Frequent transactions. Also, a current account does not yield any interest.With its flexibility, a current account allows individuals and businesses to conduct their financial undertakings freely. You can conveniently make deposits, transfer funds, and withdraw them as per your needs. 


It provides access to unrestricted transactions and facilitates better financial management, among other benefits. Knowing these features of a current account allows you to get the best out of the financial product. 


Read on to know the advantages of a current account and more.

6 Key Benefits of a Current Account

At a glance, it may be difficult to identify the upsides of a current account. Here are a few:

1. Freedom of Unlimited Transactions

A significant benefit of current accounts is that they offer an unlimited number of transactions. This allows you to make unrestricted withdrawals, transfers or deposits. This feature is particularly advantageous for businesses.


This is because businesses engage in a high number of transactions with customers, lenders, manufacturers, and vendors on a regular basis. This freedom of unlimited transactions allows businesses to function hassle-free.

2. Seamless Transaction Options

Most banks offer online banking services for their current accounts. This simplifies the accessibility of account details, payment processing, and fund transfers from any location. 

You can carry out any financial activity round the clock from the comfort of your home. 


Along with that, numerous current accounts support multiple currencies. This enables businesses with operations in other countries to transaction in various currencies hassle-free.

3. Effortless Financial Management

With a current account, you can effectively manage your personal and business finances. This is due to various features that a current bank account offers, like the provision of cheque books, online banking, 24x7 availability, etc. 


These resources enable effortless monitoring of cash flow and payments, allowing businesses to strengthen their control over their financial resources. 

4. Flexible Overdraft Facility

Another advantage of a current account is that it offers an overdraft facility. This feature allows businesses to withdraw funds up to a predetermined limit. This proves as a significant advantage for businesses in case your business is facing a shortage of funds. 


These funds come with no restriction on end-use, allowing you to employ them as per the financial needs of your business. You can use these to finance payroll, purchase a new workspace, pay creditors, etc.

5. Customisable Accounts

One of the notable benefits of a current account is that many banks provide the option to tailor your current accounts. This allows you to select the features and amenities that align with your personal and business needs more effectively.


There are different types of current accounts, like a flexi current account and a zero-balance account, among other types of accounts to choose from. This allows you to choose an account with different levels of customer service and features.

6. Easy Access to Credit

The need for funds can arise at any time. In this situation, obtaining a loan can provide a practical solution to address your unforeseen expenses. Lenders approve your credit requests only if you possess a strong financial profile and a good credit score. Maintaining a current account boosts your credibility with the bank.


This helps easy access to credit if you apply for a loan from the same bank. Also, your current account provides insights into your financial stability, helping lenders assess your creditworthiness.


As you can see, a current account is a great financial tool to manage your personal or business finances. If you plan on opening a current account, you can find various options on Bajaj Markets. You can conveniently initiate the process online, benefiting from a straightforward application process with minimal eligibility and document requirements.

FAQs on Benefits of a Current Account

What documents do I need to submit to open a current account?

To open a current account, you need to submit your personal identity proof and residence proof. You also need to submit identity and address proof of your business, taxation documents, a cheque from your existing account and your latest passport-size photograph, among other documents.

Who is eligible to open a current account?

You can open a current account if you are an Indian individual, a sole proprietorship firm, part of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), a partnership firm, or a limited liability partnership firm. You are also eligible to open the account if you are a public or private company. 

What distinguishes a current account from a savings account?

A savings account is typically more suitable if you are a salaried individual with a regular monthly income. This is because you get interest on your deposits in a savings account. On the other hand, a current account is better for businesses that need to make

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