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The Kia car insurance in India protects your finances by insuring your car in case of any unforeseen accidents or damage. This insurance covers costs to reverse the brunt of a natural calamity, an accident, vandalism or reparation due to wear and tear. To avoid reparation and replacement costs that can touch Rs. 2 Lakh, it would be smart to opt for the Kia car insurance which financially covers damage, theft, third-party liabilities, personal accidents, etc.  


Additionally, the law requires every car in India to own a third-party car insurance under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. To extend the benefits, the car insurance for Kia doesn’t cover only third-party liabilities but much more with add-on coverage.

Kia Car Insurance Price for Popular Models

Here is a list of the Kia car models with their Kia car price along with insurance price details:

Kia Model

Ex-Showroom Price*

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-party Premium~

FY 2022-23


(effective 1st April, 2022)

Kia Seltos

₹9.95 Lakh - ₹18.10 Lakh



Kia Sonet

₹6.89 Lakh - ₹13.55 Lakh


₹2094 for 998cc engine

₹3416 for 1197 cc engine

Kia Carnival

₹24.95 Lakh - ₹33.99 Lakh



How to Get Your Hands on Kia Insurance Online

Just follow the steps given below to apply for Kia insurance online:

  1. Visit the 'Car Insurance Premium Calculator' section on the Bajaj Markets website.

  2. Fill out the application with the relevant details.

  3. Choose the Kia insurance plan of your choice.

  4. Complete the payment online.

  5. The policy will be issued in no time.

How to Renew Kia Car Insurance

To continue reaping the benefits of your Kia insurance, renew the policy by following the steps given below:

  1. Visit your insurer’s official website.

  2. Enter your car’s registration number and contact details.

  3. Check your Kia insurance renewal premium.

  4. Make the premium payment online.

  5. Download the policy copy.


Do not forget to avail the No-Claim Bonus (NCB) discount at the time of Kia car insurance renewal.


Note: NCB is earned on a claim-free policy term.

Why Insure Your Kia Car?

Can you manage to take care of any damage resulting from events that are out of your control like any natural calamity? The repair or replacement cost of damaged car accessories can go as high as ₹1 lakh to ₹2 lakh for a low-end Kia car variant. If you do not have the car insured, such huge expenses can create a hole in your pocket and result in you losing out on your hard-earned money. To avoid this, you can simply opt for car insurance. In any such event of unexpected mishaps, you will be compensated for the loss and damage occurred without disturbing your peace of mind.

Why Should You Opt for Comprehensive or Third-Party Car Insurance?

  • Third-Party Car Insurance

Third-party car insurance is mandatory by law under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The policy is known to cover third-party liabilities only. Hence, the premium charges are cheap on the pocket. The coverage protection is not extended to you or your Kia car in any unfortunate event. If you are looking to buy an extensive cover for your vehicle, it is recommended to buy a comprehensive Kia car insurance policy.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance plan for Kia cars will cover third-party liabilities as well as damage to your own vehicle. Moreover, you can extend the scope of your comprehensive car insurance policy with add-on benefits. The plan has a relatively higher premium as compared to third-party car insurance. However, having comprehensive Kia insurance ensures that your vehicle is protected against unfortunate events at all times.

What is Covered Under Kia Insurance Plan?

Third-party Kia insurance covers third-party damage, bodily injuries, death of the victim and personal accident cover. On the other hand, the inclusions of comprehensive Kia car insurance include own damage, theft, natural calamities, man-made disasters, third-party liabilities and a personal accident cover.

What is Not Covered Under Kia Insurance Plan?

Some of the exclusions of comprehensive insurance include natural wear and tear, electrical or mechanical breakdown, damage incurred due to drunk driving, malicious activities, inactive policy, etc.

Top Add-On Covers for Your Kia Car

When buying comprehensive car insurance for your Kia car, you can purchase additional covers that provide extensive protection to your vehicle. These add-ons are optional, and you can choose the ones that are most needed.


Let us take a look at different add-on covers available under comprehensive Kia car insurance:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

With a zero-depreciation car insurance add-on cover, depreciation is not factored in during claim settlement. However, without this cover, the compensation paid is as per the current market value of the Kia car. Zero depreciation cover allows you to receive the full amount in compensation.

  • Return to Invoice Cover

Return to Invoice will ensure you receive the invoice value of your Kia car in case it is lost/stolen. The invoice value is the amount you paid at the time of purchasing the car. The insurer will compensate you for the actual value of the vehicle along with the registration charges and road tax.

  • No-Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection Cover

Every time you make a claim, you lose the NCB earned on your insurance plan. However, with the NCB protection cover, the NCB earned stays applicable even after making a claim.

  • Consumable Expenses Cover

Consumable expenses cover allows claiming expenses for the consumables, i.e. items used for the proper functioning of a vehicle’s engine and other parts. These items include engine oil, gearbox oil, nuts and bolts, screws, distilled water, grease, brake oil, oil filter, bearings, washers, AC gas, etc.

  • Engine and Tyre Secure Cover

With this cover, you are adding safety to your engine and tyres. So, in case of replacement/repair, the insurer will compensate you for the expenses incurred. Also, any damage to the internal parts, such as the engine, gearbox, and transmission, is covered.

Claim Process of Kia Car Insurance

Take a look at the important documents that you need for claiming your Kia insurance:

  • Kia insurance policy document

  • Kia car details

  • Insurer details

  • Details of the Incident

  • FIR copy, in case of theft/vandalism

  • Original bills and receipts of the vehicle repair


Kia car insurance ensures all-around protection in case of unfortunate accidents or car theft. While getting Kia insurance is the first step to security, the next crucial step is understanding how claims are registered.
There are two types of Kia car insurance claims:

  • Claim Cashless Car Insurance for Kia Cars

With cashless claims, you can get your Kia car with accidental damages repaired at the nearest network garage. The insurer will directly pay the garage for incurred expenses.

  • Claim Reimbursement for Kia Cars

Here, you can get your car fixed at your preferred garage, pay the expenses, and raise a reimbursement claim against your policy. Upon claim approval, the settlement amount is transferred to your bank amount (minus the deductibles, if applicable).

Tips to Reduce Kia Car Insurance Premium

Here are some easy tips you can use to reduce your Kia insurance cost:

  • Avail No Claim Bonus

To make sure your Kia car insurance renewal premium is cost-effective, you can earn the No Claim Bonus (NCB). You get this bonus by making zero claims throughout the policy period.

  • Cover Small Claims

By taking care of any inexpensive prices out of your own pocket, you can save out on the premium price required to pay for it, hence securing the NCB reward.

  • Use Anti-Theft Devices

Installing anti-theft devices not only gives added protection to your car but also helps in getting the premium prices down. Make sure you install the devices authorised by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

  • Compare Different Premiums

You can always research by comparing quotes from different insurance providers and then get the best-suited plan.

  • Good Driving

By following all the traffic norms and rules, you can drive your Kia car with caution to avoid any accidents thus ensuring a minimum claim for your policy

  • Proper Maintenance

Apart from good driving skills, taking care of your vehicle is also important in reducing the premium costs. Opt for proper servicing of your vehicle and take good care to drive it efficiently.


While Kia is one of the world’s top automobile manufacturers and is known for its high-performance cars, an unfortunate road accident can affect anyone. In such cases, not having the right insurance cover for your Kia car can lead to a significant financial loss. Hence, it is necessary to cover your Kia car with the right car insurance plan that will protect you financially in case of accidents, theft, or loss due to man-made or natural disasters.

So, if you are looking to get car insurance for your Kia car, take a look at the Car Insurance Plans Available at Bajaj Markets.

FAQs on Kia Car Insurance

Can I avail a zero-depreciation cover on my Kia Seltos?

With a comprehensive Kia insurance policy, you can avail a range of add-ons including the zero depreciation cover

What factors determine the Kia car insurance price?

The Kia car insurance price is decided by a range of factors including your geographical location, no claim bonus, age of the vehicle, add-on covers, voluntary deductibles and the engine capacity of the vehicle.

Is it compulsory to buy car insurance for my Kia car?

 Yes. A third-party car insurance policy is mandatory by law under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 to legally drive on Indian roads.  

Can I get Kia car insurance for less than a year?

No. Kia insurance plans on Bajaj Markets provide a minimum coverage of one year.

What will happen if I do not have Kia car insurance for my new Kia car?

 You will be issued a challan if you fail to present an active third-party Kia car insurance plan to the traffic police. Multiple violations can lead to licence cancellation and/or imprisonment.   

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