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Maruti is the quintessential Indian car that has been around for over 3 decades. Its hatchback models have set multiple sales records in India achieving massive popularity. The Maruti Ritz is no different. Although Ritz is no longer manufactured, it is still very popular in the used car market across the country.


The Maruti Ritz on-road price was last known to be offered in a range of Rs. 4.30 Lakh - 6.58 Lakh, depending on the variant chosen. However, the actual price today is largely dependent on the present condition of the car being bought. It is available in both automatic and manual transmissions and in a choice of Diesel 1248 cc engine or a Petrol 1197 cc engine. Maruti Ritz insurance can cost anywhere from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 18,500, considering standard comprehensive car insurance plan without any add-ons.

Check Insurance Premium for Maruti Ritz Variants

Maruti Ritz insurance is dependent on several factors, with the principal one being the variant being insured. Diesel cars, usually, have higher premiums than their petrol counterparts. Similarly, automatic transmission also can hike the premium cost as compared to manual transmission. Here is a helpful table to show the estimated costs for different Ritz variants.

Maruti Ritz Variant

Maruti Ritz Price (Ex-Showroom*)

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-Party Premium~

FY 2022-23

(effective 1st April, 2022)

Ritz LXi

Rs. 4.30 lakh


Rs. 3,416

Ritz VXi (ABS)

Rs. 5.13 lakh


Rs. 3,416

Ritz ZXi

Rs. 5.49 Lakh


Rs. 3,416

Ritz AT

Rs. 6.14 lakh


Rs. 3,416

Ritz LDi

Rs. 5.50 lakh


Rs. 3,416

Ritz VDi

Rs. 5.97 lakh


Rs. 3,416

Ritz ZDi

Rs. 6.58 lakh


Rs. 3,416

Disclaimer: The Maruti Ritz insurance cost and premium rates will depend on the variant, engine type, place and date of registration, Insured Declared Value, and any add-on covers chosen.

How to Buy Maruti Ritz Insurance Online?

Buying car insurance online is both easy and convenient. When you use Bajaj Markets to buy a Hyundai Xcent insurance, you need to follow these simple steps:


  • Visit the car insurance premium page on Bajaj Markets

  • Key in your mobile number for OTP verification and car registration number

  • Once verified, enter other basic car details like make, model, year of registration etc

  • Explore the available insurance options and identify the perfect one for you

  • Select your add-ons (optional)

  • Confirm the final amount and proceed to make online payment


Upon successful verification and processing, the insurance policy will be issued and sent to you.

How to Renew Maruti Ritz Insurance Online?

Among one of the many benefits that buying Maruti Ritz insurance online provides is the ease of policy renewal. Since all the relevant information is already registered in your account, the renewal process is as simple as:


  • Step 1: Head to the ‘Insurance Renewal’ page of the insurance provider's website & enter your previous policy details.

  • Step 2: Input your personal and car-related details.

  • Step 3: Check your renewal premium.

  • Step 4: Make an instant online payment.

  • Step 5: Your car insurance will be active soon.

Why to Insure your Maruti Ritz?

Buying Maruti Ritz insurance is both a legal requirement and a sensible decision. The legal requirement stems from the rules of the Indian Motor Vehicle Act that specify all vehicles driven on public roads should have an insurance cover. Not doing so can lead to challan and in case of repeat offence, worse.

Getting car insurance is wise because it can save you a lot of money by protecting you from expenses that could arise due to damage to your car.

Types of Maruti Ritz Car Insurance

Maruti Ritz insurance is available in primarily two types.

  • Third Party Insurance:

The most basic form of insurance is known as third party car insurance. It helps you meet the legal insurance requirements and pay for any damage that may be caused by your vehicle to another person and / or their property.

  • Comprehensive Insurance:

But what about damages to your own car? Third party doesn’t cover these. For this, you need to buy Maruti Ritz comprehensive insurance that will protect your own car against a variety of damages that may occur to it.


When you buy Maruti Ritz insurance you should be aware of what kind of expenses it can protect you from. These are known as inclusions. For example:

  • Any damage caused by natural calamities such as flood, tsunami

  • Any damage caused due to human intervention such as fire, rioting, robbery

  • Any damage caused due to an accident or a mishap


Just like it is important to know what is included, it is equally vital to understand the exclusions. This avoids any unwanted surprises later on while filing claims. Typical exclusions include:

  • General wear and tear of the car

  • Engine related issues arising out of general usage

  • Any damage caused to one's own car or someone else’s while violating traffic rules

  • Driving without licence or other requisite vehicle documentation

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics

Add-On Covers for Your Maruti Ritz

Insurance has a variety of inclusions, but financially prudent people may choose to enhance their insurance cover. Quite a few of the aspects not covered under standard insurance can be paid for separately and included as an add-on. This can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Popular add-on covers include:


  • Lock and Key Replacement Cover

In case you have lost the keys for your car, or if you have left them inside your vehicle and locked it, this add-on covers the cost of replacing them.


  • Accessories Cover

Your car’s accessories may be damaged in an accident or a mishap. This add-on rider covers the cost of replacing or repairing the accessories.


  • No Claim Bonus Protection Cover

Typically, raising a claim reduces your No Claim Bonus. But this add-on cover ensures that your NCB remains intact even if you raise up to two claims during a single policy year.


  • Roadside Assistance

If you are stranded and need some roadside assistance like towing or refuelling, this cover handles the costs of such requirements.


Visit Bajaj Markets to find out all the add-ons that you can choose from.

Maruti Ritz Insurance Claim Process

It is said, one should always be prepared. In that vein, whenever the need arises for you to file an insurance claim, you should always have the following documents ready with you.


  • Personal documents like:

    • Identity Proof

    • Address Proof

  • Car documents like:

    • Proof of ownership

    • Registration certificate

  • Supporting documents like:

    • Bills and receipts of repair work

    • FIR copy in case of an accident


Then you can go ahead and file an online claim by following these simple steps:


  1. Immediately contact and inform your insurance company regarding the details of the accident.

  2. Notify the authorities and file an FIR, especially in case of theft or unruly accident.

  3. Find the nearest network garage to get cashless repairs done instantly.

  4. If not possible, then get the damage repaired in any other garage and claim the expenses later.

  5. Contact the insurance company again to verify and approve the claim.


The claim will go through a verification process, upon the completion of which you will get your reimbursement as per the statutes of limits.

In the case of a cashless claim, steps 1-3 need to be followed and repairs need to be done from a cashless garage in the network. In such a scenario, the insurer will directly pay the garage.

How to Reduce the Insurance Cost for your Maruti Ritz

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you manage to reduce the Maruti Ritz insurance cost.


  • Never buy insurance without comparing features and costs of multiple plans.

  • Never miss your Maruti Ritz service schedule dates.

  • Maintain a healthy driving record with no fines or challans registered to your DL or RC.

  • Choose to pay off small repairs on your own in order to maintain your No Claim Bonus.

Top Tips to Maintain Your Maruti Ritz

Traditionally, Maruti cars are low maintenance vehicles that can last a long time. However, it still requires proper care and attention to the different operational components. Here are some useful tips to maintain your Maruti Ritz.


  • Be regular with getting car services as per time duration or number of kilometres driven.

  • Keep checking the consumable such as engine oil and other lubricants for its smooth functioning.

  • Regularly check the water level in the battery, especially during summers.

  • Keep the battery running and avoid long periods of idle state.

Maruti Ritz Maintenance Costs

Another benefit of owning a Maruti Ritz is the lower cost of servicing and spare parts. It is recommended to buy original spare parts from authorised sellers and get your car serviced as per the prescribed schedule through official workshops.



Kilometres/ Months

Free / Paid

Total Cost

1st Service

5,000 / 6 months



2nd Service

10,000 / 12 months



3rd Service

20,000 / 24 months


Rs. 5,000

4th Service

30,000 / 36 months


Rs. 3,200

5th Service

40,000 / 48 months


Rs. 7,500

The actual Maruti Ritz maintenance cost depends on the variant, the wear and tear of parts and the way the car is driven. This is just an indicative list of the petrol version of Maruti Ritz


Furthermore, there are some important machinery components which are built to last long but like all mechanical items have their own expiry date. It is deemed unsafe to drive your car after the prescribed life span of the components as described in the table below. 



Replacement Frequency

Engine Oil

Replace after every 15,000 kms

Brake Fluid

Replace after every 25,000 kms or every 2 years, whichever is earlier

Spark Plugs

Replace after every 45,000 kms

Drive Belt

Replace after every 45,000 kms or 4 years, whichever is earlier

5th Service

40,000 / 48 months

About Maruti Ritz

Maruti Ritz is a popular hatchback that is loved for its unique design as well as its top class performance. It provides a comfortable drive at an affordable price. Even after the production stopped, its variants are much sought after in the used car market.

Last Known On-Road Price in Top Cities

Since the Maruti Ritz is no longer in production there is no standard ex-showroom and on-road price for it. However, the car is quite popular in the used car market and the price is determined on negotiations based on the make and model type, kilometres driven till date, and overall condition of the car. The Maruti Ritz price range is estimated to be Rs. 4.30 - 5.10 L for its top variant registered in 2019.


In the hatchback segment, the Maruti Ritz is a multi award winning car renowned for its looks, performance, comfort, and safety. Basically it offers the entire package at competitive prices. Buying car insurance is required by the law as well as beneficial in protecting you from unforeseen accident related expenses. Before buying the plan best suited to you, it is advisable to compare the features and inclusions of different insurance plans. This is easily done on Bajaj Markets, where you can also buy the policy online in a few quick steps.

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FAQs on Maruti Ritz Insurance

What is Maruti Ritz’s mileage?

The Ritz is a fuel efficient car and its mileage falls in the range of 17.16 to 23.2 kmpl.

What is Maruti Ritz’s ground clearance?

Maruti Ritz has a ground clearance of 170 mm allowing it to remain stable even while riding on bumpy roads and potholes.

Is there an automatic Maruti Ritz variant?

Yes, the Maruti Ritz AT comes with an automatic transmission and a 1197 cc petrol engine.

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