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Purchasing a Mercedes Benz is no easy feat. They are definitely an expensive investment, which is why it is extremely important to keep them protected against any accidental or other forms of damages with a good car insurance plan. Investing in a Mercedes Benz car insurance in India can help you manage the expenses that may arise out of such expected events. 


You can choose from two kinds of Mercedes Benz car insurance plans - third-party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. A third-party insurance would typically cover the damages and expenses to third-party property and accidental injuries. A comprehensive car insurance provides extensive coverage on damages caused due to fire, theft, calamities, own damage, third-party liabilities, etc.

Mercedes Benz Car Insurance Price for Popular Models

If you wish to know the Mercedes Benz insurance cost for the most popular models, you can take a look at the table given below: 

Popular Mercedes Benz Models

Ex. Showroom Price*

Fuel Type

Proposed Third-Party Premium Rates (Rs.) FY 2022-23**

( effective 1st April, 2022)

Mercedes Benz A-Class Hatchback

₹79.5 Lakh

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes Benz A-Class

₹27.86 Lakh

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes Benz C-Class

₹50.01 Lakh

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes Benz E-Class

₹65.71 Lakh

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes Benz E-Class Limousine Long

₹83.5 Lakh

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes Benz S-Class

₹1.58 Crore

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes Maybach S-Class

₹1.57 Lakh



Mercedes Benz EQC

₹99.5 Lakh



Mercedes Benz GLA

₹44 Lakh

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes Benz GLC

₹61 Lakh

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe

₹71 Lakh

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes Benz GLE

₹84.24 Lakh

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe

₹1 Crore



Mercedes Benz GLS

₹1.13 Crore

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes Benz G-Class

₹1.64 Crore



Mercedes Maybach GLS

₹2.47 Crore



Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe

₹82.43 Lakh



Mercedes AMG GT Coupe

₹2.64 Crore

Petrol & Diesel


Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door Coupe

₹2.60 Crore



Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC

₹57.6 Lakh



Disclaimer: *The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change on the basis of the city.

**Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

How to Buy Mercedes Benz Insurance Online Instantly

If you are looking to purchase Mercedes Benz insurance for your car, you can get it in just a few minutes on Bajaj Markets. Just follow the steps given below:


  • Step 1: Visit the ‘Car Insurance Calculator’ page on the Bajaj Markets website.

  • Step 2: Enter your vehicle registration and model information on the page, along with the required personal details.

  • Step 3: Select a plan from the Mercedes Benz insurance options that appear on the screen after checking the features, benefits, and price of each plan.

  • Step 4: Pay the online premium for your chosen Mercedes Benz insurance plan through digital payment.


Upon successful payment, your Mercedes Benz insurance plan will be activated.

Know How to Renew Mercedes Benz Insurance Online

If your Mercedes Benz car insurance is near expiry, here are the exact steps you can follow to renew it:


  • Step 1: Visit the ‘Car Insurance Renewal’ page of any insurance provider’s website.

  • Step 2: On the page, enter your existing Mercedes Benz insurance policy details with any other required information.

  • Step 3: A set of Mercedes Benz car insurance renewal options will appear on the screen.

  • Step 4: Choose a Mercedes renewal plan that fits your needs and is appropriate for your budget.

  • Step 5: Pay the online premium for your preferred Mercedes Benz insurance renewal plan.

  • Step 6: Your Mercedes Benz insurance will shortly be activated.

Why Do You Need Mercedes Benz Insurance?

Mercedes Benz is a luxury car brand that offers expensive four-wheeler models. Can you imagine your Benz incurring complete loss during an unfortunate accident? Replacing your prized possession with a similar model can cost anywhere between ₹50 Lakhs - ₹60 Lakhs. Such an expense can be easily avoided by choosing a comprehensive Mercedes Benz car insurance policy for your precious vehicle. Additionally, you will need at least a third-party plan for your vehicle to drive legally on the Indian roads, as per the New Motor Vehicles Act, 2019.

Types of Mercedes Benz Insurance

There are broadly two types of Mercedes Benz car insurance plans that you can choose from:

Third-Party Car Insurance

As an owner-driver, it is compulsory to secure your vehicle with third-party car insurance under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. In the event of damage to third party property, accidental injuries or even death, the third-party cover offers compensation to the victim. However, such an insurance plan doesn’t cover the loss incurred by your own car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Although third-party insurance fails to secure your vehicle, comprehensive car insurance offers extensive coverage. This includes fire, theft, calamities, own damage, third-party liabilities, etc. Even if the Mercedes Benz car insurance price might be a little higher, your prized possession shall be protected no matter what!

What’s Covered Under Car Insurance?

Third party car insurance includes damage caused to the third party, bodily injuries, death of the victim and a personal accident cover. Furthermore, the inclusion of comprehensive car insurance covers own damage, third-party liabilities, theft, and other perils.

What’s Not Covered Under Car Insurance?

The exclusions of comprehensive car insurance plans include natural wear and tear of the vehicle, driving without a valid licence or drunk driving, damage resulting from malicious activities, etc.

Enhance Your Mercedes Benz Car Insurance With Add-On Covers

You can opt for these add-on covers to extend your insurance coverage. However, the add-ons may differ based on the insurers:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

With this zero depreciation cover you can keep the out-of-pocket expenses to the minimum, nil depreciation cover is the way to go! The insurer won’t consider your vehicle’s depreciation rate during claim settlement.

  • Personal Accident Cover

With personal accident cover, you can avail financial backup against accidental injuries, disabilities, etc. in case of a mishap.

  • NCB Protection Cover

The NCB protection add-on cover safeguards your bonus even if you make a claim during the policy period. With a set number of claims available under the cover, you can get an affordable renewal premium quote.

  • Engine Protect Cover

Any damage or loss incurred by the engine of your Mercedes Benz can be a costly affair. But purchasing such an add-on Engine Protect Cover shall cover such expenses without any trouble!

Making a Claim Under Your Mercedes Benz Car Insurance

Submit these documents while raising an insurance claim:


  • Mercedes Benz insurance policy

  • Vehicle details

  • Insurer details

  • Registration Certificate

  • Details of the incident

  • FIR copy in case of theft

  • Original bills and receipts of the vehicle repair


There are two types of Mercedes Benz car insurance claims:

Cashless Claim Under Car Insurance

In the event of damage to a vehicle, you can get your Benz repaired at an authorised cashless garage. The expenses incurred will be directly settled by the insurance company and you only need to pay for any deductibles, if applicable.

Reimbursement Claim Under Car Insurance

But if you want to take your car to the garage of your choice, you can opt for a reimbursement claim. Here, you must first pay for the repair expenses and later file a claim with your insurer.

How to Avail an Affordable Mercedes Benz Insurance Premium

To save up on your Mercedes Benz car insurance cost, you can take note of the following tips:

  • Avoid Filing Small Claims

To keep your No Claim Bonus intact and get a lower renewal premium, you can cover inexpensive insurance claims. However, you should only do this if you can afford to pay for the claim amount.

  • Compare Quotes Online

The most convenient way to get a budget-friendly insurance quote is to compare prices online. This method further enables you to pick a suitable coverage for your Benz.

  • Opt for Anti-Theft Devices

By installing anti-theft devices approved by the Automotive Research Association of India, you can get a reduction in the Mercedes insurance cost. Hence, it is highly recommended to avoid missing out on this tip!

  • Make Use of No Claim Bonus

No Claim Bonus is a reward you can enjoy on your renewal premium for making zero claims throughout the policy period. The bonus keeps increasing for consecutive claim-free years and can go up to 50%.

To Conclude

Owning a Mercedes Benz is like a dream come true. But this dream shall remain true only if you take good care of your vehicle. When it comes to driving high-end vehicles, Indian roads certainly cannot be trusted. Hence, you should always purchase a car insurance plan from a trusted provider to safeguard your precious possession. So, head over to Bajaj Markets to purchase car insurance for your four-wheeler. Though certain Mercedes Benz car models have been discontinued, you can still opt for car insurance for such models with insurance options at Bajaj Markets.

FAQs on Mercedes Benz Car Insurance

How can I check the Mercedes price for insurance?

You can find out the Mercedes Benz price for insurance using the ‘Car Insurance Premium Calculator’. 

How can I lower my Mercedes Benz car insurance price?

You can reduce your Mercedes Benz insurance price by:

  • Not buying add-ons.

  • Installing anti-theft devices.

  • Maintaining your Mercedes Benz in the long run. 

Do I need to purchase third-party car insurance for my Benz?

Yes, Third-party car insurance is mandatory to drive legally on Indian roads and thus, you must have a valid third-party cover.

Is buying online Mercedes Benz car insurance better?

If you choose to buy Mercedes Benz car insurance online, you can easily save up on the premium amount and get a better deal online.

Is it alright to declare a lower IDV for my Benz?

It is not advised to declare a low or a high Insured Declared Value of your vehicle. To get the rightful compensation in case of a mishap, you must declare the correct IDV of your car.

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