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Bajaj Markets understands that anything could turn a simple drive into a dent in your pockets with impending damage repairs for your Volkswagen. Hence, we present to you the Volkswagen Insurance in India to help you maintain the luxury, look and utility of your car despite damages, accidents, vandalism, disasters, and other unforeseen mishaps.  


Moreover, the Indian law, under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, requires all car owners to insure their vehicles with a third-party car insurance. However, such insurances do not cover more than third-party liabilities; hence, the Volkswagen Insurance in India is the perfect coverage for your four-wheeler. The Volkswagen Insurance in India extends its benefits to every required repair and replacement for your car.  

Volkswagen Car Insurance Price for Popular Models

Let us take a look at some of the company’s popular car models available in India, along with their prices and Volkswagen insurance cost:

Volkswagen Model

Fuel Type

Ex-Showroom Price*

Proposed Third-Party Premium Rates (Rs.) FY 2022-23


(effective 1st April, 2022)

Volkswagen Polo


₹6.45 Lakh

Rs. 2,094

Volkswagen Vento


₹9.99 Lakh

Rs. 3,416

Volkswagen Taigun


₹10.99 Lakh

Rs. 3,416

Volkswagen Tiguan


₹31.99 Lakh

Rs. 3,416

How to Buy Volkswagen Insurance Online

Buying a car insurance on Bajaj Markets is a hassle-free and quick process. Just follow these five steps to buy your Volkswagen insurance online:


  1. Visit Bajaj Markets online and head to the ‘Car Insurance Premium Calculator’ section.

  2. Fill in the relevant details like your contact number and car’s registration number.

  3. Choose the VW car insurance plan of your choice.

  4. Complete the premium payment using any of the online payment modes.

  5. Done! Your VW car insurance policy will be sent to your registered email ID in no time.

How to Renew Volkswagen Insurance

To continue reaping the benefits of your Volkswagen car insurance, renew the policy with us on Bajaj Markets. Just follow the five steps given below:


  • Step 1. Visit the ‘Car Insurance Renewal’ section on Bajaj Markets.

  • Step 2. Enter your car’s registration number, your contact details, and the details of your existing/expired car insurance policy.

  • Step 3. Check your VW car insurance renewal premium.

  • Step 4. Pay the car insurance premium online.

  • Step 5. Download the policy copy.

Do not forget to avail the NCB (No Claim Bonus) discount at the time of VW car insurance renewal.
Note: The NCB reward is earned on a claim-free policy term.

Why is it Important to Buy a Volkswagen Car Insurance?

You may be a great driver, however, you are always exposed to risks while driving on the road. Even a slight negligence while driving your car may lead to an accident causing serious financial repercussions. For instance, just replacing the rear bumper of a Volkswagen Polo can cost up to ₹15,000! Replacing multiple damaged car parts can cost much more! The same is true for any damages caused due to unforeseen natural calamities or intentional harm caused due to any fabricated malicious acts.


Thus, in such cases, a Volkswagen car insurance acts as a safety net that covers the costs of any repair or replacement of damaged parts of your Volkswagen vehicle and prevents you from any unnecessary financial burden. Moreover, if you are a four-wheeler owner in India, having a car insurance is compulsory under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. This is to save you from any third-party liability costs in case of any unfortunate road accidents.

Types of Volkswagen Insurance Plans

In India, you can choose from two types of Volkswagen insurance plans:

  • Third-Party Volkswagen Insurance Plan

As mentioned above, having a third-party car insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. However, such policies only cover third-party liabilities, and the coverage protection is not extended to you or your Volkswagen car in any unfortunate event. Due to the limited scope of coverage, the premium charges for third-party car insurance plans are easy on the pocket.

  • Comprehensive Volkswagen Insurance Plan

Unlike third-party plans, comprehensive car insurance plans provide coverage for third-party liabilities as well as for damages to your own car. A comprehensive Volkswagen car insurance policy has a higher premium due to the extended scope of coverage. Having comprehensive Volkswagen car insurance will ensure that your car is protected against any unfortunate event at all times.

What is Included in Your Volkswagen Insurance?

A third-party Volkswagen car insurance provides coverage for third-party liabilities like death, injuries, or damages, that are caused by your insured car. A comprehensive Volkswagen car insurance will cover third-party liabilities as well as the damages to your own car due to natural calamities, man-made disasters, accidents, theft, etc.

What is Excluded from Your Volkswagen Insurance?

Your Volkswagen insurance does not provide coverage for the regular wear and tear of the vehicle, damages caused while driving the vehicle without a valid driving licence, electrical or mechanical breakdown of the vehicle, etc.

Add-On Covers for Your Volkswagen Car Insurance

The Volkswagen car insurance available online at Bajaj Markets come with bespoke add-on covers that enhance the scope of coverage of your insurance plan. These include:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

This add-on protects you against the depreciation value of your Volkswagen car, which will in turn minimise your out-of-pocket expenses during a claim.

  • 24x7 Roadside Assistance Cover

With this add-on cover, you can avail roadside assistance emergency services like towing facility, fuel assistance, tyre change, etc. in the event of a breakdown of your car.

  • Personal Accident Cover

In the event of a road accident involving your insured car, this add-on will cover the cost of treating injuries caused to you and/or the passengers in the car.

  • Personal Baggage Cover

With this add-on, you can claim a reimbursement for any lost/stolen items from your car along with any damages caused due to riots, fires, etc. The scope of the personal baggage cover may vary from insurer to insurer.

  • Engine Protection Cover

This add-on provides coverage for the expenses related to the repair and replacement of damaged engine parts.

Note: You can only purchase add-on covers to enhance the scope of your comprehensive car insurance plan. Add-on covers are not available for third-party car insurance policies.

Volkswagen Car Insurance Claim Process

Before filing a claim under your Volkswagen car insurance, you must know about the types of claims and the documents required to file a claim. There are two types of Volkswagen car insurance claims:

  • Cashless Claim Under Volkswagen Insurance

Here, you need not worry about paying for the repairs of your damaged car. All you need to do is get your Volkswagen car repaired at any nearest network garage and inform your insurance provider. The insurance company will then take care of the repair bills directly with the garage.

  • Reimbursement Claim Under Volkswagen Insurance

Here, you have the choice to get your damaged Volkswagen car at any garage. However, you will have to bear the repair expenses yourself and then file a reimbursement for the same against your car insurance policy. The insurance company will transfer the claim settlement amount to your registered bank account once the claim is approved.

Now, let us take a look at the documents you will need to file a claim under your Volkswagen insurance:


  • Volkswagen car insurance policy document

  • Volkswagen car details

  • Insurer details

  • Copy of the driver’s licence

  • Copy of the FIR in case of theft or vandalism

  • Original bills and receipts of car repair

Tips to Reduce the Volkswagen Insurance Cost

Here are five easy tips you can use to reduce the cost of your Volkswagen car insurance:

  • Maintain your Volkswagen Car

The condition of your vehicle is one of the major determinants of your car insurance premium. Hence, ensure you maintain your car in a good condition and get it serviced as per the manufacturer-recommended service schedule.

  • Compare Volkswagen Insurance Premiums

Do not forget to compare the Volkswagen insurance premiums offered by various car insurance providers before you purchase one for your vehicle. Comparing various insurance plans will help you make an informed decision.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Add-On Covers

Adding too many add-on covers to your basic comprehensive car insurance plan can increase your insurance premium significantly. Hence, only buy add-on covers that are necessary for your vehicle.

  • Avoid Filing Claims for Minor Repairs

Secure your NCB rewards by paying for minor and inexpensive car repairs out-of-pocket instead of filing insurance claims for such amounts. These NCB rewards can then be used to get a reduction in premium during your Volkswagen car insurance renewal.

  • Install Anti-Theft Devices in Your Volkswagen Car

Installing anti-theft devices that are approved by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India), like gear locks, anti-theft alarms, etc., can lower the premium of your car insurance.

Summing Up

Now that you know about Volkswagen car insurance, its importance, types and how you can enhance it with add-on covers, it is time to secure your Volkswagen vehicle with adequate car insurance and stay financially protected during any unforeseen events like accidents, theft, floods, etc. If you wish to get a quote for your Volkswagen insurance, use the car insurance premium calculator on Bajaj Markets now!

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FAQs on Volkswagen Car Insurance

Is it mandatory to buy a car insurance policy for my Volkswagen car?

Yes, under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, if you are a four-wheeler owner in India, you must have an active car insurance for your vehicle.

Can I get Volkswagen car insurance for less than a year?

No, the minimum policy tenor of the Volkswagen car insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets is one year.

What will happen if I don't have car insurance for my new Volkswagen car?

If you are caught by the traffic police and fail to present an active car insurance for your car, you will be issued a challan for violating the traffic rule. Multiple violations can lead to the cancellation of your driving licence and/or imprisonment.

What is the fine for driving my Volkswagen car without a valid car insurance policy?

The penalty for driving your Volkswagen car without a valid car insurance policy is ₹2,000 for the first offence. You may also be imprisoned for up to three months. For any subsequent offences, the penalty is ₹4,000 and/or imprisonment of up to three months.

What is IDV in Volkswagen car insurance?

The IDV, or Insured Declared Value, is the market value of your Volkswagen car that is agreed upon by the insurance provider and you (the policyholder). It is the maximum claim amount that the insurance company will pay if your car is damaged beyond repair or is stolen. The IDV of your car lowers with its age due to depreciation.

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