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Check Insurance Premium for Mercedes-Benz GLS Variants



Fuel Type

Proposed Third-Party Premium Rates

FY 2022-23


(effective 1* June, 2022)

400 4MATIC

Rs. 68.5 lakhs


Rs. 7897


Rs. 68.5 lakhs


Rs. 7897

 *The Mercedes-Benz GLS ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change based on the city.


**Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing Mercedes-Benz GLS car insurance premium prices before purchasing your car insurance policy.

How to Buy Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance Online?

Depending on the Mercedes Benz GLS specifications and high price, the repairing cost is also high for this vehicle. Hence, opting for insurance is ideal to minimise out of pocket expenses. You can conveniently avail Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance online by following the mentioned steps:


Step 1: Visit Bajaj Markets and go to the ‘car insurance premium calculator’ section.


Step 2: Feed details like car registration number, mobile number, and other personal details.


Step 3: Now, choose an insurance plan from the different policy quotes that will appear.


Step 4: Initiate online payment for the insurance plan you opt for.


After making a payment, you will receive the policy documents via mail. Furthermore, you can avail insurance plan for your Mercedes-Benz GLS offline by directly visiting the insurance company and submitting the necessary documents.

How to Renew Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance Online?

After your plan gets expires, you can renew it easily by following the mentioned steps:


Step 1: Go to the official website of the insurance company and enter necessary details like car registration number, mobile number, fuel type, car makes and model etc.


Step 2: Mention your previous policy details like the policy's expiry date, and go through the renewal premium


Step 3: Proceed with the renewal process by making an online payment


On making an online payment, get all the details of the renewed policy in your mail ID.

Reasons to Buy Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, you must have a valid insurance policy to drive a car on the Indian roads. Otherwise, you will be penalised or face imprisonment. It extends financial assistance against any natural or man-made damage caused to your car. You will receive monetary compensation even if the car is stolen or lost. You also get protection from legal turmoil in case the car accident has led to the death or disability of a third party individual.

Types of Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance plans

Depending on the price of Mercedes-Benz GLS, you can opt for any of the mentioned insurance plans that will help you seek financial refuge when in need and protect your car.

  • Third-party Car Insurance:

It is legal compliance for car owners to have a third party car insurance cover. In addition, the plan extends financial security, covering for damage caused to a third party property or an individual.


  • Comprehensive car insurance:

This comprehensive car insurance plan covers damages caused to both your vehicle as well as a third-party person, vehicle or property. Though it is a costly insurance plan, it is preferred due to the extensive coverage it extends to insure you from all possible mishaps. As this plan covers a wide range of events, the premium amount is on the higher side.


You can avail any of these insurance policies as per your requirements from Bajaj Markets. It is an online marketplace where you can compare policies from different insurers and find a suitable one.

Inclusions in Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance plan

Besides knowing the Mercedes-Benz GLS features, you should be aware of the inclusions in the Mercedes-Benz GLS car insurance plan:


  • Financial loss or damages caused due to accidents.

  • Financial loss or damages incurred due to natural and man-made calamities

  • Covers third-party liabilities

  • Losses due to Car theft

  • Personal accident cover

Exclusions in Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance plan

Here are certain exclusions under the Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance plan:


  • Normal wear and tear

  • Electrical and mechanical breakdown

  • Driving a vehicle under the influence of intoxicants like alcohol

  • Driving a car without a driving licence

  • Damages due to a war-like situation

Add-On Covers for Your Mercedes-Benz GLS Car

You can also opt for add-on covers to boost the facilities and protection under your Mercedes-Benz GLS Car insurance.


  • NCB protection cover

You can keep the no claim bonus (NCB) percentage of the comprehensive car insurance policy intact with this add-on cover. So, even if you claim for coverage, the add-on will help you get the renewal discount.

  • Zero depreciation cover

Buying this add-on cover, you can secure total expenses incurred due to the replacing the parts of your insured vehicle. The insurer will not deduct the depreciation value while settling the claim.

  • Engine protection cover

Extend coverage of your comprehensive policy with this add-on to get financial security in case you encounter engine breakdown. It covers engine damages caused due to water ingression, lubricating oil leakages, etc.

  • Personal accident cover

This add-on covers the treatment cost of physical injuries sustained by the owner-driver of the insured vehicle. It also gives compensation in case the on-road mishaps causes death, or permanent partial/total disability.

  • Bumper to bumper car insurance plan

Cover the fibre, metal and rubber parts of your vehicle with this add-on. It does not include any depreciation, thereby enabling you to get the total replacement/repairing cost of the items.

  • Roadside assistance

You can claim coverage for accommodation or an alternative transport facility when you face on-road car breakdown against this roadside insurance add-on. The insurer also gives you over-the-call support in minor defects.

However, you need to pay an additional premium amount for availing an add-on cover.

Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance Claim Process

You can choose among the two Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance claim processes. A proper understanding of the claim process will help you manage the Mercedes GLS cost.

  • Cashless claim procedure

In this process, you can repair your car from any cashless network garage; however, the insurance company will settle the expenses incurred. In case there is any deductible, you will have to pay for it.

Here are the steps helping one file cashless claims:


Step 1: Visit the official website of the insurer or call on the toll free number to register your claim.


Step 2: State the details and extent of the damage.


Step 3: Take pictures for evidence and submit them to the insurer.


Step 4: Reach out to any of the network garage for repair.


On verifying the evidence, the insurance company will accept the claim and will directly settle the expenses with the network garage.


  • Reimbursement claim procedure

In a Reimbursement claim process, you can take your car to any of your preferred garages. In such scenarios, the repair expenses will be first paid by you, then after you submit the bills, your insurance provider will reimburse the amount.


You can follow the mentioned steps to go ahead with the reimbursement claim procedure:


Step 1: Notify your insurer about the incident and take the car to the garage immediately.


Step 2: Now, a surveyor will examine the state of the car.


Step 3: Submit the claim report and payment bills to the insurer to receive reimbursement from your insurer.


Besides knowing the intricacies of the claim procedure, you also have to keep the following documents handy for registering Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance Claim Process:


  • Vehicle details

  • Registration certificate

  • Details of the insurer

  • Original bill of the car

  • Vehicle repair receipts

  • FIR copy (in case of theft)

How to Reduce Insurance Cost of Mercedes-Benz GLS Car

Here are the following ways by which you can lower the Mercedes-Benz GLS car insurance cost:

  • Avoid small claims:

One of the effective ways to reduce the insurance cost of your Mercedes-Benz GLS car is by refraining from filing small claims. In case of minor damages caused to your car, like scratches or dents, do not go for making a claim; this will also help you keep your no claim bonus intact.

  • Installing anti-theft devices:

Installing anti-theft devices in your Mercedes-Benz GLS car will help you fetch lower insurance costs. Fixing car alarms, steering lock, gear lock in your car ensures the safety and helps you avail discounts on the premium amount.

  • Compare different policy quotes:

Always compare different policy quotes before opting for one. Investing time in choosing a lender offering a high coverage amount at a nominal premium amount helps you save up on money.

  • Avoid taking add-on covers unnecessarily:

Availing multiple add-on covers contributes to the premium amount, increasing your monetary burden. Hence, it is recommended to opt for add-on covers that best suit your requirement.

  • Raise your deductibles:

You can quickly lower your insurance premium by raising the deductible component. However, you should raise the deductible only to that level that eventually does not defeat the purpose of the insurance plan.

Top Tips to maintain your Mercedes-Benz GLS Car

Here are a few tips that will help you maintain your Mercedes-Benz GLS car insurance:

  • Service your car regularly

  • Keep your tires in check

  • Change the oil and check the coolant level

  • Keep tabs on the condition of brake pads

About Mercedes-Benz GLS

Mercedes-Benz GLS is a luxurious SUV that stands out for its design and features. The vehicle has best in class cabin space along with AIRMATIC suspension, LED lights and a host of other amenities to offer you a premium experience. The Mercedes GLS seating capacity is 5 and 7, depending on the variant you opt for. 

Variants and ex-showroom price of Mercedes-Benz GLS

Name of Variant

Fuel Types


Ex-showroom price

400d 4MATIC



Rs. 1.16 Croress

450 4MATIC



Rs. 1.18 Croress

GLS Maybach 600 4MATIC



Rs. 2.47 Crores

City Name

On Road price

New Delhi

Rs. 1.34 Crores


Rs. 1.26 Crores


Rs. 1.35 Crores


Rs. 1.35 Crores


Rs. 1.36 Crores


Rs. 1.42 Crores


Here are the features of Mercedes-Benz GLS 400 4MATIC:


  • Seat Kinetics and Memory package

  • AIRMATIC suspension system equipped with ADS+

  • Fully digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen infotainment system

  • Blindspot assist

  • 360-degree camera and other parking assistance systems

  • Adaptive headlamp


Considering the Mercedes GLS price, it is essential to protect this investment with an adequate car insurance plan. In this regard, you can visit the Bajaj Markets platform to compare and find an ideal vehicle insurance plan that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

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FAQs on Mercedes-Benz GLS Car Insurance

Do I need to avail third party car insurance for my Mercedes Benz GLS?

Yes, it is mandatory for you, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 to avail of third party insurance cover for your Mercedes Benz. 

Does Mercedes Benz GLS have wireless charging?

The advanced NFC technology enables the wireless charging option in Mercedes Benz GLS, placed in the centre console, helping you charge your compatible phone and other Qi standard supported devices. 

How to get the best mileage from Mercedes Benz GLS?

You can get the best mileage from Mercedes Benz GLS by modulating the throttle judiciously, turning off the engine, minimising gearshifts and more.

Is there an all-wheel drive variant available with a Mercedes Benz GLS?

Yes, a Mercedes Benz GLS comes with an all-wheel drive variant.

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