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The digitalisation of the Indian payment system including projects like FASTag is an effort, a journey that has required the entire banking machinery come together. Banks and institutions have had to contribute consistently to the success of this transition and they have.


Equitas Small Finance Bank, a new age bank is also a partner in the NETC program. Let us look into the process of buying, recharging and maintaining Equitas FASTag.

How to Buy Equitas FASTag

Equitas Small Finance Bank FASTag device can be bought both online and offline. The process is simple and straightforward.

Online Process

  1. Visit the Equitas Small Finance Bank website www.equitasbank.com and go to the Equitas FASTag Login page.

  2. Upon clicking the ‘New to FASTag’ button in the Equitas FASTag Customer Login Page, you will be asked about the kind of account you want to open. The options are- if you want a minimum KYC wallet account, an option that would require you to visit the branch, another option is provided for existing Equitas customers.

  3. Fill in the application and share the documents that are required.

  4. The bank will reach out to you after reviewing the details that were submitted.

Offline Process

Equitas also allows an offline process also for your application.


  1. Visit the branch of Equitas Bank or the POS Setup.

  2. You have to take both originals and copies of the documents. The originals will be returned after verification.

  3. Fill out the application provided by the executive.

  4. After verification, you will receive the Equitas FASTag device.

Equitas FASTag Fees and Charges

There are different charges and fees involved with your Equitas Small Finance Bank FASTag account. Apart from the ones mentioned at the time of application, the bank will communicate any changes or additions with you. The bank does not deduct any payment gateway charges as of now. The deposit amount and the threshold amount changes according to the vehicle category.

Type of Vehicle

Class of Vehicle

Tag Joining Fees

First Wallet Load Amount

Security Deposit

Total Amount

Car / Jeep / Van


Rs. 100

Rs. 100

Rs. 100

Rs. 300

Tata Ace and similar light commercial vehicle


Rs. 100

Rs. 100

Rs. 100

Rs. 300

Light commercial vehicle 2-axle / Minibus


Rs. 0

Rs. 200

Rs. 200

Rs. 400

Bus / Truck 3-axle


Rs. 0

Rs. 300

Rs. 300

Rs. 600

Bus / Truck 2-axle


Rs. 0

Rs. 300

Rs. 300

Rs. 600

Truck 4, 5, and 6-axle


Rs. 0

Rs. 300

Rs. 500

Rs. 800

Truck 7-axle and above


Rs. 0

Rs. 300

Rs. 500

Rs. 800

Earth moving / Heavy construction machine


Rs. 0

Rs. 300

Rs. 500

Rs. 800

Documents Required for Equitas FASTag

If you are a Non-KYC account holder you can hold a maximum of Rs 10,000 in your wallet. On the other hand if you’ve completed the full-KYC, you can hold upto Rs 1 lakh in your wallet.


Not just for the wallet, the documents are a part of your application process.


  • Registration Certificate (RC)

  • Passport size photo of the owner

  • KYC documents as per the vehicle category


All documents are supposed to be in the name of the owner of the vehicle.

How to Recharge Equitas FASTag through Bajaj Markets

Recharge Equitas FASTag wallet through the Bajaj Markets app is a quick and easy process.

  1. Open the Bajaj Markets App

  2. Open on the Bill Payment Section

  3. Choose FASTag Services from the features available in the section.


 4. Choose your service provider from the list of official FAStag partners.



5. Type your vehicle number here in the specified format. You can have a look at the format using the ‘View Sample Bill’ button. Example for the format MH03AA3456


6. Check if you’ve entered the vehicle number correctly, before submitting it.



7. Type in the amount you want to recharge.


8. Your UPI account will be in the list if you’ve already added it to the app. Select the account that you want to pay through.



9. Click on the ‘Pay’ button. Authenticate your transaction by entering your UPI PIN. If the PIN is correct, the account will be recharged with the amount you entered.


10. The Transaction Status with other details will be shown on the screen now.



 Get your download link for the Bajaj Markets application by scanning the QR Code.


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How to Check Equitas FASTag Device Balance?

Check your Equitas FASTag balance periodically and top-up your wallet according to the need, so you don’t have to do it in a hassle at the last moment

Issuer’s site:

Visit Equitas FASTag official login page.


Log in to your account with the credentials you might have received upon signing up.


The account balance and different information, including the transaction history, would be made visible there.


Visit the Equitas Small Finance Bank FASTag Login page.


Log in to your account.


The account balance would be visible.

MYFASTag app:

If you do not have the mobile app already, you can download it from the Play Store (Android), or the App Store (Apple).


Open the app and log in to your account.


You’ll find the necessary information there.


When an amount is deducted upon toll-plaza crossing, or upon recharges you will get information about the balance via SMS on your linked number.

FASTag Customer Care:

NHAI FASTag users can get their balance information upon giving a missed call to the FASTag toll-free number- +91-8884333331. They have to give the missed call specifically from the number they’ve linked to their NHAI Prepaid Wallet.

Equitas FASTag Customer Care

If your FASTag device is malfunctioning if you face issues like double-charging, or in case of issues with Equitas FASTag online recharge, you can reach them using the Equitas FASTag Customer Care number 1800 103 1222. The customer care executive will guide you with the next steps you need to follow to get your problem resolved. The Equitas FASTag toll free number is available 24/7.


We’ve all been caught in traffic while crossing toll plazas. Some driver might have forgotten to bring the exact amount needed for the crossing and ended up delaying the trip for everyone behind them in the lanes. With FASTag, this problem is dealt with.


The camera reads the data from your FASTag device while your car is in slow motion. Adapting to FASTag and maintaining it properly helps you in many ways.

FAQs on Equitas FASTag

What should I do to block my FASTag account if my vehicle is lost or stolen?

To block your FASTag account, call the Equitas FASTag toll free number - 1800-103-1222.

How to replace my Equitas Bank FASTag in the case of accidental damage?

Visit the Equitas FASTag customer login portal and log into it using your mobile number and password. Once you’re logged in, click on the ‘Replace my tag’ option. You will have to pay a Reissuing charge of Rs 100.

Are there any charges for using UPI to recharge my Equitas Small Finance Bank FASTag?

No. There are no charges for recharging your FASTag account via UPI.

How to raise a dispute in the case of wrongful deduction of toll charges?

To report a wrongful or incorrect toll charge deduction, you would have to call the Equitas FASTag Customer Care number - 1800-103-1222. 

Is there any minimum recharge amount for Equitas FASTag?

Yes. The minimum amount of recharge that you can make is Rs 100. 

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