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Car insurance is a law-mandated cover you must purchase if you want to drive on the roads. This is not only for the protection of your vehicle but also to protect the driver, passenger, and third parties in case of an accident. Choosing the right insurance plan will give you maximum protection during unforeseen situations. 


Insurance companies calculate this premium amount depending on the value of your car. Check out the variants and types of insurance for Volkswagen Taigun, which you can choose based on your requirements. On Bajaj Markets, you can compare various plans and get a suitable plan with affordable premiums starting at ₹2,094 per year.

Insurance for Volkswagen Taigun Variants

This vehicle comes in different variants, catering to specific needs and budget. Insurers provide policies that cover each of these variants. Check out a few variants of Volkswagen Taigun available for sale in India and premium amounts based on the engine capacity. 

Volkswagen Taigun Models

Engine Capacity

Estimated Third-Party Premium

Taigun GT Line 1.0L TSI MT

999 cc


Taigun GT Line 1.0L TSI AT

999 cc


Taigun Plus Sport 1.5L TSI MT

999 cc


Taigun Plus Sport 1.5L TSI AT

999 cc


Taigun Chrome Comfortline - 1.0L TSI MT

999 cc


Taigun Chrome Highline - 1.0L TSI MT

999 cc


Taigun Chrome Highline - 1.0L TSI AT

999 cc


Taigun Chrome Topline - 1.0L TSI MT

999 cc


Taigun Chrome Topline - 1.0L TSI AT

999 cc


Taigun Chrome GT - 1.5L TSI EVO MT

999 cc


Taigun GT Plus Chrome - 1.5L TSI EVO MT

999 cc


Taigun GT Plus Chrome - 1.5L TSI EVO DSG

999 cc


Taigun GT Chrome - 1.5L TSI EVO DSG

999 cc


Taigun GT Edge

1489 cc


Disclaimer: Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

How to Get Insurance for Volkswagen Taigun

Unexpected events can cause a financial strain, requiring you to pay hefty bills for car repair. You can opt for insurance for Volkswagen Taigun by following these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Car Insurance Premium Calculator’ page

  2. Enter your personal, car, and registration details

  3. Select the type of policy and add-on covers you want to keep for additional coverage 

  4. Provide details of your previous car insurance policy, if any

  5. Choose a suitable payment facility to purchase car insurance of your choice

Why Insure Your Volkswagen Taigun

If you are unsure about getting insurance for Volkswagen Taigun, check out the following benefits that will help you make the right decision. 

  • Cover the Repair Cost 

It allows you to opt for cashless service for your car repair in case of any accidental damage

  • Mandatory Third-Party Cover

Driving on a road without car insurance is a punishable offence as per the Motor Vehicle Act

  • Roadside Assistance

These plans often include 24/7 roadside assistance for on-site repairs and towing services

  • Third-party Coverage

It also provides protection against third-party liabilities, like financial compensation and legal fees.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Volkswagen Taigun

Most insurance companies provide the following types of insurance for Volkswagen Taigun. You can choose from any of these depending on how much premium you want to pay and coverage for your car. 

  • Third-Party Car Insurance 

This is a basic plan which covers financial liabilities for the third party incurred during the accident.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance 

It combines the benefits of third-party liability and standalone damage cover, offering complete financial protection.

  • Stand Alone Own Damage Car Insurance 

These plans provide coverage for damages to your car caused by accidents, theft, fire, and more.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Here are some general factors covered in insurance for Volkswagen Taigun. Know that these parameters may vary from one insurer to another. 



  • Cover against natural calamities such as lightning, earthquakes, explosions, landslides, hailstones, etc.

  • Financial benefits in case of man-made calamities such as road accidents, riots, theft, burglary, etc.

  • Legal and property damage expenses incurred by the third party

  • Hospital bill or permanent disability coverage for the owner of the car and passengers 

  • Individual death in motor vehicle accident 

  • Damages incurred during transportation 

  • Property damage by the car

  • Insurance benefits in case the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or driving without proper documents 

  • Damages due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as war and nuclear risk 

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown 

  • Driving outside the specified geographical location 

  • Wear and tear due to the depreciation of the car

Add-on Covers for Volkswagen Taigun

To provide extra protection for your Volkswagen Taigun, you can choose from any of these add-on covers.

  • Depreciation Cover

Covers the cost of repair and part replacement due to excessive use of the car.

  • Cover for Lock and Key 

With this add-on, you can get compensation for the replacement of your car keys in case of damage. 

  • Engine Protection Cover 

This add-on helps you keep your car engine in the best health by providing adequate financial help. 

  • Consumable Cost Cover 

The insurance plan covers the cost of replacing engine oil coolants and grease to maintain your car in optimal condition. 

  • Tyre Protection 

Get compensation for the replacement of tyre and tyre tubes with this add-on cover.

  • Conveyance Cost Cover 

This add-on gives you financial assistance to cover the cost of cab rides while your car is at the garage. 

  • Roadside Assistance Cover 

Get immediate service from your insurance company in case your car breaks down.

Process of Filing Cashless Claims

In case of an accident, you can file cashless claims by following these steps.

  1. Call your insurance provider to inform them of the incident 

  2. Click pictures of the accident site and car images for future reference 

  3. File an FIR of the accident at your nearest police station 

  4. Assemble all your insurance documents to file for a claim 

  5. Visit the insurance company's website and file a claim 

  6. Upload all the documents and wait for approval

Process of Filing Reimbursement Claims

If you have already repaired your car, you can file for reimbursement from your insurance provider. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Contact the insurance provider to get assistance 

  2. Take pictures of the damage to the car 

  3. Send your car for repair to the nearest garage

  4. File an FIR at the nearest police station 

  5. Collect receipts of the repairs for reference 

  6. Apply for reimbursement on the insurance company's website 

  7. Upload your insurance documents along with FIR copy and receipts 

Documents Required

During the claim or reimbursement process, keep these documents available for quick approval.

  • Duly filled claim or reimbursement form

  • KYC documents

  • Copy of your RC document 

  • Copy of your driver's licence 

  • Copy of your policy document 

  • Copy of FIR 

  • Photographic evidence of the accident and car damage 

  • Bills and receipts from the garage (for reimbursement)

Tips to Reduce Volkswagen Taigun's Insurance Premium

You can reduce the premium cost of insurance for Volkswagen Taigun through these strategies.

  • Compare insurance company's offer online and choose the most affordable plan 

  • Opt for a higher voluntary deductible to reduce the liability of the insurance company 

  • Keep the number of add-ons to a minimum for an affordable insurance plan 

  • Get third-party insurance to cover the basic requirements of car insurance 

  • As car modification can increase the value of the vehicle, avoid them if possible 

Tips to Maintain Your Volkswagen Taigun

A well-maintained car has a lower insurance premium, so noting these tips is important to reduce its wear and tear.

  • Opt for timely servicing to keep your car in good condition 

  • Get car cleaning services for the interior and exterior of your car

  • Check your car engine and gearbox to detect early damage signs 

  • Replace any faulty or damaged parts immediately to avoid any unfortunate incident 

  • Make sure to park your car in a safe place with a cover when not in use 

  • Check the tyre pressure of your car regularly 

  • Avoid rash driving or overspeeding

Features of Volkswagen Taigun

Here are some features available on all Volkswagen Taigun models.

Interior Features:

  • 6 airbags to protect passengers for optimal safety 

  • Get a dual-tone premium interior and plush leatherette upholstery for a luxurious feel 

  • Enjoy 385 L boot space for a comfortable ride

  • 6 speakers

Exteriors Features: 

  • Infinity LED tail lamps make every drive safe in heavy traffic 

  • The muscular elevated bonnet provides a powerful look

  • The 3D chrome step grille and front chrome wing further elevate the car’s design 

  • Stylish R17 alloy wheels 

  • Available in seven bold and beautiful colour options 

Specifications of Volkswagen Taigun

When getting a Volkswagen Taigun, here are the specifications you can enjoy. These details are also important to note in case you file a claim on insurance for your Volkswagen Taigun.

Volkswagen Taigun Models


Taigun Sport

  • Fuel Type: Petrol

  • Seating Capacity: 5

  • Engine Type: 1.0L TSI

  • Engine Capacity: 999 cc

  • Fuel Tank: 50 L

  • Transmission: 6-speed automatic 

Taigun Plus Sport

  • Fuel Type: Petrol

  • Seating Capacity: 5

  • Engine Type: 1.5L TSI EVO

  • Engine Capacity: 1498 cc

  • Fuel Tank: 50 L

  • Transmission: 6-speed manual

Taigun Chrome

  • Fuel Type: Petrol

  • Seating Capacity: 5

  • Engine Type: 1.0L TSI or 1.5L TSI EVO

  • Engine Capacity: 999 cc or 1498 cc

  • Fuel Tank: 50 L

  • Transmission: 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic or 7 Speed DSG

Taigun GT Edge

  • Fuel Type: Petrol

  • Seating Capacity: 5

  • Engine Type: 1.5 TSI Evo with ACT

  • Engine Capacity: 1498 cc

  • Fuel Tank: 50 L

  • Transmission: 6-speed manual or 7 Speed DSG

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