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Renault Kwid is one of the most affordable cars on the market these days. However, it is prone to certain risks such as accidents, theft or damage due to unforeseen events. The Renault Kwid Car Insurance safeguards you from any financial burden as a result of such unfortunate events. While third-party insurance covers only third-party liabilities, Renault Kwid comprehensive car insurance covers for the damages to the vehicle as well. Also, having a third-party car insurance has been made mandatory by law in the country.

Renault Kwid Insurance Price for All Variants

The market presently offers 11 different variants of the Renault Kwid. The next step following your understanding of the technical specifications of this car involves noting the Renault Kwid ex-showroom price applicable to each of its variants.

Renault Kwid Variants

Renault Kwid Ex-Showroom Price

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-party Premium**


₹4.06 Lakhs




₹4.36 Lakhs




₹4.53 Lakhs




₹4.66 Lakhs



KWID 1.0 RXT Opt

₹4.90 Lakhs




₹4.93 Lakhs



KWID Climber 1.0 MT Opt

₹5.11 Lakhs



KWID Climber 1.0 MT DT

₹5.19 Lakhs




₹5.30 Lakhs



KWID Climber 1.0 AMT Opt

₹5.51 Lakhs



KWID Climber 1.0 AMT Opt DT

₹5.59 Lakhs




 *The Renault Kwid ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change on the basis of the city.


**Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual Renault Kwid insurance price that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

How to Purchase Renault Kwid Insurance Online

You can now buy Renault Kwid car insurance at competitive prices by following these steps:


  • Step 1: Go to the ‘car insurance premium’ page on Bajaj Markets.

  • Step 2: Fill in the car registration number and mobile number.

  • Step 3: Provide the required details on the online application form.

  • Step 4: Choose the car insurance that suits your needs.

  • Step 5: Complete the premium payment.

  • Step 6: Your car insurance policy will be sent to your email ID.

How to Renew Your Renault Kwid Insurance Easily

Complete Renault Kwid insurance renewal at affordable prices:


  • Step 1: Go to the ‘car insurance renewal’ page on your insurance provider’s website.

  • Step 2: Enter your registration number and phone number.

  • Step 3: Provide your previous car insurance policy details.

  • Step 4: Check your insurance renewal premium.

  • Step 5: Make an instant online payment.

  • Step 6: Download your car insurance policy document.

Why is it Important to Insure Your Renault Kwid?

Negligent driving and breaking of traffic rules on the road has always been a cause for minor or major road mishaps. During such times, putting off the purchase of car insurance can prove detrimental to your savings. How, you ask? An accident on the road can easily result in vehicular damage. In the absence of comprehensive car insurance of your Renault Kwid, the cost of repair can roughly fall between ₹1 Lakh - ₹1.5 Lakhs. However, your insurance provider will cover such expenses without much hassle only if you get extensive car insurance coverage for your Renault Kwid!

Comprehensive or Third-Party Car Insurance: Which One to Buy?

  • Third-Party Car Insurance

Third party insurance is a basic policy that covers any third-party liabilities caused due to your insured car. The cover includes damage or loss caused to third party property, any bodily injuries sustained or even the death of the victim. However, you must know that third-party Renault Kwid insurance doesn’t include the accidental loss incurred by your own vehicle!

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, provides broader coverage as it protects third-party liabilities as well as accidental damage caused to your car. Since this kind of plan provides wider coverage, the premiums you have to pay may be on the higher side. Nonetheless, the Renault Kwid insurance cost is well worth the security you get.

What’s Covered Under Car Insurance?

Third-party Renault Kwid insurance includes damage caused to the third party, death of the victim, bodily injuries, etc. However, comprehensive car insurance covers accidental damage or loss, third-party liabilities, theft, man-made disasters, natural calamities, etc.

What’s Not Covered Under Car Insurance?

The exclusions of comprehensive car insurance for Renault Kwid are normal wear and tear of your car, damage as a result of malicious activities, mechanical or electrical car failure, driving without a valid licence, etc.

Get Add-on Covers With Your Renault Kwid Insurance

Purchasing add-on covers helps you to enhance your existing plan and widen its scope of coverage. However, add-ons can only be purchased to supplement a comprehensive insurance plan.

  • Personal Baggage Cover

You can rest assured when it comes to your baggage by opting for this rider along with your Renault Kwid car insurance. The personal baggage add-on covers the cost in case your personal belongings are lost or damaged (while they are on-board the car).

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

In case you need emergency assistance while on the road, you can call the helpline number provided under your 24x7 roadside assistance cover. Right from fuel delivery, to engine jumpstart and towing, to tyre puncture, the add-on cover has got you covered!

  • Engine Protection Cover

For any engine troubles your car may face, like oil leakage or water seepage, the replacement or repair costs will be covered under your Renault Kwid insurance plan due to this engine protection cover!

  • Personal Accident Cover

In the event of an unforeseen mishap resulting in bodily harm, permanent disability or death of the insured driver, a personal accident add-on financially covers such incidents.

File a Claim Under Renault Kwid Insurance

The following documents must be submitted to support your car insurance claim:


  • Kwid car insurance policy

  • Vehicle details

  • Insurer details

  • Registration Certificate

  • Details of the incident

  • FIR copy in case of theft

  • Original bills and receipts of the vehicle repair

There are two types of Renault Kwid insurance claims:

  • Cashless Claim Under Car Insurance

Inform your insurance provider and register your claim. Get your vehicle repaired at the nearest network garage. Present your insurer with all the necessary documents along with the Renault Kwid insurance policy. After verification, your insurer will settle the claim with the garage directly.

  • Reimbursement Claim Under Car Insurance

In this process, you will have to get your car fixed at your own expense and reimburse it by raising a claim later. It is recommended to intimate your insurer about the damage immediately. Get the repairs of your car done at a preferred garage and submit the required documents for reimbursement.

How to Save up on Renault Kwid Insurance Premium

With these steps, you can easily make significant savings on your Kwid car insurance premium price:

  • Maintain No Claim Bonus

The No Claim Bonus reward enables you to enjoy a reduced insurance premium amount on renewal.

By not making any claims during the Renault Kwid insurance policy tenor, you can earn and accumulate the NCB reward.

  • Install Anti-Theft Devices

Installing ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) approved anti-theft devices can give you additional premium perks!

  • Compare Plans Online

The best way to get a pocket-friendly Renault Kwid insurance quote is by checking various car plans online and comparing them on various points including the premium.

  • Abide by Traffic Laws

To ensure you make zero claims during the policy year, follow the traffic laws and drive your four-wheeler cautiously.

How to Maintain Your Renault Kwid

  • Maintain Your Car

Following the maintenance schedule of your Renault Kwid and getting it serviced regularly can really help you keep an eye on any vehicle-related issues!

  • Check the Battery

Cleaning your Kwid’s engine and maintaining it in top-notch condition can extend its life span without a doubt.

  • Maintain the Tyre Pressure

Ensure to inspect the tyre pressure of your Kwid from time to time to steer clear of any tyre-related problems.

  • Read the User Manual

As the user manual contains all the information regarding your four-wheeler, read it carefully to help manage minor car troubles.

Know the Renault Kwid Maintenance Cost

The estimated Renault Kwid service and maintenance cost for five years ranges between ₹10,000 - ₹10,800. You can get the first three services for free after completing 10,000 km, 20,000 km and 30,000 km, respectively. Here’s the Renault Kwid service schedule and the total expenses:

Service No.


Free or Paid

Total Expenses

First Service




Second Service




Third Service




Fourth Service




Fifth Service




*These are indicative prices. The actual cost of maintenance of the Renault Kwid may vary and change from time to time.

About Renault Kwid

The Renault Kwid is a great 5-seater vehicle. Available in 7 different colours, there are currently 11 different variants available in the market. It has an engine displacement of 999cc and a power of 67 BHP. It is available with a manual or an automatic transmission. The boot space of this vehicle amounts to a spacious 279 litres. To learn more about the fabulous features that make the Renault Kwid stand out, continue reading.

Renault Kwid Specifications





Displacement - 999cc (Petrol)



Power - 67 bhp @ 5,500 RPM



Torque - 91 Nm @ 4250 RPM



Cylinders - 3



5-Speed Manual Transmission

5-Speed Automatic Transmission

Renault Kwid Mileage

Transmission - 21 -22 km / litre

Renault Kwid Ground Clearance

184 mm

Turning Radius

4.9 meters

Renault Kwid Fuel Tank Capacity

28 litres

Renault Kwid Boot Space

279 litres


Front Brake Type - Disc

Rear Brake Type - Drum

Wheels and Tyres

155/80 R13

Renault Kwid Seating Capacity

5 Seats


Renault Kwid On-Road Price

Renault Kwid price Delhi

₹4.60 Lakhs

Renault Kwid price Mumbai

₹4.79 Lakhs

Renault Kwid price Bangalore

₹4.90 Lakhs

Renault Kwid price Chennai

₹4.74 Lakhs

Renault Kwid price Pune

₹4.78 Lakhs

This vehicle is safe, comfortable and features tons of nifty offerings that add to its appeal. Some of these features have been examined below.

  • Exterior

This vehicle has adjustable headlights and a manually adjustable exterior rearview mirror. It also features a power antenna.

  • Interior

The interior of this vehicle features a tachometer and an electronic multi-tripmeter. The steering wheel is upholstered with leather while the seats are upholstered with fabric. There is a glove compartment as well.

  • Comfort and Convenience

This vehicle has power steering and power windows at the front and rear. It is airconditioned with a heater and has a low fuel warning light.


We hope that you now have an adequate understanding of each of the key features of the Renault Kwid and why you must safeguard it with insurance. This should help you decide whether the Renault Kwid is the right vehicle for you to purchase. Should you decide to buy this vehicle, you must also buy an equally good car insurance policy to offer adequate financial protection for your new Renault Kwid. Do not put it off any longer and browse through the comprehensive car insurance plans available pon Bajaj Markets today!

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FAQs on Renault Kwid Insurance

What is Renault Kwid’s ground clearance?

The ground clearance of the Renault Kwid amounts to 184 mm. 

What are the colours that the Renault Kwid is available in?

The Renault Kwid is available in 7 different colours. They are as follows.Electric blue, Fiery red, White with black roof, Moonlight silver, Zanskar blue, Outback bronze, Cool white

What is the Renault Kwid’s boot space?

The Renault Kwid features a boot space amounting to 279 litres.

What is the fuel tank capacity of the Renault Kwid?

The fuel tank capacity of the Renault Kwid is 28 litres.

What are the different variants that Renault Kwid is available in?

The Renault Kwid is presently available in the following variants. KWID RXE, KWID RXL, KWID 1.0 RXL, KWID RXT, KWID 1.0 RXT Opt, KWID 1.0 RXL AMT, KWID Climber 1.0 MT Opt, KWID Climber 1.0 MT DT, KWID 1.0 RXT AMT Opt, KWID Climber 1.0 AMT Opt, KWID Climber 1.0 AMT Opt DT

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