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The Kia Seltos is a stylish 5-seater SUV that comes with a variety of safety features such as 6 airbags, front and rear parking sensors, vehicle stability management (VSM) and a lot more. Yet, it is important to have the Kia Seltos Car Insurance in place in case of unforeseen events.


The Kia Car insurance price differs according to its variants, ranging from Rs. 7,084 to Rs. 15,838. This covers your car from damage during natural and manmade calamities, damage suffered in a collision and even accidental injuries. Follow a simple process on Bajaj Markets in order to purchase the same.

Kia Car Insurance Price with Variants

Besides Kia Seltos, Kia Sonet and Kia Carnival are top-selling models in the Indian market:

  • Kia Sonet

This baby SUV was launched by Kia in 2020 with three engine options – 1.2 litre NA petrol, 1.0 litre turbo petrol and 1.5 litre diesel, and five transmission options – 5-speed manual transmission, 6-speed iMT, and 7-speed DCT unit, 6-speed manual transmission, and six-speed torque converter unit. Sonet provides a fuel economy of 18-24 kmpl and is available in 11 different colours. Price begins from Rs. 6.79 Lakhs.

  • Kia Grand Carnival

This luxury MPV from Kia is powered by a 2.2 litre CRDi diesel motor paired to a six-speed automatic transmission. Available in 7, 8, and 11-seat configurations, 5 variants, and 3 different colours, its price starts at Rs. 24.95 Lakhs.   

Why Insure Your Kia Seltos

Insuring your Kia Seltos car is essential in the light of the reasons listed below:

1. Financial Coverage of Accidental Risk

An unfortunate accident can occur anytime and you would not want to burn a hole in your pocket by spending on repair of damages or loss caused to you or your Kia Seltos. In such unforeseen circumstances, Kia Seltos insurance offers financial coverage against repair of such loss or damage caused to the Kia Seltos car and its passengers.

2. Compliance With Motor Laws

Getting your Kia Seltos insured with a third-party liability cover is compulsory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. If you fail to comply with the law and just go about driving your Kia Seltos car, you shall be sentenced to a 90-day imprisonment or penalised with Rs. 2000 for initial offence and Rs. 4000 for secondary offence.

Types of Kia Seltos Car Insurance Plans

Kia Seltos Car Insurance plans are of three types as elaborated below:

  • Third Party Liability Insurance

Third party insurance for Kia Seltos, made compulsory under the legal provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, offers financial support for any damage or bodily injury/death suffered by a third party involved in a mishap with a Kia Seltos car.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Besides providing a third-party liability coverage, a comprehensive insurance for Kia Seltos not only dispenses financial aid for damages to the car during an accident, man-made and natural disasters but also offers a personal accident cover for those driving and travelling in the car in case of their permanent disability or demise.

Kia Seltos Insurance Price

The Kia Seltos insurance price varies based on factors like the Seltos variant, fuel type, year and place of purchase, and previous claims history. Given below is a list of Kia Seltos variants along with their Kia Seltos insurance cost whose purchase happened in Pune in 2020. Note that these prices are for 1-year comprehensive insurance coverage of Kia Seltos with no prior history of claims.

Kia Seltos Diesel Variant

Minimum Insurance Price (inclusive of taxes)

Kia Seltos Petrol Variant

Minimum Insurance Price (inclusive of taxes)

Anniversary Edition

Rs. 11,812

Anniversary Edition

Rs. 7,724


Rs. 15,838

Anniversary Edition IVT

Rs. 10,194


Rs. 10,979


Rs. 7,857


Rs. 11,812


Rs. 8,361


Rs. 13,200


Rs. 8,697

HTK Plus D

Rs. 12,506

GTX Plus

Rs. 8,697


Rs. 13,617


Rs. 9,034


Rs. 15, 144


Rs. 6,546

HTX Plus D

Rs. 14, 450


Rs. 6,680



HTK Plus G

Rs. 7,084




Rs. 7, 622




Rs. 7,958

Online car insurance calculators are useful tools that allow you to compare the insurance quotes offered by various insurers and keep you informed of the best Seltos car insurance price for your budget.

Why Choose Bajaj Markets for Kia Seltos Car Insurance

Bajaj Markets, is a reliable, digital financial portal where you can choose from a range of car insurance options for your Seltos car. Buying insurance for Kia Seltos on Bajaj Markets makes perfect sense due to the reasons stated below:

  • Tailormade Insurance Plans

Bajaj Markets facilitates tailormade comprehensive as well as third party insurance plans from different insurers for your Kia Seltos to fit a pocket of any size.

  • Quick Online Process

Applying for insurance for Kia Seltos is now made easy and quick with its fully automated process on Bajaj Markets, saving both your time and resources.

  • Seamless Renewal Process

On Bajaj Markets, you can now renew your Kia Seltos car insurance by giving out some basic personal and car details, and wind up by clicking just a few buttons.

Inclusions in Kia Seltos Insurance

The Kia Seltos car insurance covers the following aspects:

  • Damage During Natural and Manmade calamities

Any unexpected loss or damage suffered by your Seltos car during natural or man-made disasters is financially supported by Seltos car insurance.

  • Damages Suffered During a Collision

Kia Seltos car insurance offers financial coverage for repair of damages/loss or treatment of injuries inflicted upon another vehicle or individual during an unexpected collision.

  • In Case of Accidental Injuries

Seltos car insurance financially covers the medical costs towards the treatment of injuries suffered by the car’s driver/owner and passengers during an accident.

Exclusions in Kia Seltos Insurance

Kia Seltos Insurance policy does not cover the following situations:

  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown and regular wear and tear of Kia Seltos

  • Damage suffered by Seltos when it was driven in an intoxicated state

  • Damage inflicted upon Seltos while driving without a valid licence

  • Damage suffered by the car without a valid Kia Seltos insurance policy

  • Loss or damage caused to the car in the event of a nuclear attack

  • Seltos Car is involved in illegal or unwarranted activities such as organised racing, speed testing, and reliability trials

Add-on Covers for Your Kia Seltos Car

Kia Seltos car insurance offers some useful add-on covers or riders to fortify your car’s insurance coverage. Here are some of those add-on covers that offer extra coverage for your Seltos car:

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

Covers the cost of availing immediate repair and replacement services such as flat tyre repair, quick fuel delivery, when you are stranded with your Seltos car with zero clue during an emergency.

  • Engine Protect Cover

Offers financial aid for the repair of Seltos engine’s damage that may be caused by oil leakage, water seepage, or any other corrosive incidents.

  • Personal Baggage Cover

Covers loss or damage caused to your baggage lying in your Seltos car during an accident.

  • Consumables Cover

Offers financial support for consumable replacement or repair such as coolant, engine oil, brake oil, etc., post an accident.

  • Invoice Cover

In the event of a total loss of your Seltos due to theft or a grave accident, this add-on permits you to claim as much as Seltos car’s insured declared value (IDV) or its on-road price. 

How to Apply for Kia Seltos Car Insurance Online

You can now apply for a Kia Seltos Car Insurance on Bajaj Markets by following the steps given below:

  1. Go to Insurance -> Motor Insurance -> Car Insurance and click on the ‘Insure Now’ button on the right-hand side top corner of the page.

  2. On the next page, enter your Kia Seltos car number, mobile number, and the correct date of birth.

  3. Click on the ‘Get Quote’ button and fill in details like car make and model, fuel type, variant type, date of registration, and manufacturing year in the form.

  4. Click on the ‘Next’ button to see a dialog box with policy coverage pop up on the screen.

  5. Choose the kind of insurance plan from the displayed options, and enter your present residence’s pin code and an existing policy expiry date, if any.

  6. Now, click on the ‘Proceed’ button and choose the required add-on covers and accessories along with a personal accident cover.

  7. You can now see the Kia Seltos insurance price at the bottom of the page and click on it to proceed with the payment.

  8. Download the copy of the policy document once the payment is complete.

How to Renew Kia Seltos Insurance

On Bajaj Markets, renewing your Seltos’s car insurance is now easy and instant with the following steps:

  1. Navigate through Insurance -> Motor insurance -> Car insurance and click on the ‘Get Quote’ button displayed on the page.

  2. Enter your Seltos car’s registration number, mobile number, and previous policy details.

  3. Verify your renewal premium and include any necessary policy add-ons to see the altered Kia Seltos insurance cost.

  4. Now, pay the Seltos car insurance price reflected on your screen through online mode and complete the payment.

  5. Once the payment is finished, you can now download your policy document.

Kia Seltos Insurance Claim Process

There are two ways to initiate and settle insurance claims for your Kia Seltos - Cashless claims or Reimbursement claims.

  • Claim Cashless Car Insurance for Kia Seltos

As part of this process, the insurer pays for the repair costs for car damages, directly to the service garage, with no need for any financial involvement of the Seltos car owner/driver.

  • Claim Reimbursement for Kia Seltos

Under this claims process, you need to first pay to the service garage the repair costs for damages suffered by your Kia Seltos in an accident. After the bill payment, submit the original invoice and payment receipt provided by the service garage to the insurer for further reimbursement.

Steps to Claim Kia Seltos Insurance Online

Navigating the steps given below shall simplify your online claims process initiated through Bajaj Markets:

  • Process for Filing Cashless Claims for Kia Seltos

  1. Register the claim by visiting the Bajaj Markets website and give an intimation to the insurer about the initiation of the claim.

  2. Get your Seltos fixed at the closest service garage and submit the necessary documents like insurance policy copy, copies of RC (registration certificate), and DL (Driving licence)

  3. Once these documents are assessed by the insurer along with the garage bills, the insurer shall directly credit the claim expenses to the garage’s bank account.

  • Process for Filing Reimbursement Claims for Kia Seltos

  1. Inform the insurer about the damage to your Seltos car and file an FIR if the damage was caused due to a third-party collision or theft, along with submission of required documents.

  2. Get your Seltos car repaired at the nearest service garage and make the payment for damage repair from your wallet.

  3. Submit the original invoice and payment receipt provided by the garage to the car insurer.

  4. Once the claim is assessed, the amount is reimbursed into your registered bank account.

Documents Required for Kia Seltos Insurance Claim

The following documents are to be submitted for claiming insurance for damages caused to Kia Seltos:

  • Seltos Car Insurance Policy Document

  • Details of Seltos Car such as registration number, year of registration, etc.

  • Accident details like the place and location

  • FIR copy in the event of theft or damage caused by a third party

  • Original invoice and Payment receipt provided by the garage for repair of damage to Seltos

  • Personal details of the car owner/driver such as ID proof and address proof, valid RC, and DL.

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FAQs on Kia Seltos Insurance

How is Kia Seltos insurance price decided?

Seltos insurance cost is calculated and based on parameters like its age, place, and date of registration, engine type, and the Insured Declared Value (IDV).

What are the add-on covers for Kia Seltos car insurance?

Some of the key add-on covers for Kia Seltos car insurance include roadside assistance cover, consumable cover, personal baggage cover, engine protect cover, and invoice cover.

How to purchase Kia Seltos car insurance online?

You can now purchase Kia Seltos car insurance online by visiting Bajaj Markets through a seamless application process.

How can I claim Kia Seltos car insurance when the car is stolen?

First, you need to file an FIR at the nearest police station about your car theft and submit an FIR copy to the insurer along with other necessary claim documents needed for assessment and decision.

What happens if I am unable to renew my Kia Seltos insurance on time?

Renewing your Kia Seltos car insurance after its expiry can lead to an increased risk of damage for the car, loss of NCB benefits, and a mandatory vehicle inspection before issuing a fresh one.

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