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With the right Toyota insurance, you can protect your car with extensive financial coverage for any unfortunate and accidental damage. It is mandatory to secure your car with a third-party four-wheeler insurance plan under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. 


However, with a comprehensive car insurance plan, you can also cover your own damage and get riders that further protect your finances. With various options available online, you can now easily purchase a Toyota insurance policy at affordable prices without compromising on coverage. 


Most Toyota cars are conferred with 5-star ratings, reflecting the build quality and safety of their four-wheelers, which explains the popularity of Toyota cars and positions the brand makes as a leading manufacturer. 


Toyota car prices start at ₹6.60 Lakhs and go up to ₹94.50 Lakhs. The brand is known to design and manufacture C-segment, M-Multipurpose cars (MPVs), and Large MPVs. Since every Toyota car offers a high-end driving experience, it is essential that you get the right insurance policy to enjoy it to the fullest. 


Read on to learn about Toyota car insurance policies and make an informed decision.

Popular Toyota Car Models

Toyota Car Model

Ex. Showroom Price*

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-party Premium~

FY 2022-23


(effective 1st April, 2022)


Toyota Urban Cruiser

₹ 8.72 Lakhs - ₹ 11.40 Lakhs



Toyota Fortuner

₹ 31.38 Lakhs - ₹ 43.42 Lakhs



Toyota Glanza

₹ 7.49 Lakhs - ₹ 9.44 Lakhs



Toyota Camry

₹ 41.70 Lakhs



Toyota Innova Crysta

₹ 17.30 Lakhs - ₹ 25.31 Lakhs



*The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change based on the city.

~Third-party premium rates are indicative and are subject to change. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your Toyota car insurance policy.

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Premium amount




Buy Toyota Insurance in Just 5 Steps

You can buy Toyota vehicle insurance hassle-free on Bajaj Markets online by following these simple steps. 


  • Step 1: Click on ‘Check Plans’

  • Step 2: Fill the form with details like your car number, mobile number and PIN code and click on ‘Get Quote’

  • Step 3: Fill in the Toyota vehicle details such as the make and model as well as the registration and manufacturing year and click on ‘Get Quote’

  • Step 4: Choose your IDV, NCB, add-ons, plan type and other details

  • Step 5:View the top car insurance offers and click on ‘Buy Now’

Complete the payment and you’re done! 

Renew Toyota Car Insurance in Just 5 Steps

Renewing your Toyota insurance policy is quick and easy. Follow these 6 steps to renew it online:.


  • Step 1: Visit your Toyota car insurance provider’s website or app

  • Step 2: Go to the renewal page and enter the required details

  • Step 3: Check the premium amount and policy terms 

  • Step 4: Make changes where needed and add riders, if any 

  • Step 5: Pay the premium amount

Download the policy copy and save it for future reference. 

What is Covered and Not Covered Under Toyota Insurance



Third-party property damage 

Damage caused by irresponsible driving or due to violations of traffic laws

Third-party injury

Damage caused by war, terror attack, nuclear disaster, invasion, etc

Damage caused by natural calamities

Vehicle used to perpetrate illegal activity

Damage caused by man-made disasters

Deliberate loss and false claim

Personal injury

Lapsed/null/invalid policy

Cover in case of theft

Driving without proper documents

Damage caused to your car 

Regular wear and tear

Keep in mind that the above list of inclusion and exclusions is based on a general car insurance policy. It may change depending on the insurer, insurance type, and the terms and conditions of your Toyota insurance policy. So, carefully go through your policy document to know what is covered. 

Add-On Covers to Enhance Your Toyota Vehicle Insurance Plan

Add-on covers are available for all types of vehicles under comprehensive car insurance policies. Use them to enhance your cover and get all-inclusive protection for yourself and your vehicle. Some common add-ons that you can get with your Toyota insurance are:


  • Roadside Assistance

Being stranded due to a breakdown can be stressful, but with this cover, you can put that worry aside. With this cover, the insurance provider will offer technician services such as on-site repair, fuel delivery, towing, and more.


  • Zero Depreciation

Like other assets, your car is also subject to yearly depreciation, which ultimately reduces its value. This depreciation is also considered when assessing the compensation that the insurer is liable to pay. With this add-on cover, depreciation is not considered, and you can receive the full compensation.


  • Engine and Tyre Secure

Insurance providers don’t generally offer cover for repairing the damage caused to your tyres, engines, gearbox, transmission, and other internal parts. The cost of getting these repaired can be high, but you can avoid this by opting for this add-on.


  • Return to Invoice

Generally, insurers are not liable to pay the purchase value of your car in case of loss or theft. However, with this add-on, the Toyota insurance provider will pay the purchase value of your car with road tax and registration charges. 


Add-on covers increase your premium, so choose them carefully. Unnecessary covers can drive up the premium cost for no reason, and inadequate covers can result in out-of-pocket expenses, causing financial strain. 


Look at your car needs, use, and driving habits before finalising your Toyota car insurance policy. This will help ensure that you get the right cover for you and your car while safeguarding your finances.

Why is it Important to Insure Your Toyota Car?

Car insurance offers cover for sudden expenses arising from unforeseen events such as theft, accidents, and damages due to natural or man-made disasters. Going through such situations can be stressful and having to pay for repairing the damage only adds to it. 


With the right policy, you can avoid this and get your car back in working order stress-free. Assess your needs and compare the offers to get the right Toyota insurance for yourself. 

Which Should You Choose - Comprehensive or Third-Party Insurance?

Comprehensive Car Insurance

comprehensive car insurance plan offers wider coverage than that of a third-party insurance cover. With comprehensive Toyota insurance, you can get coverage for third-party liabilities as well as for you and your car. This way, you can protect yourself and your financial wellbeing holistically. 


You can even make the cover more extensive by choosing the add-ons. Additionally, a comprehensive insurance policy helps you fulfil the legal obligations of having third-party coverage without having to buy a separate policy. 


Third-Party Car Insurance

Third party car insurance is compulsory under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. With it, you get cover for third-party damage and injuries. The insurance provider is not liable to pay for the repair of your car or for any treatment you may undergo in case of injury.

Tips to Reduce Toyota Insurance Premium

Apart from your sum insured value and policy type, there are a few other factors that affect the premium of your Toyota vehicle insurance policy. You can assess these factors and make your policy more cost-effective for you. Here are a few tips. 


  • Drive responsibly to reduce the risk of frequent repairs, which can help reduce your insurance premium.

  • Install anti-theft devices to better protect your car and reduce the probability of filing a claim, which has a positive impact on your premium. 

  • Avoid unnecessary modifications that drive up the premium.

  • Compare and thoroughly assess different deals to find the best one with maximum coverage. 

Cashless Claim for Toyota Insurance

Most Toyota insurance providers today offer a cashless claim facility that allows you to get your four-wheeler repaired or serviced without paying out of pocket. This makes it easier for you to promptly get the service you need without worrying about the payment. However, you can avail of this facility only if you have the work done at a network garage.


Network garages are those that the insurance provider has tied up with to offer you cashless service. All the invoices for the work done on your vehicle are directly sent to the insurer by the network garage. The insurer will then directly settle bills up to the coverage offered by your Toyota insurance policy. Anything over this will need to be paid for by you. 


If you are unable to reach a network garage, you can get your vehicle repaired at any other garage of your choice. You will have to clear the bills first and then raise a reimbursement claim. How time-consuming or easy this is depends on the insurer. The good news is that the majority of the insurance providers have a wide network of garages throughout the country. 

Toyota Insurance Claim Process

With almost everything going digital, insurance claim processes can also be completed online. Top Toyota insurance providers offer a quick, easy, and seamless claim process. 


In case of a cashless claim, inform your Toyota insurance provider immediately. Once that is done, depending on the accident or incident, the insurance provider will either send a surveyor to the location or ask you to visit the nearest network garage. 


Once the surveyor has assessed the damage and the cost of repair, you will be notified of the total bill amount and the amount covered as per your Toyota insurance policy. 


For reimbursement, inform the Toyota insurance provider after the incident and get your vehicle to the nearest garage. Once your vehicle is repaired, you can start the reimbursement claim process. While the process may vary depending on the insurer, you will have to submit all the original invoices as asked. The insurer will assess the bill and approve a reimbursement based on your Toyota insurance policy.


For a seamless claim process, keep the following documents with you:


  • Toyota insurance policy document

  • Toyota car details

  • Details of the incident

  • FIR copy, if applicable

  • Driver’s licence, ID proof

  • Registration certificate

FAQs On Toyota Car Insurance

Which insurance company is tied up with Toyota?

At Bajaj Markets, we offer both third-party and comprehensive insurance for our customers from Bajaj Allianz, Acko and HDFC ERGO.

Can my Toyota insurance policy be renewed online?

Yes, you can renew your Toyota insurance online. Follow the below steps to renew your Toyota car insurance plan:

  • Visit the insurer’s website and go to the renewal page 

  • Enter your vehicle registration number and other necessary details

  • Check the Toyota insurance renewal quote 

  • Assess the policy document, and make changes if required

Pay the premium online and download the policy document

Do I need add-on covers for my Toyota car insurance?

Though add-on covers come at an additional cost, they are known to offer extra coverage. Consider important add-ons like zero depreciation, roadside assistance, and engine cover to protect your car.

Why do I need Toyota car insurance?

Apart from the fact that car insurance is mandatory, you must buy Toyota insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen financial burden caused by theft and accidents.

Can I get Toyota insurance for 3 years?

Yes. You can buy Toyota insurance plan for 3 years.


Can I make a Toyota insurance claim online?

Yes. Visit your insurer’s official website to raise a Toyota insurance claim online.


Is 3-year insurance mandatory for my new Toyota?

Yes. Long-term third-party liability car insurance is mandatory for every brand-new Toyota car.

Can I renew my Toyota car insurance If the policy expires?

You can renew your Toyota insurance only during the grace period if you have missed the due date. Once the grace period ends, you will have to get a new policy and cannot renew your old one.


Can I get own-damage car insurance for my Toyota car online?

Yes, you can get an own damage-only insurance policy online for your Toyota car. However, keep in mind that third-party liability cover is mandatory in India, and you will have to get that along with your own-damage policy. Find the best Toyota insurance policy with holistic cover for you and your car at Bajaj Markets.


How is Toyota insurance calculated?

 The insurance rates are estimated depending on the following factors:

  • Age of the car

  • Type of policy coverage

  • Car model and it's variant

  • IDV of the car

  • Claim history

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