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Specifications of Toyota Innova

  • Toyota Innova Petrol Variant

Engine Displacement

2694 cc

Seating Capacity

7/8 seater

Maximum Torque

245 Nm @ 4000 rpm


Black outdoor frame, adjustable and retractable side-view mirror, rear-window wiper and defogger, automatic headlamp leveling, front LED Fog lamp with Chrome Bezel


Leather Wrap steering wheel, multi-information display (fuel consumption, cruising range, average speed, Eco driver indicator), audio display, navigation display, console box, safety air-bags, and anti-theft system


Grant red, White Pearl, Grey, Silver, Bronze


  • Toyota Innova Diesel Variant

Engine Displacement

2755 cc

Seating Capacity

7/8 seater

Maximum Torque

360 Nm @ 3400 rpm


Radiator grille, automatic LED projector, Halogen with LED clearance lamps, welcome lights with side turn indicators, front LED Fog lamp with Chrome Bezel


Economy meter, room lamp, multi-information display with drive information (fuel consumption, cruising range, average speed, elapsed time) power steering, navigation display, eco lamp with zone display, lever type parking brake and luggage room lamp


Grant red, White Pearl, Grey, Silver, Bronze

Toyota Innova Four-Wheeler Insurance Plans

You can choose between any of the following insurance plans for your Toyota Innova car insurance

  • Third Party Insurance Plan

A third-party car insurance plan offers coverage only for legal liabilities with respect to a third-party. The insurance plan takes care of expenses incurred when your vehicle is responsible for causing any loss or damage to a third party due to collisions or accidents.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Plan

A comprehensive car insurance plan is not limited to third-party liabilities. It is an umbrella plan that has inclusions for covering personal accidents, injury/damage caused due to accidents as well as losses incurred due to the theft of your vehicle.

  • Zero Depreciation Insurance

Unlike other car insurance policy, Zero-Depreciation car insurance offers complete coverage on your car, without factoring in depreciation. However, the car insurance premium required for these plans is quite high. Zero depreciation insurance is more beneficial for new car owners, who are inexperienced in driving and thus more prone to accidents.

Why Insure Your Toyota Innova?

Road mishaps are unpredictable. No matter how carefully you drive your Innova car, there is always an off chance of accidents or collisions happening because of a number of unavoidable reasons. An insurance for your Toyota Car can offer financial protection to cover any unexpected expenses in the light of damages sustained by you, your car, or any third-party.

Inclusions in Toyota Innova Car Insurance

The Toyota Innova Car Insurance offers coverage for-


  • Personal accident cover
  • Medical coverage for co-riders in case of any road accidents
  • Loss/Damage to your Toyota Innova due to natural calamities (floods, earthquakes, hail, storms, etc.)
  • Loss/Damage to your Toyota Innova due to any act of civil disobedience- Communal riots, political strikes, etc.
  • Theft of your Innova car
  • Repair or replacement cost on any part of your car
  • Third party legal liabilities arising out of accidents/ collision with your car

Exclusions in Toyota Innova Car Insurance

The Toyota Innova Car Insurance does not provide any coverage for-


  • Over time wear and tear of the car
  • Any damage caused when driving without a valid driver’s license
  • Any damage caused when driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Any damage caused when the car insurance policy has expired/lapsed
  • Any damages caused because of mechanical or electrical malfunction
  • Third-party related expenses when-
  • Any damage caused when driving without a valid license
  • Any damages caused to your Innova when its car insurance policy is not active
  • Damages related to sabotage
  • Losses incurred because of the theft of your vehicle

Why Choose Finserv MARKETS for Toyota Innova car Insurance?

You can avail the following benefits by buying car insurances at Bajaj Markets

  • In-house claim settlement

Bajaj Markets eliminates the involvement of any third party while selling a car insurance online. The in-house settlement of your insurance claim assures personalized attention and quick disbursal of your claim amount.

  • Constant Availability

Bajaj Markets guarantees 24x7 assistance on your car insurance. Feel free to call on our toll-free number - 1800-209-5858 to get in touch with our customer care executives.

  • Instant claim settlement

For claims amounting to Rs. 20,000, you can use our instant claim settlement wallet- Motor OTS.

  • Cash-free servicing on your car

Bajaj Markets has partnered with over 4000+ garages across India. You can avail cash-free servicing on your Toyota Innova car at any of these garages.


To check the car insurance premiums for policies available on Bajaj Markets, use the car insurance calculator. The tool helps you determine the premiums and compare the prices of car insurance plans offered by other insurers as well. That way, you will be able to make an informed decision. 

How to Apply For Toyota Innova Car Insurance?

You can apply for a Toyota Innova car insurance with these easy steps-


  • Step 1: Choose a suitable coverage for your Toyota Innova car
  • Step 2: Submit your car details online
  • Step 3: Get your car details assessed by the insurance executive
  • Step 4: Complete the payment procedure
  • Step 5: Once the payment is processed, your insurance policy will be issued.

Claim Process

You can instantly register for a claim online if your Toyota Innova gets stolen or damaged. The claim process is extremely simple. All you have to do is-


  • Register your claim online
  • Submit the valid documents (receipts of repairs in case of damage, or a copy of police complaint in case of the theft of your car)
  • Get your claim documents validated by our insurer
  • Once the documents are validated, your claim would be processed

For round-the-clock assistance on your Car Insurance claim , you can visit our Claims page and providing the necessary details on Bajaj Markets platform.

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