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Minimum CIBIL Score Required for a Credit Card

A CIBIL score of 750 or above is considered excellent and is usually sufficient to get your credit card application approved. Notably, card issuers also consider other details on your CIBIL credit report such as how many credit cards you already have, payment delays, your debt-to-income ratio, etc.


Depending upon these other factors and your relationship with the card issuer, you might also get a credit card even if your CIBIL score is less than 750. However, if your score is less than 700, it may prove difficult to get a credit card.

How Your CIBIL Score Impacts Your Eligibility for a Credit Card

Your CIBIL score directly impacts the odds of approval of your credit card application. The higher your CIBIL score, the more likely it is that your credit card application will be approved. Refer to the following table to get an idea of how the approval of your credit card application depends upon your CIBIL score:

CIBIL Score Range

Credit Card Application Approval Probability

750 or above

A score of more than 750 is considered to be ideal. This can help you get a credit card of your choice at great terms. 

700 to 750

A score that falls within the 700 to 750 range makes you eligible to get a good credit card. However, the terms may not be as favourable.

Less than 700

If your credit score is lower than 700, then the chances of your credit card application getting rejected are higher. In such cases, consider building your score before applying for a new credit card.

FAQs on CIBIL Score for Credit Card

Why is a CIBIL score important for a credit card application?

Your CIBIL score is based on your credit history, which includes your repayment record, credit utilisation ratio, and the number of active and closed loan accounts, among other things. Whenever you apply for a credit card, the card issuer always checks your CIBIL score to make sure that you can pay your credit card bills on time. It, therefore, becomes imperative to maintain a good CIBIL score and a clean credit history if you want your credit card applications to be approved easily.

How much CIBIL score is required to get a credit card?

Banks generally require you to have a minimum CIBIL score of about 700 to approve your credit card application. However, depending on your credit history and your existing relationship with the bank, you may get a credit card even with a lower CIBIL score.

How to get a credit card with a low CIBIL score?

If you have a good existing relationship with the bank, you can sometimes get a credit card even with a low CIBIL score. Otherwise, you can always get a secured credit card against a fixed deposit.

Does your CIBIL score affect your credit card eligibility?

Yes, your CIBIL score directly influences your eligibility for a credit card- the higher the CIBIL score, the higher the chances of your credit card application being approved.

How to get a credit card without a CIBIL score?

If you do not have any credit history whatsoever, you can get your first unsecured credit card basis your income documents- salary slips or ITR certificate.

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