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Shielding your Maruti Suzuki WagonR from potential damages is crucial, as repair costs can quickly escalate to a significant amount, causing financial strain. Getting insurance for your Maruti Suzuki WagonR can give you a viable solution to alleviate such financial burdens. Whether opting for third-party coverage, own damage, or comprehensive insurance, you can get protection for your car and against third-party liabilities. Moreover, getting insurance for your car is a legal requirement for driving on the roads.

Check Insurance Premiums for WagonR Variants

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Variants

Ex. Showroom Price

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-party Premium For FY2023-24

WagonR LXI

₹5.18 Lakh*



WagonR LXI (O)

₹5.24 Lakh*



WagonR VXI

₹5.50 Lakh*



WagonR VXI (O)

₹5.57 Lakh*



WagonR VXI (O) 1.2

₹5.80 Lakh*



WagonR VXI 1.2

₹5.73 Lakh*




₹5.75* lakh



WagonR VXI AGS (O)

₹6.08 Lakh




₹6.13 Lakh*



WagonR LXI (O) CNG

₹6.19 Lakh*



WagonR ZXI 1.2

₹6.08 Lakh*



WagonR VXI AGS 1.2

₹ 6.24 Lakh



WagonR VXI AGF (O) 1.2

₹ 6.30 Lakh



WagonR ZXI AGS 1.2

₹ 6.58 Lakh



Disclaimer: The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change based on the city. Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

How to Buy Insurance for Maruti Suzuki WagonR

You can purchase Maruti Suzuki WagonR  insurance at cost-effective prices on Bajaj Markets. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the ‘Car Insurance Premium Calculator’ section

  • Enter your number along with your car registration details

  • Provide the necessary information in the application form

  • Compare and pick the car insurance that suits your needs

  • Make the payment for your selected premium securely


Your insurance policy will be sent to your email address

Why Insure Your Maruti Suzuki WagonR?

You can make use of the following on getting insurance for your WagonR:

  • Legal Requirement

Ensuring your car is insured is not just a recommendation but a legal requirement mandated by law

  • Financial Protection

Car insurance provides crucial financial protection against unexpected expenses arising from accidents, theft, or natural disasters

  • Comprehensive Coverage

With comprehensive coverage, your car is safeguarded against a wide range of risks, including damage to your vehicle and liabilities to third parties

  • Additional Benefits

Beyond basic coverage, car insurance offers additional benefits such as roadside assistance, zero depreciation cover, and more, thereby enhancing your vehicle’s overall protection

Types of Insurance Available for Maruti Suzuki WagonR

  • Third-Party Car Insurance

A third party car insurance policy is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It financially covers any injury or damage caused to a third party during a mishap. In this case, the insurance company will offer compensation to the victim and thus, you won’t have to bear the financial burden

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is an enhanced plan that covers third-party liabilities, calamities, theft, own damage and other such aspects. Although it’s an optional cover, comprehensive insurance is highly recommended to ensure complete coverage during a mishap

  • Own Damage Insurance

Own damage insurance for Maruti Suzuki WagonR provides coverage against accidents, theft, natural disasters, and vandalism. This ensures repairs or replacements are covered, minimising financial burden

What’s Covered Under Car Insurance?

  • Third-party car insurance covers loss or damage suffered by the third party

  • It includes coverage for bodily injuries, death of the victim, and similar incidents

  • Comprehensive insurance expands coverage to include own damage, third-party liabilities, theft, and additional perils

What’s Not Covered Under Car Insurance?

  • Comprehensive car insurance plans exclude damage caused by malicious activities or drunk driving

  • They also exclude coverage for natural ageing or wear and tear of the vehicle

  • Driving without a valid licence is another exclusion under comprehensive insurance

Insurance Add-On Covers for WagonR

You can combine your Maruti Suzuki WagonR insurance with the below-mentioned add-ons covers:

  • Personal Baggage Cover

Protect your belongings against theft or loss, ensuring proper compensation

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

 Receive the full claim amount without deductions for depreciation, maximizing your benefits

  • Passenger Cover

Provide protection for your loved ones or other passengers in case of accidents or mishaps

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

Enjoy peace of mind with prompt assistance for car-related emergencies, ensuring a hassle-free journey

Documents Required for Raising a Claim

You can submit the following documents while raising an insurance claim:

  • Maruti Suzuki WagonR insurance policy

  • Vehicle details

  • Insurer details

  • Registration Certificate

  • Details of the incident

  • FIR copy in case of theft

  • Original bills and receipts of the vehicle repair

Process for Filing Cashless Claims

  • Immediately report the accident to your insurer

  • Select a Network Garage approved by your insurer

  • Bring your vehicle to the nearest network garage for repairs

  • Submit necessary documents and bills to your insurer

  • Your insurer will settle the claim directly with the garage after verifying the paperwork

Process for Filing Reimbursement Claims

  • Contact your insurer to report the damage to your car

  • If theft occurs, file a First Information Report (FIR)

  • Submit the FIR copy and necessary paperwork to your insurer

  • Choose a garage for repairs and cover the costs

  • Submit receipts and bills to your car insurance provider

  • Your insurer will reimburse your expenses after verifying the bills

How to Lower Your Insurance Premium

With the following tips, you can easily reduce the insurance premium cost for your WagonR:

  • Utilise No Claim Bonus (NCB)

Earn rewards by maintaining a claim-free record throughout the policy term, reducing your renewal premium

  • Maintain Car Health

Regular servicing and care for your WagonR can prevent issues, minimizing insurance claims

  • Compare Quotes Online

Save on premiums by comparing quotes online, ensuring the best coverage for your car

  • Handle Small Claims

Cover minor expenses yourself to preserve your NCB and enjoy discounts upon renewal

  • Install Anti-Theft Devices

Boost security and lower premiums with ARAI-approved anti-theft devices

Tips For Maintaining Your WagonR

  • Change the Oil & Oil Filters

For a smooth and worry-free ride, ensure to change the oil and oil filters in your WagonR

  • Refer to the User Manual

Read the Maruti Suzuki WagonR user manual to understand everything about your vehicle as it can be helpful in case you incur any trouble

  • Check the Brake Fluid

Ensure to check the brake fluid regularly and maintain it in sufficient amounts

  • Look Out for Tyre Pressure

Keep a tab on the tyre pressure of your WagonR to avoid tyre bursts or other problems

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FAQs on Maruti Suzuki WagonR Insurance

Is it mandatory to have insurance for a Maruti Suzuki WagonR?

Yes, it is mandatory to have at least third-party liability insurance as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, to legally drive a Maruti Suzuki WagonR on Indian roads. This insurance covers damages to third-party property or injuries caused by your vehicle.

What is the price of car insurance for Maruti Suzuki WagonR?

The Maruti Suzuki WagonR insurance price shall vary based on the type of insurance plan you choose and various other aspects. To estimate the premium amount for your car, use our online car insurance premium calculator for a quick quote!


How is the insurance premium for Maruti Suzuki WagonR calculated?

The WagonR insurance premium is calculated by considering numerous factors such as the age of the vehicle, area of residence, make and model, fuel type, NCB, IDV, etc.

What types of insurance coverage are available for Maruti Suzuki WagonR?

Typically, you can choose between third-party liability insurance and comprehensive insurance for your Maruti Suzuki WagonR. Third-party insurance covers damages to third-party property or injuries, while comprehensive insurance also includes coverage for damages to your vehicle.

What factors affect the insurance premium for a Maruti Suzuki WagonR?

Insurance premiums for a Maruti Suzuki WagonR are influenced by factors such as the car's model, age, engine capacity, location, and the chosen coverage type. Additionally, the insured declared value (IDV), which represents the car's current market value, also plays a significant role.

Can I enhance my insurance coverage for a Maruti Suzuki WagonR with additional features?

Yes, you can opt for add-on covers to enhance your insurance coverage for a Maruti Suzuki WagonR. Add-ons may include zero depreciation cover, roadside assistance, engine protection, personal accident cover, and more, providing tailored protection based on your needs.

What documents are required to buy insurance for a Maruti Suzuki WagonR?

Generally, you need documents such as the vehicle's registration certificate (RC), previous insurance policy details (if any), proof of identity and address, and a copy of your driver's license to buy insurance for a Maruti Suzuki WagonR.

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