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Health insurance is a form of insurance that provides you financial support when you truly need it during medical emergencies. It covers all the medical expenses that are included in your insurance policy. If you have opted for the cashless insurance then the convenience is significantly enhanced, since you will not be required to pay anything upfront, while the insurer pays the hospitals directly.


In light of the ongoing pandemic for the last couple of years, more and more people have been opting for health insurance plans to secure their families in case of unfortunate surprises. Care Health Insurance, which was formerly known as Religare Health Insurance, is a prominent health insurance provider with a variety of plans to cater to the needs of a diverse range of people.

When Can You Cancel policy?

While buying a health insurance policy is a wise and beneficial decision there may be the case that you wish to cancel it due to one of various reasons. It could be dissatisfaction with the overall plan, getting group coverage from their place of employment, getting covered by a spousal plan, among many others. In such a case, you are well within your rights to go ahead and cancel the health insurance plan. While different insurers have different cancellation policies in place, Care Health Insurance cancellation, in particular, is a very simple and user friendly process. There are two main scenarios in the Care Health Insurance cancellation policy, namely:

Cancellation during the Free Look Period

Cancellation after the Free Look Period

Steps to Cancel Policy

Let us understand the steps involved in the Care or Religare Health Insurance cancellation process under both the scenarios.

The first and foremost step, which is common to both scenarios, is for you to thoroughly read and comprehend the Care Health Insurance cancellation policy. All the different terms and conditions are listed in the relevant section in the main policy document. This exercise should be ideally done before you purchase the plan to avoid any unwanted situation later on. Now let us consider the scenarios:

Cancellation during the Free Look Period

Most insurance companies offer a free-look period of a few days from the time of the policy activation. This period is for the benefit of the policyholders in case they have second thoughts and wish to reconsider. During this period, the Care / Religare Health Insurance cancellation can be conveniently done if you are not entirely convinced regarding the terms and conditions of the policy or for any other reason. As per the Care Health Insurance cancellation policy, if you cancel it under the free look period then you may receive most of your money back.

Cancellation after the Free Look Period

Even after the free look period is over, you are well within your rights to cancel your policy, provided you have not made any claims as yet. The cancellation matrix is clearly mentioned in the policy document.

The final steps remain common under both the scenarios. You will need to

Intimate care health insurance customer care number team regarding your cancellation intention.

Fill in an online form or visit the branch office, as per your convenience.

Support team will contact you to understand your reasons for cancelling.

Amount deduction will be done, and the balance refunded to you along with cancellation confirmation.


Health insurance is vital to protect your savings and provide financial aid during medical emergencies. Ideally, cancel your policy only if you have other forms of coverage or a better insurance option available.

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FAQs on Care Health Insurance Policy Cancellation

Is the 100% amount refunded during the Free Look period?

The insurance provider is likely to deduct a pro-rated amount as recovery cost for the cover provided till the date the insurance is actually cancelled; as well as other costs incurred in the form of application processing, medical tests etc. Most of it is refunded.

How to cancel Care Health Insurance policy online?

Online cancellation is a quicker and hassle-free process. To initiate this process you need to get in touch with their customer care team:


My free look period is over and I have already made one claim on my policy. Now I wish to cancel it. Will I get a refund?

As per the Care Health Insurance cancellation policy, no amount is refunded if a claim has already been made. You may still contact the support team for more details.


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