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Mercedes Benz G-Class, also known as G-Wagon, is a luxurious SUV from the German automaker that has gained popularity over the years for its off-road capabilities along with an extensive list of features. Initially developed for military use, the popularity of this vehicle prompted Mercedes Benz to make it available for civilian use. In case you are planning to purchase a G-Class, then protect your financial interests from any unforeseen incidents with an adequate car insurance plan. In this regard, you can avail of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class Insurance Cover through Bajaj Markets and secure it from unanticipated natural or man-made damage.

Check Insurance Premium for Mercedes-Benz G-Class variant

Refer to the table below to get an idea regarding the Mercedes-Benz G-Class insurance cost –



Fuel Type



Rs. 1.75 Crores


Rs. 7897


Rs. 88 Lakhs


Rs. 7897

All information is for a Mercedes-Benz G-Class only. The estimated third-party premium rates may vary based on various factors. You can visit the Bajaj Markets portal to learn more about insurance policies for your G-Class.

How to Buy Mercedes-Benz G-Class Insurance Online

Considering the G-Class price and the substantial investment that you make, purchasing a car insurance plan to safeguard what’s imperative. Here are the steps that you can follow to purchase Mercedes-Benz G-Class insurance online:


Step 1: Go to the car insurance calculator on Bajaj Markets


Step 2: Provide your car registration number, model of the car, fuel type


Step 3: Enter other necessary details like name, mobile number in the application form


Step 4: On getting redirected to the page showing policy quotes, choose a plan that best suits your requirement and affordability


Step 5: Now initiate online payment for the chosen policy


Once you make the payment, you will receive all the policy-related documents via registered contact details.

How to Renew Mercedes-Benz G-Class Insurance Online

You can follow the steps mentioned below to renew the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Insurance online:


Step 1: Visit the official website of the insurer


Step 2: Provide basic details like the car registration number, mobile number, etc.


Step 3: Enter details related to your previous policy and look for the renewal premium


Step 4: Now proceed to make an online payment


You will receive all the renewal related updates via your registered communication details. Moreover, you can download a copy of the insurance policy following the renewal.

Furthermore, you can also renew your plan by contacting the insurance provider directly and submitting the necessary documents. Later, fill in the application form and initiate payment to receive the renewed policy documents.

Why Insure Your Mercedes-Benz G-Class Car?

Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a luxury car, and even the smallest of damages can result in expensive repairing costs. Hence, you should ensure your car receives financial assistance, helping you tide over expensive repair and replacement costs. It is mandated by the law for car owners to have third party insurance. Otherwise, their car will not be road legal. The personal accident cover compensates for the expenses against accidental injury, permanent disability or death. Under a comprehensive insurance plan, you will receive financial security if your car is damaged due to natural calamities, accidents etc.

Types of Mercedes-Benz G-Class Car Insurance

You can secure your Mercedes-Benz G-Class by opting for any of the following insurance plans as per the convenience available.

  • Third Party Cover

A third party car insurance plan extends benefits against any third-party liability that you will encounter in case of an accident. Moreover, opting for this policy is a legal mandate as per the provision of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Furthermore, it often comes with a personal accident cover that extends coverage to you, the policyholder, in case of an accident.

  • Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive car insurance is an umbrella product that offers financial protection against vehicle collision, fire, man-made disaster, natural calamities, third-party liabilities, own damage, etc. As it comes with extensive financial security against varied losses, the insurance plan comes with a higher premium fee.

You can easily compare and purchase any of these plans from a bouquet of options available on the Bajaj Markets platform. Here, you will have the option to choose from multiple insurance providers as per your requirements.

Inclusions in Mercedes-Benz G-Class Car Insurance Plan

Before you move ahead with availing Mercedes-Benz G-Class Car Insurance Plan, you need to be well aware of the following inclusions under it –

  • Third-party coverage

  • Any loss suffered due to theft, fire, or any explosion

  • Damages suffered due to natural calamities and man-made incidents

  • Personal accident coverage

  • Damages suffered due to an accident

Exclusions under Mercedes-Benz G-Class Car Insurance Plan

Besides knowing the inclusions, you should also have a well-rounded idea regarding the mentioned exclusions under the Mercedes-Benz G-Class car insurance plan –

  • For regular wear and tear of a vehicle

  • In case of driving without a valid driving licence

  • If driving under the influence of alcohol

  • Damages in case of any malicious activities

  • While driving with an inactive policy

  • In case of any electrical or mechanical breakdown

  • Damage or loss due to a war-like situation

Add-On Covers for Your Mercedes-Benz G-Class Car

Here are the following add-on covers that you can conveniently opt for when in need:

  • No claim bonus cover:

Under No claim bonus protection plan, you will be able to keep your NCB intact even after raising a claim. However, it is imperative to note this plan is applicable for an own-damage car insurance premium.

  • Engine protection cover:

Under this engine protection cover in car insurance, you will receive financial assistance for the damage caused to your car’s engine from water ingression, mechanical or electrical breakdown etc.

  • Key protection cover:

This key protection cover will cover for the expenses resulting from replacing the key of your Mercedes-Benz G-Class in case your keys get stolen which is otherwise not covered under a standard insurance plan.

  • Consumables cover:

In a consumable cover, you receive financial back up for consumable elements such as grease, lubricants clip, oil filter, nuts and bolts etc. However, you can only avail of such coverage if your car is of minimum 5 years old.

It is imperative to note that these add-on covers may vary from one insurer to the other.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Insurance Claim Process

There are two ways by which you can claim for Mercedes-Benz G-Class Insurance plan:

  • Cashless claim

You can easily get your car repaired without paying any amount in a cashless claim facility. You can follow these steps to opt for a cashless claim process. Follow the mentioned steps to go for a cashless claim procedure:


Step 1: Go to the official website of your insurer and register your claim. You can also register the claim by calling on the toll-free number


Step 2: Click pictures of the damaged area as evidence and submit it


Step 3: Reach the network garage and get the repairs done.


Step 4: Insurers will scrutinise the submitted reports and settle the bills directly with the network garage

  • Reimbursement claim

If you want to get your car repaired from any garage of your preference, go for a reimbursement claim where you have to first bear the repair cost and then claim it to your insurer. Here are the steps that you should follow to file a reimbursement claim:


Step 1: Inform your insurance provider about the unforeseen incident and file an FIR


Step 2: Take your vehicle to the garage of choice and complete the repairing


Step 3: Submit repairing bills and other papers to the insurer


Step 4: The insurance provider will verify these bills and reimburse the claim amount


Here are the documents that you must keep handy while opting for any of the claim processes:

  • Car details

  • Insurer information

  • Insurance policy of the Mercedes Benz

  • Registration certificate

  • Copy of the FIR (in case of theft)

How to Reduce Insurance Cost of Mercedes-Benz G-Class

You can opt for the following tips to minimise the Mercedes-Benz G-Class insurance cost.

  • Raise your deductibles:

Deductible is the amount you have to pay before the insurance plan picks up, covering for unforeseen incidents like theft, accidents etc. You can effectively lower the insurance cost by asking for higher deductibles.

  • Compare insurance plans:

To reduce the insurance cost, you should make it a point to compare different policy quotes online. Moreover, comparing different plans will help you settle for suitable insurance coverage.

  • Not making small claims:

Avoid making small claims to keep your no claim bonus intact and reduce the renewal premiums. For instance, you can fix the broken car’s tail light by taking it to the local mechanic instead of claiming insurance coverage

  • Installing anti-theft devices:

It is essential to install anti-theft safety measures in your four-wheeler. You can effectively lower your annual insurance cost by putting in a gear lock, anti-theft alarm, etc.

Top Tips to Maintain Your Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Here are some components that you should service and repair regularly to ensure proper maintenance of your car –

  • Check the brake fluid and coolant level.

  • Keep a tab on the tyre condition

  • Regular maintenance of seats and interiors.

  • Check on the car's exhaust, brakes, clutch etc.

About Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes-Benz G-Class stands out because of its boxy style, and modern car interior. The car also exhibits additional features like blind spot assistance, and a central lock system, ensuring the safety of both the car and driver. Moreover, the car is equipped with power steering, alloy wheels, a passenger airbag, automatic climate control, power windows front and many other notable features. It delivers a mileage of 8.13 kmpl with a maximum torque of 600Nm@1200-3200 rpm.

Different Variants of Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Take a look at the different Mercedes-Benz G-Class variants to get a clearer idea.

Name of the variant

Fuel types:


Ex-showroom price (Delhi)

G63 AMG 4Matic



Rs. 2.55 Crores

G350d 4Matic



Rs. 1.72 Crores

The on-road prices of Mercedes-Benz G-Class models are variable across all cities. Take a look at the table below to get a better idea.

City Name

On Road Price


₹ 2.03 - 2.94 Crores


₹ 2.16 - 3.19 Crores


₹ 2.02 - 2.89 Crores

Navi Mumbai

₹ 2.02 - 2.89 Crores


₹ 2.02 - 2.89 Crores


₹ 2.07 - 3.06 Crores


₹ 1.99 - 2.95 Crores


₹ 2.12 - 3.14 Crores

Features of Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Here are the following Mercedes-Benz G-Class features:

  • Mercedes-Benz G-class has a certified mileage of 8.13 kmpl.

  • The ground clearance of this luxury SUV stands at 241 mm.

  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class comes with a capacity for 5 passengers.

  • Fuel tank capacity of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is 100 litres.

  • The car generates a maximum torque of 600-850Nm and a peak power of 281.61-577 bhp


The sections mentioned above highlight all the particularities of the luxury SUV. If you plan to avail of an insurance plan for this premium-class car, you must compare different insurance plans and premium amounts.

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FAQs on Mercedes-Benz G-Class Car Insurance

From where can I avail insurance plan for my Mercedes-Benz G-Class?

You can purchase insurance quotes from any reputed insurance provider. You need to compare different quotes and settle for one that is affordable and suits your requirement.

Does the Mercedes-Benz G-Class have cruise control?

Yes, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has adaptive cruise control. Moreover, Mercedes Benz G Class specifications include other safety systems like automatic emergency braking, active brake assist etc.

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