you. You can then send a copy of the FIR you have submitted at the station to your insurance provider. Additionally, you can send them a written application. Each of these documents can help validate the loss of your insurance documentation.


Step 3. Publish an Advertisement

You must follow up by publishing an advertisement in your local newspaper regarding the car insurance documents that you have lost. This is a standard protocol that must be followed. You are responsible for bearing the cost associated with placing the advertisement.


Step 4. Send an Application

In order to apply for a duplicate car insurance policy, you will be required to submit the aforementioned written application to your insurance provider. This application must mention insurance details ranging from your name and policy number to the date of issuance and type of coverage. Further, it must outline how you misplaced your car insurance documents.


Step 5. Sign an Indemnity Bond

The last step requires you to sign an indemnity bond that’s been acknowledged by a notary in order to avail of your duplicate car insurance copy. This bond should feature your full name and must have the signatures of two witnesses. Once you submit your indemnity bond to your insurer your request for a duplicate policy will be initiated.


If you have understood how to get a duplicate copy of vehicle insurance offline, you could choose to get it done soon. 

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FAQs on Duplicate Car Insurance Copy

What are the two different kinds of car insurance policies available in the market today?

The two different kinds of car insurance policies available in the market today include the following:

  • Third Party Liability Car Insurance

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

Can you only apply for a duplicate car insurance policy offline or can you apply for it online as well?

You can apply for a duplicate car insurance policy online as well as offline.

Can I apply for a duplicate car insurance policy without filing an FIR or mentioning my loss of the original car insurance policy in a local newspaper advertisement?

No, you cannot apply for a duplicate car insurance policy without filing an FIR or mentioning your loss of the original car insurance policy in a local newspaper advertisement. The importance of filing an FIR and placing an advertisement in a local newspaper lies in the fact that they help corroborate your loss of the original documentation. 

Can I store my car insurance documents in a digital format?

Yes, if you’d like you can store your car insurance documents in a digital format. With the aid of IRDAI’s e-Vahan Bima smartphone application, it is possible to carry your car insurance documents in the form of a softcopy that can serve as a backup. 

Where can I get a quote for what my car insurance premium will amount to?

You can visit theBajaj Markets website in order to use a car insurance premium calculator. This online calculator will help you get a rough understanding of what your premium will amount to. 

Where is the car insurance policy number available?

To know your car insurance policy number, visit your insurance provider's official website and log into your account. You can find the policy number in your profile. Also, you can contact the customer care to get your car insurance policy number in case you want it offline.

Is the car policy number similar to the group number?

No. Car policy number is an exclusive number issued to the policyholder while a group number is issued when the employer gets insurance for his/her employees. 

What is the penalty for not having a car insurance policy?

According to the New Motor Vehicle Act, 2019, a penalty of ₹2,000 or/and imprisonment of up to 3 months will be charged for the first offence of driving without a licence. A fine of ₹4,000 or/and  imprisonment of up to 3 months is applicable for the second offence.

Is the fine for driving without insurance the same for all vehicles?

Yes, the penalty for driving without a valid insurance plan is the same for four-wheelers, two-wheelers and commercial vehicles.

What other documents should I carry while driving my vehicle?

You can keep a hard copy of the following documents:

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

  • Registration Certificate (RC) of your car

  • Driving licence

  • Car insurance policy

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