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The Hyundai Grand i10 offers buyers the option of either an 1197 cc petrol engine or an 1186 cc diesel engine. The car is priced between ₹4.98 Lakhs to ₹7.59 Lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). It has both manual and automatic transmission choices and is a popular hatchback sedan in India. 


Insuring your Hyundai Grand i10 is vital for financial protection in unforeseen events. This can provide coverage against post-accident repair costs, vehicle damage due to fire, calamities, or theft, and third-party liabilities for property damage, bodily injury, etc. Safeguard your vehicle with insurance for Hyundai Grand i10 and get peace of mind on the road. 

Insurance Premiums for Hyundai Grand i10 Variants

For better financial planning, refer to the table below to know the cost of insuring the different variants of your Grandi10: 

Grand i10 Variants

Ex-Showroom Price

Fuel Type

Proposed Third-Party Premium Rates (FY2023-24)

Grand i10 1.2 Kappa Era

₹4.98 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 Kappa Magna BSIV

₹5.46 Lakhs



Grand i10 Magna

₹5.79 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 Kappa Sportz Option

₹5.92 Lakhs



Grand i10 Sportz

₹5.96 Lakhs



Grand i10 Magna Petrol BSIV

₹6 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 Kappa Sportz BSIV

₹6.01 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 CRDi Era

₹6.14 Lakhs



Grand i10 Sportz Petrol BSIV

₹6.36 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 Kappa Sportz Dual Tone

₹6.41 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 Kappa Magna CNG BSIV

₹6.46 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 Kappa Magna AT

₹6.52 Lakhs



Grand i10 Magna CNG

₹6.53 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 Kappa Asta

₹6.62 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 CRDi Magna

₹6.7 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 Kappa Sportz AT

₹7.06 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 CRDi Sportz Option

₹7.08 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 CRDi Sportz

₹7.14 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 CRDi Sportz Dual Tone

₹7.39 Lakhs



Grand i10 1.2 CRDi Asta

₹7.59 Lakhs



Disclaimer: The above information is for Hyundai Grand i10 in Delhi only. Premium rates will depend on the specific model, variant, fuel type, place and year of registration, IDV, add-on covers and various other factors. 


How to Buy Insurance for Hyundai Grand i10 Online

Ensuring the financial safety of your Hyundai Grand i10 with car insurance is a crucial step. On Bajaj Markets, you can easily compare, choose, and pay for a suitable insurance plan in just the following simple steps: 

  • Go to the ‘Car Insurance Premium Calculator’ page

  • Fill in your mobile and vehicle registration number

  • Add other important details about your car

  • Select the type of car insurance cover you want to buy

  • Pay the premium amount online


You’ll receive your Hyundai Grand i10 car insurance policy document via email

Why Insure Your Hyundai Grand i10?

Car insurance in India is indispensable for several reasons:

  • Legal Obligation:

Car insurance fulfils a legal requirement, as third-party insurance is mandatory in India to avoid penalties and legal consequences 

  • Financial Protection:

Car insurance acts as a financial shield by covering repair costs and preventing unexpected expenses in the event of accidents or damages 

  • Comprehensive Coverage:

Opting for comprehensive insurance ensures maximum protection, covering damages caused to your vehicle by both natural and man-made calamities 

  • Additional Benefits:

Beyond basic coverage, car insurance often includes valuable add-ons such as roadside assistance, engine protection, and more, which enhance overall protection and convenience 

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Hyundai Grand i10

The car insurance plan you choose will impact your Hyundai Grand i10’s premium. The main types of Hyundai Grand i10 car insurance available are given below: 

  • Third-Party Car Insurance

Under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, all vehicle owners must have third-party car insurance coverage in India.

This type of insurance policy provides protection in case you are held liable for causing damages to a third party in the event of an accident. It also covers your Hyundai Grand i10 against any loss or damage incurred by a third party. 

  • Own Damage Car Insurance

This protects your vehicle against damage or loss due to natural calamities, accidents, theft, etc. and provides compensation for the expenses incurred to repair or replace them after an incident. It also provides financial assistance in case of unforeseen damage to your own vehicle up to the Insured Declared Value as per policy terms. 

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance plan safeguards your i10 more substantially. Along with third-party liabilities, it also financially covers your car against unforeseen perils like theft, accidental damage, calamities, fire, explosion, etc. Hence, the cost of this car insurance plan falls in a slightly higher range. 

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Before finalising your Hyundai Grand i10 car insurance, understanding the inclusions is crucial. Key considerations include: 

  • Personal accident coverage for the driver and riders

  • Repair and replacement expenses

  • Third-party liabilities

  • Damage due to natural or man-made calamities

  • Damage resulting from an accident


To avoid claim rejection, familiarise yourself with exclusions in your Hyundai Grand i10 car insurance:

  • Regular wear and tear

  • Electrical or mechanical breakdowns

  • Damages under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Damages during war-like situations

  • Damages when driving without a valid insurance policy or driver's licence

Add-On Covers for Your Hyundai Grand i10

Enhance the coverage of your Hyundai Grand i10 with the following add-on covers that can boost your car’s financial security:

  • Zero-Depreciation Cover:

The Zero-Depreciation add-on allows you to claim the cost of a brand-new car instead of the depreciated value when making an insurance claim

  • No Claim Bonus Cover:

This add-on cover helps you get discounts at the time of car insurance renewal if you have not made a single claim during the policy period

  • Engine Protection Cover:

This cover saves you from the damages caused to your car's engine due to waterlogging, lubricating oil leakage, water seepage, etc. 

  • Round-the-clock Spot Assistance:

Buy this cover and receive 24x7 assistance if your car breaks down suddenly and avoid getting stranded on the road 

Process for Filing Cashless Claims

  • Report the accident to your insurer

  • Choose a Network Garage for repairs

  • Take your Hyundai Grand i10 to the selected garage

  • Submit relevant documents and bills to the insurer

  • The insurer will verify and settle the claim directly with the garage

Process for Filing Reimbursement Claims

  • Inform your insurer about the damages

  • File an FIR in case of theft

  • Submit the FIR copy and required documents to your insurer

  • Choose any preferred garage and pay for the repairs

  • Submit all receipts and other documents to your insurer

  • Upon verification, the insurer will reimburse you for the expenses

Documents Required to Raise an Insurance Claim

You need the following documents to file a claim for your Hyundai i10 car insurance:

  • Grand i10 insurance policy papers

  • FIR in case of an incident/accident

  • Detailed information about the incident with eyewitness accounts

  • Original RC papers of the vehicle

  • Full set of bills and receipts (in case of reimbursement claim)

Tips to Reduce Your Hyundai Grand i10’s Insurance Premiums

Follow the below tips to reduce the insurance premiums rates on your Hyundai Grand i10:

  • Compare Insurance Plans Online

Identify the right kind of coverage for your car by comparing different policies on online platforms like Bajaj Markets

  • Use the No Claim Bonus (NCB)

The No Claim Bonus cover for car insurance rewards you with discounts on your premiums at the time of insurance renewal if you make zero claims during the policy period

  • Install Anti-theft Device

You can reduce the possibility of theft with an anti-theft device and also get insurance plans at a lower price if your i10 has such safety gadgets

  • Avoid Making Small Claims

Try to cover minor expenses out of pocket rather than including them in your insurance claim, as this can lead to an increase in your premium cost

Tips to Maintain Your Hyundai Grand i10

  • Regularly Service Your Car

Have professionals inspect your car periodically to ensure your i10 is running at its best and identify and fix potential problems before they become costly

  • Maintain Tyre Pressure

It's important to ensure that your car's tyres are properly inflated to prevent issues such as driving instability, wear and tear, and sudden bursts 

  • Maintain the Engine

The car’s engine is an essential component! Monitor the engine regularly, keep it clean, and change its oil as required to ensure your car runs smoothly

  • Check Fuel Levels & Air Filters

Maintain engine efficiency by checking air filters regularly for proper air circulation and maintaining fuel levels to avoid sudden breakdowns. 

  • Do Not Overload

It's important to avoid adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle as it can impact its suspension and tyres

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FAQs on Insurance for Hyundai Grand i10

How many colour variants are available for the Grand i10?

The Grand i10 is available in 4 colour variants, namely, Fiery Red, Polar White, Typhoon Silver, and Mariana Blue.

What is the mileage of the Hyundai Grand i10?

The mileage of the Hyundai Grand i10 ranges from 18.9-25 kmpl.

Which is the top model of the Grand i10?

The top model of the Hyundai Grand i10 is the 1.2 CRDi Asta which has a last recorded price of ₹7.59 Lakhs. 

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