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Car insurance has been made mandatory by law and there are myths revolving around the thought of making a claim under the car insurance policy. It is considered as a complex and lengthy process. However, it is actually very straightforward if all the relevant documents are in place. 

SBI General Car Insurance claim is a demand generally made to them in order to compensate the policyholder for the expenses arising due to damages to the insured vehicle. There are two types of claim processes: Reimbursement and cashless. Read on to know more about how you can make a cashless and reimbursement claim and more.

How to File an SBI General Car Insurance Cashless Claim 

If your car gets damaged due to an accident and is transported to SBI General authorised network garage for repair, then you can file for a cashless claim. In such a case, the insurance liability is settled directly between SBIG and the repair garage. Here’s how you can file an SBI General Car Insurance Cashless Claim:


  1. Contact SBI General to register your vehicle claim.

  2. SBIG will then assign a surveyor to assess and verify the damage.

  3. The surveyor will then provide an estimated amount of claim settlement you can ask for.

  4. Take your vehicle to the nearest garage which is a part of SBIG’s network and get it repaired. 

  5. The insurance liabilities will be directly settled by SBIG. However, you may be required to pay the car insurance deductibles on your own. After the payment of that amount, you can take your vehicle home.

How to File an SBI General Car Insurance Reimbursement Claim

If you get your car repaired at a garage which is not a part of SBI General network, you will first have to settle the charges on your own, after registering the claim with SBIG. After this, you can raise a claim to SBI General for the reimbursement of the costs incurred by the submission of the required documents. Here’s how you can file an SBI General Car Insurance Reimbursement Claim:


  1. Contact SBI General to register your vehicle claim.

  2. SBIG will assign a surveyor to verify and assess the loss suffered by your car.

  3. Surveyor will provide an approximate amount of claim settlement.

  4. Take your vehicle to a repair garage under intimation to SBIG.

  5. Submit a copy of your car’s repair invoice to SBIG.

  6. Check your claim status online through the official website of SBIG.

  7. After the verification and the approval of your claim, you will receive the reimbursement of your claim amount directly into your bank account.

Documents Required for Claim Settlement

The SBIG Motor Insurance claim can be raised by submitting the following documents:


  • Duly filled & signed claim form by the policy owner/insured

  • Copy of your car’s registration certificate

  • Copy of the driver’s licence of the person driving the vehicle at the time of the accident

  • Copy of SBI General Motor Insurance policy document

  • Copy of police FIR stating the theft, fire, malicious act, or the third party damages

  • Repair expense bills as well as payment receipts

  • Other documents as asked by SBIG, depending on the specific situations

Reasons for SBI General Car Insurance Claim Rejection

It is not mandatory that your insurance claim will get accepted, no matter what. Following situations may result in the rejection of your SBI General Motor Insurance claim:


  • If your car insurance policy had expired at the time of accident

  • If you inform SBIG very late

  • If you do not inform SBIG before getting any repairs done

  • If you do not show a valid driver’s licence at the time of making a claim

  • If you meet with an accident while driving your insured car under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • If you buy your car insurance policy in the name of someone else

  • If you use your insured car to carry out illegal activities

How to Avoid a Rejection of Your SBI General Car Insurance Claim

The claim settlement ratio of SBI General Car Insurance is 98%, however, it is vital to keep a few things in mind while making a claim. This will help you avoid the claim rejection. Here are a few things you must take into account:


  • Buy your car insurance policy under your name

  • Submit accurate information about everything to SBIG

  • Inform SBIG about your car’s accident as soon as possible

  • Inform SBIG before taking your vehicle to get it repaired

  • Refrain from filing for a claim for a damage which is not covered under your insurance policy

  • Avoid making a claim for the pre-existing damages

  • Avoid carrying out illegal activities intended in order to defraud SBIG

  • Avoid claiming for a car insurance for damages which are caused while driving your insured car under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Submit the valid supporting documents as required.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the insurance plan of another insurance provider get renewed with SBI General?

Yes, the insurance plan of other insurance providers can get renewed with SBI General.

What is the maximum NCB permitted?

Discount rates will be according to the below-mentioned slab:

Preceding Consecutive Years Free of Claim (years)

Own Damage Premium Discounts (%)








5 or more



Can I get my insurance plan cancelled midway?

Yes, you can get your insurance plan cancelled midway. The unused premium amount can therefore be refunded on the short period scale subject to submission of  the alternate insurance related proofs. Also, no claim should have been made in the policy tenure. If the claim has been made, the refund will not be given.


Can I renew my insurance plan with SBI General if my policy tenure is over?

Yes, you can get it renewed after a satisfactory inspection has been done of your car.

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