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India has already witnessed the initial rain showers of the year with the beginning of the monsoon season. Welcoming the rainy season after the scorching summer heat is what every Indian looks forward to every year. However, with the monsoon comes the decade-long issue of floods. Waterlogging is a common problem faced by most metropolitan cities in India.


Commuting to work or travelling in general becomes a struggle during such events. Imagine being stuck in your car on water-logged streets on your way to work or back home. Besides your life being at risk in these times, your vehicle is in danger too.


Failing to take effective measures to protect your vehicle against flood damage and having a comprehensive car insurance plan will cost you a fortune. Hence, it is imperative to be aware of the ways in which you can ensure your car is secure during monsoon floods.


Here are some ways in which you can protect your car from potential loss during floods or at least minimise the damage incurred.

10 Tips to Protect Your Car Against Floods

  • Take a Different Route

If you are aware that certain routes in your daily commute usually get flooded during monsoon, it is best to always check for an alternative way that gets you to your destination. Doing so will not only keep you safe from being stranded on water-logged streets but also prevent your car from flood damage.

  • Assess the Depth of the Water-Logged Street

It is recommended to not attempt driving through standing water that is six inches deep, or moving water that is four inches deep. This is because the strength of the water can sweep the car away into deeper floodwater.

  • Be Cautious When Taking Over Other Vehicles

It is always best to avoid crossing or taking over other drivers on water-logged streets. Doing so can stray you off your intended travel route, exposing your vehicle to unforeseen loss or damage.

  • Drive Through the Elevated Part of the Road

Typically, the elevated part of any road will be in the middle (also known as the crown). Roads are constructed in such a way as to let the rainwater drain off the sides. Hence, it is best if you can drive through this section of the road during floods.

  • Keep your Car in First Gear and Speed Down

Any vehicle repair expert will recommend you to drive at 1-2 mph on water-logged streets. This is because when you hit the water at a higher speed, it can cause your car to aquaplane. Aquaplane happens when the wheels lose traction and the driver loses control over the car. So, to avoid any unfortunate accidents during the monsoon, it is best to keep your car’s speed down.

  • Keep your Car Revving

In case there is no way you can avoid the flooded roads, experts recommend keeping the revs up. This can help to avoid water from entering the exhaust. You can accelerate your car up to 4-5mph, which will create a small wave, protecting your car’s engine from floodwater. For those who drive a manual, wherein keeping the revs high accelerates your car, try slipping the clutch for better control.

  • In Case You Stall

If you happen to stall during floods, try and start your car right away. The longer you wait, the further the water will enter the exhaust system.

  • Dry Car Brakes

For those who travelled in floodwater recently, the chances are that your car brakes are wet from the water. To ensure that the brakes work properly, you must dry them. Moreover, drive slowly for a few miles on your next commute. Apply brakes lightly and often to heat them, as it helps the water to evaporate.

  • In case Your Car Stops

A key point to note is that pushing the car in a flooded situation does more harm than good. In fact, the moment you feel that your vehicle is flooded with water, turn off the engine right away. Lastly, climb out of your vehicle. Lock the doors, and find solid grounds to avoid any uncertainties.

  • Review Car Insurance

If you live in a city prone to flooding, it is wise to ensure that you are covered for natural calamities under your car insurance plan. If not, enquire about add-on covers that can provide this protection. In case you have only third-party liability covered, it would be worth considering a comprehensive car insurance plan.

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Importance of Car Insurance During Floods

With a comprehensive car insurance plan, your vehicle will be covered against losses/damages caused due to natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, and hailstorms. Typically, floods can cause two types of car damage:


  1. Engine damage

  2. Accessories damage


If your car is stuck in a water-logged area, engine damage can be complete or partial, depending on the duration for which the vehicle was submerged. When it comes to full replacement of the car engine, it can cost a pretty penny. On the other hand, the expenses to repair the accessories damaged due to flood can also be steep. Considering the financial loss that you might face, a comprehensive car insurance policy is surely a boon.


You might take all the preventive measures and still find yourself stuck in a difficult situation during floods. Therefore, it is advisable to buy comprehensive car insurance from a trusted provider.


You can browse car insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets and benefit from features such as cashless claim settlements, 24x7 assistance, add-on covers, hassle-free renewals using our car insurance app, and so much more.

FAQs related to Car Insurance Claims during Floods:

Does my third-party car insurance plan cover car damage due to floods?

No. Third-party car insurance only covers third-party liabilities. The policy does not cover damage to one's own vehicle.

Which type of coverage offers flood-damage protection to motor vehicles?

You need to buy a comprehensive car insurance plan as the policy covers third-party liabilities and damages/losses due to accidents, theft, and natural or man-made disasters.

Can I buy comprehensive car flood insurance on Bajaj Markets?

Yes. You can buy comprehensive car insurance on the Bajaj Markets website and via the car insurance app.  

How can I buy comprehensive car flood insurance at Bajaj Markets?

 Follow the steps below to buy comprehensive car insurance with us at Bajaj Markets:

  1. Visit the ‘Car Insurance’ section on Bajaj Markets.

  2. Choose the type of coverage as comprehensive car insurance.

  3. Opt for needed add-on covers.

  4. Fill out the application form with personal and vehicle-related details.

  5. Review your details and policy premium amount.

  6. Proceed to pay the premium online.

  7. Upon successful payment, the insurer will issue the policy shortly.

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