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Family health insurance plays a crucial role in safeguarding you and your family against unexpected medical emergencies — to get yourself in a position where you can meet the expenses face on, and not rely on financial help from your friends and family. As the insurance market is expanding, and so is the need to purchase insurance, Bajaj Allianz health insurance on Bajaj Markets provide you with several options at a hassle-free level you can apply online with minimum documentation.


However, it is often that the medical costs you had estimated at the time of buying a health insurance increase significantly over time, while the cover of the insurance remains the same throughout.


For example, Nikhil had medical insurance worth three lakhs for his father. Due to the rising medical costs, he thought that he’d better get a top-up insurance plan worth Rs 2 lakh. So when his father was paralyzed, the extra charge after the threshold amount was taken care of by the top up plan.

What are thresholds?

Thresholds are one of the critical factors when choosing a family health insurance, and on deciding what sort of top-up you should get for the insurance. For example, the threshold level for a Bajaj policy is the amount of money or the kind of bodily damage that should be reached before the insurance top-up gets activated. It is a sort of boundary that an injured person should cross before a claim can be made on the top-up.

Different types of threshold limits

To make a claim, there should be a precise knowledge of the threshold limit to understand if the request on the top-up can be initiated for your family health insurance.


There are two kinds of threshold levels that are considered before the top-up plan on your health insurance is activated: monetary threshold and verbal threshold

What is monetary threshold?

Monetary threshold refers to the total of the medical bills during a medical emergency, such as a car accident. For example, the accumulated bill for Nikhil’s father during the treatment of his paralysis stood at around 3.8 lakhs about 80,000 more than the threshold limit of his health insurance, which stood at three lakhs.


Now that the cost of bills have crossed Nikhil’s top-up plans threshold amount, his top-up plan will be executed, and he can avail the benefits of it.

What is verbal threshold?

Verbal threshold, next to the monetary threshold, refers to the extent by which the body gets physically damaged, such as paralysis, dismemberment, or death. At the unfortunate occurrence of any of such incidents, the top-up gets activated, and the insured gets covered.


For example, had Nikhil bought a top-up plan for his father which covered the condition of paralysis, it would have gotten activated once the doctor or the place where his father was being treated, would give a diagnosis of paralysis.


Both of these thresholds are crucial in buying insurance premiums and deciding on what sort of top-up you get. You may want to consider the uncertainties that the future may hold, and plan your top-up purchases accordingly. To address your specific top-up needs, Bajaj Allianz health insurance on Bajaj Markets provide you with several options at a hassle-free level  you can apply online with minimum documentation.


Top-ups on Bajaj Allianz health insurance come with a host of features, such as covered maternity, ambulance costs, and organ donor expenses  all of these features to address the numerous subtleties that come with critical diseases. With a Bajaj policy, you also get a free medical check-up done at the end of 3 consecutive policy years, irrespective of whether you have claimed any amount or not.


With access to the cashless facility at over 5700 network hospitals, a Bajaj policy is a safe bet against the uncertainties in life at a time when less than 20% of Indians have access to health insurance — a number which is steadily expected to rise as startups are providing tools for patients to better the care and address the issue of rising prices in healthcare. It not only secures your future but also provides you with the peace of mind. Besides, if you get a health insurance top-up, you can save up to Rs.60,000 as tax rebate under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

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