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If you are facing any financial emergency or are trapped in any kind of debt, a personal loan can assist you in these kinds of circumstances. One of the best things about obtaining a personal loan is that you are not required to provide any security or asset against it as it is unsecured in nature.


Loan applicants are frequently found to be perplexed when it comes to selecting the appropriate application process. Few people believe that applying online is more advantageous; on the other hand, few individuals assume that obtaining a personal loan through DSA (Direct Selling Agent) is the better option. However, in order to have a clear understanding, you must be familiar with both. Let’s have a look at both terms to identify the more beneficial alternative.

Online Personal Loan v/s DSA Personal Loan

Here are a few points that you can use to differentiate between both options.

Online Personal Loan

DSA Personal Loan

You can perform an online comparison by visiting different websites.

You will have to talk to various agents to find the right option.

You will have to apply by yourself and complete the whole procedure.

DSAs provide doorstep services which will save your time.

Your application may get approved within just a few hours.

This method may take more than a few hours to process the application, sometimes even days.

You can acquire an instant personal loan in the event of any emergency.

You will have to wait for a few hours/days for the approval.

This method follows a minimal documentation application procedure.

You may be required to provide several documents.

You are required to do online registration before applying for a loan.

Online DSA registration is required to complete the process.

Advantages of DSA Personal Loan

Following are the advantages of DSA personal loans.

  • Improved Customer Service: DSAs follow a code of conduct to provide a smooth and satisfying experience to their customers. They will guide you at each stage of the application process.

  • Doorstep Service: You are not required to leave your comfort zone and travel anywhere. DSAs will come to your home or office and complete the loan application and collect the supporting documents.

  • Increased Chances of Approval: DSAs have a huge network. So, even if your credit score has been damaged in the past, DSAs can help you in getting approval from banks and other lenders.

  • Help in Selecting the Finest Choice: If you don’t have a solid financial understanding, these professionals will assist you in determining the right choice based on your current economic situation and future monetary aspirations.

  • No Additional Charges: DSAs don’t charge any extra fee for their services. You will only be required to pay the processing fee mentioned by the bank.


Whether you are applying for a personal loan through an online website or any DSA, selecting the right lender is the most important thing. Both alternatives have their own set of benefits. Before making a decision, you should do some research as it will guide you to make a selection that fits your requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a DSA?

A DSA, also known as a direct selling agent is a bank or NBFC referral agent. A DSA's role is to identify new consumers for the bank who are searching for a loan.

Which option is better for a personal loan - online or DSA?

Both methods have their own set of advantages. You should go through them and choose the best.

Does DSA charge any extra fee?

No, you are not required to pay any extra charge. You will have to pay only the processing fee specified by the bank.

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