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Affordable Health Insurance Plans

Many tend to prioritise insurance premiums over the coverage provided under a health plan. This not only leads them to opt for a cheaper medical insurance policy but also overlook the benefits of the plan. But you must know that a lower insurance premium does not always mean the best. For instance, let us assume that you purchased a cheap medical insurance plan a couple of years back. Recently, you were diagnosed with a health condition that needs constant medical assistance.


Since such expenses can be quite hefty, you raise a claim under your cheap health insurance cover. That’s when you realise that you are liable to pay 25% of those expenses from your own pocket. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot avail a pocket-friendly health insurance plan without compromising on coverage. In this article, let’s go through some of the affordable and best cheap medical insurance policies available on Bajaj Markets.

Factors to Consider While Buying Budget-Friendly Medical Insurance

The health insurance premium is an essential aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when buying the policy. However, it is not the only one. Considering a few other aspects while choosing the most affordable health insurance can go a long way in safeguarding your needs!

  • Disease Coverage

While purchasing insurance, you assume that the policy shall cover any medical care expenses incurred in case you are diagnosed with a health condition. However, when the time comes, you realise that certain ailments aren’t even covered under your plan, and now you must shoulder the financial burden of paying the healthcare bills. This example stresses how crucial it is to read the policy coverage terms and exclusions thoroughly while buying a health insurance plan.

  • Network Hospitals

Network hospitals enable you to seek a cashless hospitalisation facility where the medical bills are directly settled by the insurer. Hence, to make the most of this benefit, you must check the list of network hospitals available under your plan. Furthermore, the insurer’s claim settlement process is just as important. So, it is recommended to go through the customer reviews and address them while buying an affordable medical insurance plan.

  • Add-On Cover

Did you know that add-on covers allow you to avail features over and above your health plan? By paying a nominal sum, you can opt for additional benefits for extra coverage under your health plan. However, avoid going overboard with these and opt for the ones that will really benefit you in the long term.


So, are you looking for a pocket-friendly health insurance plan? Then Bajaj Markets is your one-stop solution for all insurance-related needs! Head over to our platform now.

Key Benefits of Buying Affordable Health Insurance at Bajaj Markets

Why Bajaj Markets, you ask? Let us explain how the benefits we offer enable you to personalise policies at cost-effective premium rates:

  • Cashless Claim Settlements

The insurance partners of Bajaj Markets have a wide range of network hospitals across the country, making it easier to opt for a cashless facility without any hassles!

  • Extensive Coverage

With coverage for pre and post hospitalisation, daycare treatment, AYUSH, cashless cover and more, the health insurance coverage on Bajaj Markets offers maximum protection.

  • Instant Renewals

If your policy is due for renewal, you can get it renewed at Bajaj Markets instantly. Just visit us online, fill in the necessary details, make an online payment, and continue to enjoy health insurance benefits.

  • No Tedious Paperwork

Bajaj Markets will not burden you with extensive paperwork and only ask for important details!

What Makes Your Health Insurance Policy Affordable?

  • You can save up on the health insurance premiums if you opt for a co-payment option wherein you have to pay a certain percentage of the medical expenses from your pocket.

  • The premiums paid towards health insurance can be claimed for tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

  • Be updated when it comes to your health with free preventive medical check-ups after a specified period, irrespective of the number of claims you have made.

  • Make great savings on the insurance premium by opting for long-term health policies.

What’s Not Covered Under Affordable Health Insurance Plans?

  • Pre-existing ailments without completing the applicable waiting period are not covered under the policy.

  • Dental treatment unless arising due to an accidental injury.

  • Medical conditions resulting from drinking or substance abuse.

  • Injuries in dangerous activities.

  • Treatment cost for injuries caused due to war-like scenarios, nuclear activity, suicide attempts, and terrorism is not covered.

  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery.

  • Infertility treatment or complications caused due to pregnancy are not covered.

How to Buy a Budget-Friendly Medical Insurance Plan

Follow this step-by-step process to purchase the best medical insurance policy on Bajaj Markets:


Step 1: Go to the ‘health insurance premium calculator’ page on Bajaj Markets.


Step 2: Select the number of members you want to secure with health insurance. Enter other details such as your name, gender, contact number, birth date and residential pin code.


Step 3: Proceed to the next page, and you shall find various medical plans visible on the screen.


Step 4: Compare the policies on aspects like the sum insured, add-on covers, and other benefits.


Step 5: Finalise a health plan and read the policy terms and conditions.


Step 6: Proceed to complete the premium payment process.


Step 7: Your health insurance policy will be issued soon!

The Final Verdict

With this, we hope you have understood that you can avail the best cheap medical insurance while enjoying sufficient coverage. But it is recommended to go through the fine print to avoid any claim-related issues in the future. Bajaj Markets not only helps you gain extensive protection in case of health risks but also prioritises the need for a pocket-friendly premium. So, head over to Bajaj Markets now and get your hands on a suitable health insurance plan!

Health Insurance Plans Available at Bajaj Markets

FAQs on Cheap Medical Insurance

How can I find cheap health insurance near me?

You can easily opt for the best and cheap medical insurance near you on our platform without any hassles!

What are some other factors to consider while buying a cheap and best health insurance policy?

Here are a few more aspects that you can take into account while purchasing health insurance:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio

  • Health insurance exclusions

  • Incurred Claim Ratio

  • Customer reviews and ratings

  • Additional features offered by each insurance provider

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