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IndusInd FASTag

The FASTag is a new innovation introduced as part of the National Electric Toll Collection (NETC) programme in India. The purpose of the FASTag is to make toll plaza collection faster and easier all over the country. It is a passive and reloadable tag that relies on RFID technology and can be attached to the windscreen of your vehicle. As soon as you pass through the toll plaza, the FASTag will be scanned and the toll fee will be deducted automatically from your linked banked account. If you have an IndusInd FASTag on your vehicle, you no longer have to worry about getting stuck in endless traffic jams. Here is all you need to know about how the IndusInd FASTag works, how to apply for it and how to run an IndusInd bank FASTag balance check.

How to Buy FASTag?

A multi-utility tool for instant payments, the FASTag is linked directly to your bank account. If you are an IndusInd Bank customer, here are two ways you can apply for the IndusInd FASTag.

Steps to Apply for FASTag Through IndusInd Bank Online

1. Visit the official IndusInd bank website: www.IndusIndbank.in.


2. Select the FASTag option under the “Explore Products” category.


3. Click on "Get a Free FASTag Now" from the menu.


4. Enter your personal details and vehicle information in the form.


5. Complete the payment process.


6. Your FASTag will be delivered to your address.

Steps to Apply for FASTag from IndusInd Bank via POS or Offline

If online procedures seem more complicated, you can also get your FASTag in person and get your queries clarified directly with the bank or toll plaza. You can obtain your FASTag at your nearest IndusInd Bank branch or buy it at a toll booth. You will require copies of KYC documents and your vehicle’s registration certificate.

  • Local IndusInd Bank Branch:

Visit the nearest BoM branch, and carry the required documents as mentioned for the online procedure. Also, bring the vehicle that you want the FASTag for.

  • Offline/POS Location:

You can buy FASTags at toll plazas operated by the NETC, which have the POC counter. You will have to bring your vehicle with you as well.


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IndusInd FASTag Fees and Charges

When you get your IndusInd FASTag, you will be required to make a one-time payment of Rs.200 as a security deposit. For IndusInd bank, FASTag recharges you may be charged a nominal fee and for re-issuance, you will be charged Rs.100 per IndusInd FASTag. Here are certain associated charges you should be aware of:

Vehicle Class

Vehicle Class Description

Threshold Amount


Mini Bus or similar vehicles



Jeep or car or Van



Bus three-axle



Light commercial vehicle two-axle



Bus two-axle



Truck three-axle






Truck two-axle



Truck five-axle



Truck four-axle



Truck seven-axle and above 



Truck six-axle



Heavy Construction Machine


Documents Required for IndusInd FASTags

Here are the documents you need to present to get an IndusInd FASTag:


  1. Vehicle Registration certificate

  2. KYC documents (originals)

  3. PAN card

  4. Valid Driver’s licence

  5. IndusInd Bank application form FASTag


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How to Recharge IndusInd FASTag through Bajaj MARKETS List down the steps

The Bajaj MARKETS mobile app has made recharging your IndusInd FASTag very convenient. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:


  1. Download the Bajaj MARKETS mobile app, or open it if you already have it installed.

  2. Go to the Bill Payment section and click on “FASTag services”.


3. In the displayed list, find and select your service provider.



4. Provide your vehicle number; you can refer to the Sample Bill for help.



5. Click on View Bill and proceed to pay the billing amount.



6. Choose the correct UPI account and bank. 



7. Once you have entered the payment pin, your recharge will be initiated.


8. As soon as it has been completed successfully, you will be able to view the transaction status.



This QR code will direct you to the Bajaj MARKETS app where you can carry out your IndusInd FASTag recharge in a matter of minutes. 



Other Methods to Recharge IndusInd FASTag Online

You can also use one of the following ways to recharge your IndusInd FASTag online:


  • IndusInd website

  • Paytm

  • Google Pay

How to Check IndusInd FASTag Balance

If you are unsure about how much money you have in your FASTag balance, here is how you can go about an IndusInd FASTag balance check

1. Check FASTag Balance via SMS:

  • Every time you pass a toll plaza, an SMS will be sent to your registered number when the FASTag gets scanned

  • Check your SMS inbox and locate the last message notification you have received

  • Your balance will be displayed there

2. Check FASTag Balance Online:

  • Head to the official website of your linked bank, mobile wallet or agency with a FASTag portal

  • Login with your credentials

  • Select the ‘view balance’ option

3. Check FASTag Balance via EMail

  • Similar to the SMS notification, you will receive an email every time the toll fees are deducted from your account

  • Go to your inbox and find the latest toll deduction notice email

  • Your balance will be displayed there

4. Check via 'My FASTag App'

  • You can find and download the My FASTag App either on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store

  • Install it and login with your details

  • Enter your FASTag UPI ID

  • Click “validate” and follow the steps as guided by the app

  • Once you have logged in, you will be able to view your balance

IndusInd FASTag Customer Care

It is possible that you may run into certain glitches, issues or confusion while trying out the FASTag. In order to resolve your questions about your IndusInd FASTag or even just check your IndusInd FASTag balance number you can contact customer care at

Customer Care Email




Customer Care Phone Number

1860 267 7777


The FASTag has made the entire toll payment process streamlined and very time efficient.

As of today, the IndusInd FASTag is operational at toll plazas on national highways all across India, and more and more plazas are being equipped with compatible systems every day. Apply for a FASTag online via Bajaj MARKETS or at your nearest IndusInd Bank branch, and avail benefits like quick recharge, stress-free travel and cashless transactions.


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FAQs on IndusInd FASTag

  • ✔️ How can I get in touch with the IndusInd FASTag customer care?

    You can contact the IndusInd customer care executives by calling 1860 267 7777 or emailing

    FASTaghelpdesk@indusind.com, fastescalationdesk@indusind.com, Nodal.officer@indusind.com


  • ✔️Where can I check my FASTag balance?

    You can run a quick FASTag balance check via your bank’s online website, via SMS, email or the My FASTag app. 

  • ✔️What benefits does an IndusInd FASTag carry?

    An IndusInd FASTag promises multi-platform recharges, stress-free travel and speedy cashless transactions.

  • ✔️How do you register for an IndusInd FASTag offline?

    You can apply for an IndusInd FASTag at your local IndusInd branch or at a toll plaza. 

  • ✔️What documents do I need to apply for a FASTag?

    The documents you need for your IndusInd FASTag application are as follows:

    • Original copy of KYC documents

    • Vehicle registration certificate

    • PAN card

    • Valid driver’s licence

    • Proof of address  

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